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The natives species of the planet Genmar.

Species Data

Average Height: Between 4 and 6 feet.
Average Weight: Female - 150 lbs; Male - 170 lbs
Eye Colors: Blue, green, purple, gray, white
Hair Colors: Black, brown, white, gray
Skin Colors: Light blue, light green
Appearance: Split upper lip, usually heavy set with a thumb and 3 fingers, and 4 toes. The ears have a frill all around the edge.
Life Span: About 200 years.




It is the custom of the Regthani for adults to form relational groups of 2-4 members, in which each member has an intellectual, emotional, or romantic attachment to every other member, and usually combinations of these things. Any or all members of this group may live together, and children may live in a group home or with a single parent, but only one parent will be registered as the child's legal guardian.


The Regthani generally give their children shorter names, as their last names are made up of the name of their legal guardian with "kendra" added as a suffix. "Kendra" means "child of" or "kin of."


Birthdays are spent in three parts: one spends part of the day in isolated reflection of one's life and what one has to be grateful for, part of the day doing a good deed for someone or those less fortunate, and then a small celebration or meal of some sort which takes places after dark. It's traditional to not sleep for the entire day.


The Ragthani are always looking for new ways to eat, but their primary diet is made up of farm-raised seafood, green vegetables, and the many species of tiny exo-skeletoned creatures found in their water and ice, similar to krill. This nutritional component it always present in their water, and adds nutritional value to it.

Cooking techniques from various species have been added to their culinary heritage, although soups and warm salads are always great favorites.