Viir Marikendra

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Viir Marikendra
Biographical information
Birth September 8, 2012
Family Mari Rothakendra (adopted mother, deceased), Yumiko and Caroline Carr (parents)
Physical description




Hair color

dark brown

Eye color







Moranda, Raihosha's Family

First Appearance

September 2012

Viir Marikendra is a teenage boy with shaggy dark brown hair and brown eyes, and is starting to look somewhat like Yuu Shirota. He has pale skin and a few faint freckles. One of the babies created in Mango's 400 baby project, he is baby 354. His barcode is on the outer side of his upper left thigh. He began his first year at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2015 and is currently in his 7th year.

Character and Personality

Viir is a quiet, studious, and industrious person. As a result of his different guardians, he seems to prefer female adults as caregivers. His thin physique adds to his bookish personality. He has interests in botany, entomology, and zoology (both magical and non-magical alike). His studies so far have been stronger in science and math, as well as charms and potions.

As he's grown up the last few years, he's developed a plan for the future, and plans to carry it out upon reaching his majority and completing his schooling at Hogwarts.


Viir began school at Hogwart's in September of 2015 and was sorted into Ravenclaw. He quickly became friends with Moranda, a Hufflepuff in his year whose mother works in the school's infirmary. His best subjects are charms, potions, and transfiguration.

He has now become familiar with both his parents and his new, very large family, and gets along well with Aescapulus. He usually calls his parents by their names, and very rarely 'mum'. He is becoming close with a Mongoosetiger named Carley and thinking about his future.

When Caroline was seriously injured and then given the Cralkhi Symbiote in June of 2017, Viir was very worried about losing yet another guardian, and was very relieved when she finally stabilized and awoke in July. It did, however, help deepen their relationship.

He took his OWLs the first two weeks of June 2020, and achieved good results in most classes. Since then, he's taken as many NEWT classes as allowed with an aim to study in entomology both with Aes and a magi-entomologist recommended by one of the Hogwarts professors until he can receive Bionetic Enhancement.


Baby 354 was sent out into space and picked up by a trade ship. They left him at the nearest station authority, near the planet Genmar. There, he was placed in an orphanage, and a few months later was adopted by Mari, a Regthani woman. Mari had a very warm personality, the perfect kind of person to adopt. Their life was happy and uneventful. However, she died when he was five, and Foren Toraskendra took him in at that point.

Mari was a middle aged Regthari woman with light blue skin and white hair with a very sweet and warm personality. Like most Regthari, she was a member of a relational group of 4, one of whom was Foren, but there were 3 homes between the 4. Viir was familiar with all of these people. Mari was a very non-aggressive, non-violent person, and she taught Viir that violence is never right; to garden; how to be kind to other people. She died when an a criminal set up a hostage situation at her workplace and also took the daughter of the person in charge of negotiations as leverage. The negotiator chose to save their daughter and the hostages were killed. The perpetrator and negotiator were found guilty and given the death sentence for their crimes.

Foren, while never mean or unkind, was not a warm person after Mari's death, preferring his studies and work. Life with him was much more strict, and careful attention was paid to Viir's schooling. In the last year or so, however, more unusual things had begun to happen around Viir, which neither he nor Foren were able to explain. Finally, a nearby construction explosion while Viir was in an elevator caused a magical reaction, and a young girl was injured, although not badly. Foren decided that something must be done and began looking into Viir's origins, as the government still had his 400 capsule.

At length, Foren decided, along with the others in the group, it might be best to send the boy back to his place of origin, and was able to do some work on the original capsule to do so. The decision to send him to that time, as well, was in hopes that he could find his original people and get some help with his unusual powers. Once he arrived, Mango scanned him and gave him a paper listing his genetic parents.
However, his first attempt to find them did not go well. He'd only just got up the courage to try the lobby, but didn't get any further than the doorway when a complete stranger (Aratasujou) yelled his name. Quite shocked and alarmed that a complete stranger on a planet he'd been on only a few hours knew his name, he stood in the stairwell, heart pounding, for some time before returning to his room.
It wasn't until the next day that he was able to try again; this time Matsumi Kaze quickly helped him find his genetic parents--Yumiko and Caroline.
With a warm reception from both his mothers and Raihosha's family, Viir first lived on Aesacpulus, and later moved into Caroline's cottage to acclimate to Earth and both Wizarding and Muggle society in preparation for attending Hogwart's in the future.
Although it was very strange for him to suddenly have so many relations, he now enjoys spending company with several members of the family, including Caroline's parents, who have spent much time getting to know him, Aes, Carlos, Rachel, and a Mongoosetiger named Carley. He also gets along well with Dermott, a close friend of Caroline's.


Although Viir didn't really know where his abilities came from, they mostly manifested themselves as accidents and random unexplained events. Most common are random shutting doors, and metal objects which melt if he is startled, etc. Since coming to Earth and finding his parents, he has received training in his magical abilities, and no longer has such accidents as often.

He is a good learner and studies hard, exhibiting many of the Ravenclaw qualities, although his creative characteristics haven't quite been established yet. His magical strengths are in charms, transfiguration, potions, and creatures, especially anything insect-like.

Preferences and Tastes

Viir usually prefers vegetarian dishes, flavored with spices, and especially soups. He will eat meat, but doesn't find it that pleasing. Being from a cold area of Genmar, he prefers colder places.

His favorite color is dark green. Other colors for him are blue gray, beige, gray and black. He dislikes bright colors, especially yellow and orange. He wears a lot of gray, and most of his normal clothes are loose trousers, long sleeved shirts, and a nearly knee-length jacket. He also has plenty of hats, scarves, and gloves.

Magical Must-Haves


ViirWand.jpg Viir's Wand

A very simple beech wand with a core of unicorn hair. His secondary wand is hazel with unicorn hair.


A smallish dark sorrel male Kneazle named Cesario.