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483ec165-d81e-11df-8228-a8bfc396a36f.jpg One of Aes's many remotes.
Ship specification

Fifth Empire Planetoid


Medical Ship


Alternate universe shipyard




Raihosha's Family



Warp Capabilities



Hyper-Missiles with Gravitic, Anti-matter, or Warp warheads, Lasers

Previous Campaigns


Aescapulus is the base and space ship belonging to Raihosha, on which he and his extensive family reside. It is usually parked in hyperspace within transmat distance of earth. The ship also houses the sentient AI which runs it of the same name. Raihosha, Yumiko, Mongoosetiger and his siblings, and most of Raihosha's other children all live on the ship. Some of the Lupa are frequent visitors, and they sometimes spend full moon on the ship with the older MGTs. Other House members are also often visitors, such as Anthony Suthers.

Aescapulus the AI

Aescapulus is considered a friend by many inhabitants of the House, and is a vast AI system governing the ship. He is an extremely sophisticated program and he often finds himself bored and "talking" to spam-bots as he "has a lot of mind to keep occupied."

His personality is usually cordial and gentlemanly, and he has his own sense of humour and wit. However, he often takes things very literally before realizing the real meaning of a phrase. His voice is that of Stephen Fry, and can convey feelings nearly as easily as a Human voice. Instances when he can inhabit other places through what is presumably a holographic projector or remote units are events he greatly looks forward too, as well as the chance to interact with others in their own environments.

Given his long-term presence in the Sol System (from at least 1000 BCE to a point in the future known only to time actives) and an excellent ability to forget information until it is time to be recalled, he is a favourite temporal dead drop for time actives. At any particular point in time he may have any number of messages waiting to be delivered for various entities across the solar system.

Appearance the Ship

In appearance Aescapulus is a bronze sphere, 4000 km in diameter, with a caduceus on one hemisphere (in bas relief). The surface is otherwise featureless, except when various airlocks are opened or weapons extended.

Aescapulus is a custom Fifth Empire (see the omnibus volume Empire from the Ashes by David Webber) Planetoid. Raihosha "acquired" it through the services of an abandoned Fourth Empire Fleet Yard that was in working order. Like all such vessels, it is 4000 km in diameter with a quarter of the volume taken up by propulsion systems. However, the weapon systems have been almost entirely eliminated. Aescapulus relies on point defense systems only, relying on its status as a hospital ship to prevent fleets from attacking (the ship, though, can certainly fend off a number of battleships if it has to enforce a quarantine). It also uses dual layered shields to protect against missiles and beam weapons.

The rest of the ship is primarily designed as a giant hospital. Raihosha has gathered the absolute best methods of healing from across a dozen timelines into a single facility. He also gauges the healing level to the psychological profile of the patient. Unless a person comes from a very advanced society, the usage of a Chrysalis machine to take a person apart cell by cell and then put them together again is a bit too radical for many patients. Fortunately, less radical methods, while slower, are every bit as effective.

Appearance the Remote

He speaks, with Stephen Fry's voice, from a small speaker at the south pole of a 1 foot floating metal sphere, a caduceus covers one hemisphere. Based on recent conversations with Paisley Pythia Peinforte he has installed sensors sensitive through the Sixth Order allowing him to finally perceive mana and other magics.

He also has several robotic bodies which he can inhabit, either in the House or on the Tokyo park deck. The one most commonly seen is a butler, with an uncanny resemblance to Hellsing's Walter.

Known Areas

Being, in essence, a hospital ship, Aescapulus surely has many medical bays and facilities, possibly with several dedicated to particular types of medicine, such as a genetics lab or burn unit. Each member of the household has their own quarters, and Carlos has many gardens and areas of the ship full of plant life from all over space. As Rachael is a librarian, one may also assume there is a library suite, whether it be hard copy books or interfaces for the digital library.

Command One (aka, the Bridge) is a large sphere, with the controls placed on a catwalk projecting into the middle (like Cerebro from X-men) with a holographic view of the exterior projected on the walls. If one isn't agoraphobic it can be quite stunning, and the whole sphere is about a mile in diameter.

A large kitchen/cafeteria and dinning room capable of housing the entire family, and likely many more, such as for Sunday breakfast.

This is a good sized room, entirely done in black, with a black marble floor, save for the inlaid circle done in white. The white circle is a "cue"--it doesn't have power in and of itself, it is just a boundary marker for the mind. It allows for the proper frame of mind when one is doing a working, either alone or as a group. Although the room itself is fairly uninteresting, its use for the practice and carrying out of magic provides a place of little distraction, as can be said for the ritual garb, which is a black robe, with a black, featureless face-mask. Its purpose is to prevent distractions, since workings tend to involve careful manipulations of said "fate threads." Actual workings tend to be rather allegorical vision quests for the participants. It tends to be a lot of boring looking standing around from the outside, with occasional stick fighting between participants to raise power (this is one of the uses of their rods, or Rai's cane).

Rather than the usual suite, Mongoosetiger has a large outdoor environment with a pavillioned pool and relaxation area.

A very large suite intended for deep space travel, with several spacious rooms and a full kitchen. It is directly attached to a very large garden, full of extraterrestrial flowers and plants.

Specialty Decks

One of the decks has been replaced with a reproduction of Tokyo ca. 1926 and androids play the roles of shop keepers and other citizens. Raihosha has allowed himself this little folly as a way to honor the one city he has felt comfortable in. The androids are programmed to double as damage control crews in the event of a shipboard emergency.

The primeval forest is a special deck with an Earth forest that has, thanks to a bit of time jumping, been left to develop on its own for 2000 years. It has a full complement of animal life and is an extremely impressive sight, especially as it covers an area the size of West Virginia. This is what a forest looks like without human intervention.
There is apparently a Hunting Lodge somewhere in the forest where events may be held. The forest also appears to follow the northern hemisphere seasons. Actual weather may be adjusted to order within a seasonal range, but unseasonable weather is avoided to allow proper growth and development of the forest.

Aes and the Mongoosetigers have been working on creating a wild landscape environment geared specifically for them and their abilities. It is known to have forests and at least one large mountain for climbing.


Since Eiry and Raihosha's relationship was retconned, the following entry is here for history's sake.

Xcheamo Ecosystem

There is also a park deck on Aescapulus where Rai (with extensive help from Miara Mitsuki) has recently recreated a xcheamo ecosystem as a birthday gift for Eiry. It is mostly a woodland environment, and does not sport a lot of the poisonous or dangerous organisms, plants, and creatures found on xcheamo. However, it is clearly recognizable xcheamo environment, and the old growth forest tends to look tame in comparison.