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Matsumi Kaze
Biographical information


Birth February 3, 1978
Family Hideki Kaze (Husband), Eilean (daughter), Giselle Bellerose (daughter), Delilha Gelus (daughter), Caligo (son), Mira Shin (daughter), Selene Shin (daughter), Nobu Hakinochi (son), Miki Kaze, Minami Kaze, and Ryo Kaze (future children), Megan Smithson (Mother), Arthur Smithson (Mother) Sara Archer (sister), Hana Sagusa (cousin), Sarah Christensson (grandmother), Diana Caprice (grandmother), Shinjiro Taiga (grandfather) Matsuo Shin (Brother), Joanna Smithson (sister), Maddie Archer (neice), many other family members

(former) English/Lit. Teacher, Actor, former Manager Director of the New Grand Imperial Theatre, Head of Kaioh Heavy Industries, temporary Shogun of Japan


Sailor Quinox, Sailor Q, Matthew Smithson, Mattie Smithson, Matsumi Shin, Air Sis (by Souldier), "Katsumi Shin", Matsama (by Rhea and original Quinoxian name)

Physical description




Hair color

Light Blond

Eye color



5'6" (formally 5'6" 1/2)


Rhapsody Flute/Spear


Henshin, Air manipulation, Super strength, high spiritual energy


Freya, Outer senshi, Sailor Senshi, Rising Valkyrie Unit

First Appearance
Shin Clan


Silver Millennium

Main Article: Princess of Quinox

Born Princess Matsama of the royal family of Quinox, Matsumi had many friends and was popular on the planet. Growing up, she was quite shy and reserved, only coming out of her shell for her friends and family, especially her brother Matsuo. Her father often tried to encourage her to open up with help from Beowolf, Knight of Quinox, whose son, Hideki Kaze, had become quite close to her. As she grew older, she became more active in both her royal and senshi duties and her crush on Hideki grew into true love.

However, dark times were coming, and a mysterious attack was initiated against the lone world. Much of the planet's population and army was laid wasted by the initial battle. Matsumi's parents sought to move her to safety, so they hustled her, Hideki, Matsuo, and Freya into a nearby escape pod. Even as Matsumi protested, the vehicle lifted off. The last sight the four of them witnessed was the surface of the planet scorched beyond recognition. There was one other survivor: Tika Obake in the Moon Kingdom Army.

Taking shelter in the Moon Kingdom, Matsumi again withdrew into her own emotions, haunted by both her parents' and Quinox' deaths. Her friends and brother tried many ways to help her, but not many worked. She finally began to come out one night at a ball. A single dance with her precious Hideki to bring her back from the brink of depression. She soon started to once more cherish every day, as long as hw was with her. She even grew her hair out for a time, wearing it in a ponytail before it was accidentally off cut in training. However, her happy days would again come to a crashing end.


Princess Quinox on the Moon.

The final days of the Silver Millennium began with an attack. Beryl's forces struck at the heart of the Moon Kingdom. Separated from Hideki, Matsumi fought as Sailor Quinox, plowing through the enemy forces in a desperate search for her beloved knight. She soon found him, locked in combat with the youma Dead-kins. The creature, able to control the chains on its body, was trapped in a stalemate with the young warrior. Matsumi soon realized the creature would attack Hideki from behind, and in a desperate move leaped in the way of the attacking chain. The chain wrapped around her throat, and she struggled for breath before it tightened, snapping her neck and spine. The young senshi was thrown to the ground, in front of her lover, and Hideki soon rushed headlong into battle, also losing his life in the struggle.

However, this was not the end for them. Queen Serenity, after the death of all of her subjects and her own daughter, used the power of the ginzuishou to send everyone to be reborn on Earth in the future. Fate, however, had a twist in store for the young princess in her new life.

Ultra Guardian Sailor Q (1993)

A New Senshi Awakens (ep.1)

Over the weeks, Matt started to become plagued by visions and nightmares of a burning palace as well as warriors fighting against a group of terrifying monsters. One day, after a far more violent than normal daydream then he had had up to that point, Matt decided to walk home in order to clear his head. Due to this, he happened to bump into Ten'ou Haruka and Kaioh Michiru, taking a brief trip to the United States while trying to track down Daimon activity (and sample a few local bars). More or less forced to act as a tour guide for the two, Matt found himself struck by an odd sensation of déjà vu, which suddenly triggered another vision in his head, this one of a sailor suited figure. However, any further conversation was interrupted by screams coming from a nearby construction site, causing Haruka and Michiru to investigate, while ordering Matt to stay behind, a suggestion which the boy followed for all of ten seconds.

Transforming (and unaware of Matt witnessing them do so), the two senshi found themselves facing off against a strange monster, one apparently different from any that they had met before. While the two were able to keep themselves on an even keel with the creature, the thing soon got the best of them and in a moment of triumph, attempted to kill the two, only to be interrupted by Matt, who tried to hold the monster at bay, while saying he wasn’t going to let it hurt them, even though he had just met them, a move both senshi found incredibly idiotic. However, the monster soon managed to free itself and attempting to suck out the energy from the boy, was stunned when its hand exploded from contact with the teenager’s forehead, a glowing signet appearing on it. Matt suddenly found time frozen around him, a transformation pen appearing in front of him and a voice telling him to make a choice: either reject the pen and live out a normal life but see these two strangers get harmed or accept the pen and lose the ordinary life he lived but saving the two in the process. Blinded by the visions and realizing he couldn’t see Uranus and Neptune get possibly killed, he took the pen, transforming into Sailor Q for the first time. While at first dumbfounded by the fact that he had changed into a girl, he (well now she) none the less fought against the creature alone, Uranus preventing Neptune from helping ( secretly glad to see someone else doing all the work for once) ultimately defeating it. Any elation of the victory quickly turned to panic as the full consequences of what had happened to her began to sink in and while Uranus and Neptune showed her how to detransform, she was stunned to discover that she remained female no matter what, apparently stuck in this form forever. Though Matt pleaded with them, the other two senshi left the scene with little more then words of advice on how to hide her new gender, though apparently they were sure that she could handle whatever threat would come after her (Haruka wanting to get out of there to avoid any real responsibility with the new senshi).

Faris Arc (Ep. 2 – 12)

Working to adapt to these new changes in her life, Matt worked hard to hide her altered gender from her friends and family, adopting thicker clothes, deepening her voice and sometimes binding her chest. At the same time, enemies continued to appear, always seeking out ways to drain the life force from those around them. Their targets ranged from rock concerts to school talent shows to even a teen fashion show, which Matt had been inadveratly forced to take part in. Eventually, Matt found herself face to face with the master of the creatures, a man who called himself Faris. While she tried to defeat him in her Sailor Q form, Matt found herself over powered and nearly killed, only to be saved by a fellow senshi, Sailor Pluto (unknown to her being from the near future) .

Eventually the constant battles forced Faris’s hand and desiring to gain as much life force as possible, Sailor Q was lured into a trap at a local television station, where she was caught in the blast of an explosive device, badly injuring her, while at the same time Faris linked his own power to the electric grid of the city, directly draining the energy from every citizen within the metro area. However, his attempt at completing his plan was soon interrupted by the arrival of a determined Sailor Q, who destroyed his energy tap. Irate, Faris transformed into his true self, the crystalline humanoid ‘’’Dethkrystal’’’, who fought the senshi, nearly killing her with a vicious stab through the shoulder. Working through the pain, though, Q managed to impale the monster onto a metal spike stabbed into the wall next to the power generator and using her air blast, blew it up, destroying Faris in the process. Bleeding and drained, Q staggered home and collapsed in her room. Much to her shock the next morning, Matt found all her injuries healed and though she felt relieved to have defeated the villain, she remained unaware that others had learned of what had happened and were planning to continue with where he had left off…

Ultra Guardian Sailor Q The Movie

A few days after a small meteorite crashed landed in the city, a new student was introduced to Matt’s middle school, a Japanese transfer student named Kagura. While Matt tried to befriend her, the painfully shy student instead ran away from her every attempt. Unknown to the girl, later that night, Kagura found herself contacted by an alien intelligence who promised to make her life better in exchange for merging with her. Agreeing to the proposal, Kagura was transformed into a bio-mechincal life form which soon trapped the Twin Cities underneath a metallic dome, covering almost all of its inhabitants within a dark metal shell. Unaffected by the change, Matt found herself wandering through the silent city, fighting against drone like monsters patterned after Kagura. Hiding from her pursuers, Sailor Q soon came in contact with a hologram based off the original girl, who soon explained everything: that the alien had been a criminal member of a species from a far off planet who had been exiled from their world but had now apparently escaped and now planned to absorb the entire Earth into itself. Armed with this knowledge, Sailor Q went off to the converted state capitol, determined to confront the creature. Once there, the senshi found an enthroned Hybred-Kagura, preparing for it’s final plan. Q attempted to reach out to Kagura, trying once more to get through to her and promising to help her and though at first she seemed to ignore her, when confronted with the full truth of what the creature had planned activitly attempted to fight against it. Having no need for the girl anymore, the creature fully trapped the panicked teenager within itself, taking on a more monsterious form in order to battle Sailor Q. Though at first nearly defeating the senshi, Q’s determination to save Kagura allowed her to tap into an previously unknown power, transforming her into a princess-like form, who’s touch managed to completely purify the creature from the entire city. The next day, Kagura awakens with her head on Matt’s lap and after a conversation confirming Matt’s own secrets and everything that had happened, the two quickly become fast friends, the transfer student finding the support she was so afraid of.

Daia Arc (Ep. 13 - 18)

Dragged into a shopping trip with one of her few classmates who knew that she was a girl, Matt found herself brought to a shop which seemed to have opened overnight, something which immediately triggered her suspicions. Her instincts soon proved right as almost every customer in the store began to pass out from having their energy drained, the cause of which revealed itself to be the owner, a woman who called herself Daia. Though Matt was able to transform and defeat the woman and her Sin-Jin, this would prove not to be the last time they would meet. Whenever a new store or business seemed to open up, Matt found herself facing off against Daia ranging from everything from trying to buy a pair of glasses to looking for a present for her best friend, even teaming up once more with Sailor Pluto take her on. Eventually Daia came up with an ambitious plan, creating a hidden dimension within a local department store and kidnapping young women to drain their energy directly. However, Matt's classmate Kagura inadveratly witnessed one of these kidnappings and alerted Matt to the fact, who reluctantly investigated with her. When Kagura gets kidnapped as well, Matt as Sailor Q managed to defeat both her Sin-Jin, bringing down her entire operation while saving all her victims in the process.

However, Daia herself survived and became obsessed with taking her revenge on the senshi. Through the use of a phony operation, Daia was soon able to learn Sailor Q's true identity and kidnapping a friend of Matt's, lured her to a warehouse under the threat of death for her friend. Desperate to save her classmate, Matt rushed to the location, only to find herself having been tricked. Transforming into a monstrous form known as Raijinx, Daia attacked Sailor Q, who discovered her powers to be useless against electric attacks. However, with the help of a new power as well as a clever plan, Q is able to destroy Raijinx, freeing her friend in the process and keeping her identity safe. However, she is unaware that the energy which had previous been gathered by Daia throughout their earlier conflicts had already been utilized and that Daia's master soon prepares for the next phase of their plan.

DaiKumo Arc (Ep. 19 - 30)

Nearly a week later after the events with Daia, Matt had settled into her life once more, trying to still adapt to her new situation. It would be during this time that she would get her first taste of theater, as a small group needed volunteers and she found herself dragged into helping out. While she found herself enamored with the amotpshere of the place, she also soon discovered that she was not alone, as man claiming to be a stage manager showed up, interested in supervising a rehearsal. However, just as the actors were to begin their production, the man used a strange stone to directly drain their energy. Transforming into Sailor Q, the warrior is briefly overpowered by the man before he escapes, leaving behind a Sin-Jin to fight, which she eventually defeated.

Ultra Guardian Sailor Q2 (1994)

War of the Animates

A few months after the final battle against Necros, Mattie Smithson soon finds herself facing off against a group of Sailor Senshi from outside the Solar System, servants of the wicked Sailor Galaxia. While she is able to stop them from furthering their plans, she eventually is forced to sacrifice herself in a battle against Sailor Steel Serpent, killing them both in the process.

Mattie awoke within a dark space, a woman greeting her in turn. The woman reveals herself to be Queen Minerva and tells Mattie of how she had perished in battle. Using her powers, Minerva summons the Rhapsody Spear, giving the girl the weapon as well as upgrading her own powers to allow her to face off against the Animates. Resurrected once again, Mattie faced off against Sailor Platenium Banshee and Sailor Stone Golem, killing the latter in the process.

Ultra Guardian Sailor Q3 (1995)


Sailor Q3 Ep 10/Sailor Moon Stars Ep 14

Present Day

The Miracle

In Janurary 2022, Matsumi discovered that she had become pregnant.


Matsumi's dream comes true

Coming Soon

Pre-Reboot Information

Matsumi Kaze
Biographical information

Earth, Quinox

Birth February 3, 1978
Family Hideki Kaze (Husband), Eilean (daughter), Miki Kaze, Minami Kaze, and Ryo Kaze (future children), Megan and Arthur Smithson (parents), Sara Smithson (sister), Hana Sagusa (cousin), Sarah Christensson (grandmother), Diana Caprice (grandmother), Matsuo Shin (Brother), Joanna Smithson (Clone/"Sister")

(former) English/Lit. Teacher, Actor, Manager Director of the New Grand Imperial Theatre, Head of Kaioh Heavy Industries, Shogun of Japan


Sailor Quinox, Sailor Q, Matthew Smithson, Mattie Smithson, Matsumi Shin, Air Sis (by Souldier), "Katsumi Shin", Matsama (by Rhea and original Quinoxian name)

Physical description

Human, Quinoxian



Hair color

Light Blond

Eye color



5'6" (formally 5'6" 1/2)


Rhapsody Flute/Spear


Henshin, Air manipulation, Super strength, high spiritual energy


Freya, outer senshi, Clare Foxworthy, Candy Rei, Sailor Senshi, Rising Valkyrie Unit

First Appearance
Shin Clan

Information specific to Sailor Quinox is available here.

Early Life

Rebirth and Identity Crises

Matthew John Smithson was born to Megan and Arthur Smithson on February 3, 1978. Growing up, it was obvious to some that he was different. He preferred solitude and didn't get alone with other children. He also had mysterious dreams that would haunt the young boy as he grew up; dreams of an otherworldly kingdom. Sometimes these dreams would be pleasant ones, of unknown friends and family. However, more often then not, they were of destruction and death. Matthew found himself bothered by these visions, as he felt they were important, but could not understand why.

One day, he discovered another odd occurrence, when a group of bullies cornered him in an office. Closing his eyes in his efforts to avoid their punches, he felt a sudden burst of wind, and found many of the thugs had been knocked over. This drove him further into questioning himself and the visions. He would have no answer, until one day at school which would change the course of his life forever.

The Awakening of Sailor Quinox

The day was the same as any other for Matthew, until the trip home. Two travelers greeted him: Ten'ou Haruka and Kaioh Michiru. Traveling the world, they had come to Matt's hometown on their way through the US. Haruka had a sense of danger, while Matt had a feeling of deja vu around the women. Soon, this matter would become moot, as a construction site was attacked by a strange creature of stone and earth.

Haruka and Michiru rushed to the scene as Sailors Uranus and Neptune, but the creature was both crafty and powerful, soon cornering both senshi. At the last moment, however, Matt leaped in and held back the monster. His strength wasn't enough and the creature began to siphon off his energy. To the creature's dismay, a bolt of energy shot out of Matt's forehead, creating a symbol and producing a henshin wand in front of the surprised boy. Given a choice between certain death and helping Haruka and Michiru, he grabbed for the wand, transforming into Sailor Quinox!

Using her newly awakened powers, she reduced the creature to dust. But then Quinox realized what had happened, and pleaded with other senshi on how to return to normal form. Even after returning to her old clothes, she still found herself female. Michiru mused that it may be her old body, but otherwise no one knew what was happening. Haruka did leave Matt with a gift: a bundle of bandages to tie up her new chest. With Haruka and Michiru leaving, Matt found herself on her own.

The reason for Matt's rebirth as a boy would not be known for many years, until it was revealed that she had been merged with her brother Matsuo, causing her mind to be reborn in his body. When she awoke, her body was restored, but Matsuo was suppressed in her psyche.

Senshi Battles

Queen Necros

The creature Matt had fought was a minion of dark entity known as Queen Necros. She had long been imprisoned in another universe, and now had a plan to escape. She would send her lieutenants into the world to steal energy for a trans-dimensional gateway which would ensure her freedom. Her first follower, Faris, did fairly well at first. His power was more than a match for Sailor Quinox, who was still struggling with her abilities. Soon, however, Matt learned to use her powers much better and defeated Faris.

Dara was next, who drew energy by tricking people using jewels. Her confidence was her downfall, and she soon joined Faris in destruction. Necros next sent the ninja Oni-Kamura with two tasks: gather energy and strike at Matt's friends and family. He went so far as to frame Matt for murder. However, Matt soon caught on, not only proving his innocence, but slaying Oni-Kamura as well. The minion Flower Princess also failed.

Growing closer to her goal, Necros sent twins Mora and Mota to accomplish the task. Gathering tremendous energy, they were chased by Quinox to their transport point. Necros gladly took the energy they gathered, and then killed them, revealing she had also harvested energy from her dying minions.

The gate finally complete, Necros stepped into our universe and faced Quinox. Vastly powerful, she fought Matt in both her normal and her fully power form. The battle soon spilled back into the void where Necros had been trapped. In her fully power form, Necros managed to grab Quinox and break several of her bones. However, at the last moment, Quinox received power from the other Outer Senshi, destroying Necros with Galactic Storm. Soon after, Matt discovered that due to the battle and the force of her final attack, ripples from the battle caused changes to the timeline. The last month had been erased from history, and her personal history was changed, resulting in her having been a girl all her life.

The Shadow Nanos

From deep space, a small meteorite landed near Matt's home town. An organism made of living data emerged. It had been exiled from its home world for its evil ways, and now longed to take over Earth. To this end, it contacted a Japanese exchange-student, Kagura, from Matt's high school. Kagura agreed and bonded with the creature, beginning its plan to absorb the Earth into itself. Matt, as Sailor Quinox, faced the creature, but was overwhelmed by its powers. It wasn't until Quinox reached out to the friendless Kagura that the creature finally was defeated for good.

Sailor Galaxia and the Animate Senshi

The next threat came from another galaxy. Sailor Galaxia sent three animate senshi to the US in search of a missing starseed. These three were Sailor Steel Serpent, Salior Stone Golem and Sailor Platinum Banshee. They soon came into conflict with Matt when she stumbled onto their starseed hijacking operations. However, they were stronger and left her a bloody mess. She knew that she couldn't let them continue their operations, so she prepared for a final battle. Catching them off guard, she managed to destroy Steel Serpent's power crystal, the resulting explosion killing both her and Steel Serpent.

A mysterious power, along with her past mother, Queen Minerva, revived Matt from the celestial womb and gave her the power to become Super Sailor Quinox, along with the Rhapsody Flute. Returning to Earth, she encountered the animates again, this time much stronger. She fought them twice, the second time killing Stone Golem by accident. Sailor Platinum Banshee fled from the scene, only to run into a mysterious man. The man grabbed her by the neck and demanded the location of the "Lodestone." When she told him she didn't know what he was talking about, he snapped her neck and left the scene.

The Dark Ones

The man who killed Sailor Platinum Banshee was Erik, a member of a group known as The Dark Ones. They were the "siblings" of an old "foe," and had long ago been banished by her, as they threatened her plans. They now sought, with help from their Neo-Youma servants, the mysterious crystal known only as the Cosmic Lodestone, which was said to hold unmeasurable power. They hoped to revive their dead sibling, but all evidence of its location was unknown. The only thing they knew was that it could be found in someone's memory.

Neo-Youma were sent to prob people's memories, but Matt was soon warned by a talking cat named Freya, who claimed to have searched for her all over the world. Together, Quinox and Freya ran afoul of Loke, Sera and Coras, defeating one after another. However, The Dark Ones decided to see what Matt's mind held and cornered her. Inside her memories, they found the Lodestone's location: Quinox. However, Matt also learned a secret--one of the siblings was not what they seemed.

Freya, in the meantime, found a way to teleport herself and Matt to Quinox, where she soon ran into Barlow, one of the remaining siblings. He only wanted the power to resurrect his dead sister, whom he truly cared about. Matt managed to convince him that something was wrong, and together they confronted his siblings, Shura and Moli, in the Lodestone room. At that moment, Moli killed both her brothers, Barlow's last words of his wish to see his younger sister again.

Moli would not resurrect her dead sister; rather she wished to be the new Queen Metellia. Gathering energy from the Loadstone, she soon had nearly cosmic powers. She almost killed Sailor Quinox; however, at that moment, the Lodestone awakened and transformed Matt into the powerful Hyper-Sailor Quinox. The two fought a battle that lit up the sky until finally Matt sent Moli to her final resting place with Storm End's. However, the great power that Matt had was starting to affect her mind, and she prepared to use her power to destroy all evil on destroying Earth! At the last moment, Queen Minerva appeared before Matt and talked her down. When all was safe, Freya teleported them back to Earth.

Wind's Requiem~Mistress of Sorrow

On vacation with her family in Prague, Mattie soon came into contact with a cult of ancient creatures, "Soul Vampires," which kidnapped her sister. Confronting them as Sailor Quinox, Mattie was too late to prevent their ancient queen from possessing her sister. However, with help from an ancient artifact and her own pure heart, Quinox destroyed both the cult and their leader, freeing her sister.

Change of Pace


Mattie felt she should legally change her name to Matsumi Shin. Soon, she received a letter congratulating her on passing the entrance exam for Mugen Gakuen, even though she had never applied. However, she had to move to Japan, to attend. She found this difficult, as she would have to live alone. Matsumi's mother was very understanding and helped her pack, while her father had a harder time letting her ago. Finally, she and Freya boarded the plane to Tokyo. She found a two room apartment had already been bought for her and she soon went to see her new neighborhood, bumping into Haruka and Michiru on the way. The next day, she had to get ready for her new school.

Mugen Academy

Matsumi joined Mugen as a second year. She soon made new friends, Masaki Minamata and Saki Suminaka. Matsumi often had some trouble with other classmates as a "Gaijin." She soon, however, found true love with Juuban High School Kendo champion Hideki Kaze. He was, unknown to her, the Quinox Knight who sometimes assisted and saved her during battles.

Professor Vargos

Matsumi couldn't leave her past as Sailor Quinox behind. She began to fight minor crime in the middle of the night, alone. She soon, however, saw a frightening pattern when several suspects seemed to exhibit superhuman abilities. Investigating, she found an entire smuggling ring based on something that would give a person superhuman abilities.

Digging deeper, she discovered the mastermind behind the plot: Professor Vargos, once a colleague of Professor Tomoe. He had stolen Daimon technology and planned to use it not only to empower criminals to bring about anarchy, but also to get revenge on Tomoe for some past injustice. With this knowledge, Matsumi began to whittle down his operation until she finally confronted him. Vargos took no chances and mutated himself, using unstable Daimon seeds. The battle ended with Matsumi sabotaging his equipment and bringing down his headquarters.


Matsumi managed to get through her second year and into her third year, and started to see more of Hideki, as well as opening more toward the other students. The students who once shunned her were now her best friends, and as graduation loomed, they gathered together one last time. Matsumi graduated with an average grade and soon applied for entry to Jonan University. Here, she soon came to the attention of Professor Hongo Takeshi, who was her chemistry teacher. Discovering her secret identity, he started to train her in improving her strength and agility. He also convinced her to change her major from history to English. She would eventually graduate with a major in English Lit. and a minor in fine arts.

Present Day

In #suburbansenshi2

Matsumi and Hideki soon started to live together and bought a house. It was located next to the Ten'ou House, and as a result, they had to severely soundproof their house, as well as increase the insurance on it. Matsumi also reacquainted herself with old friends, including such people as David O`Cain. She also met her future daughters, and intrigued by this future, started to look back at her past and try and "improve" some of her behavior (although Matsumi has forgotten much of any of this future knowledge for safety sake).

Marriage and Teaching Job

During this time, Hideki finally made the move and proposed to Matsumi. While this was a dream come true for her, she had to get through the difficulty of introducing Hideki to her parents. Taking a plane to the United States, she set about the task. Her mother was of course wonderful to the young man and was happy for Matsumi. Her sister really didn't care too much. Her father was a different matter. A bit of a bigot, he did not like his daughter's choice and wanted her to stay with "her own kind."

After days of putting up with this, Matsumi finally blew up in his face and told him no matter what he did, she would marry Hideki. This shut him up a bit and the wedding went ahead as planned. The wedding, attended by friends and family (including Queen Minerva's spirit), took place in the ancient temple underneath the surface of Quinox. This marked the beginning of a happy time for Matsumi. She also began teaching English and literature at Mugen Gakuen, as well as being the homeroom teacher for Mugen Academy Class B-1.

New Developments

Matsumi traveled the world to find new students for Mugen. During these trips, she fought everything from Sand Demons to Vampires to the ghost of Stalin. She took the young senshi Sailor Quaoar (Clare Foxworthy) under her wing, and trained her to become a fellow senshi. She and Hideki also moved into a new house in the Tsurumi ward of Yokohama.

Of greater worry was the sudden waning of Matsumi's powers. As discovered by her and friends, an individual was behind the drain and may have had greater plans that would threaten the entirety of all reality. It was revealed to be a villian named Aku-Ran, who hoped to use the powers of all the outers to bring an unknown goal in his reach. However, with help from Hideki and friend Candy (Solarsun), Matsumi regained her powers in time to banish Aku-Ran from this universe.

After this battle, Matsumi returned to the Ten'ou House.

The Yokohama Years

- The Return of Deadkins

After several years of inactivity, Matsumi was forced into action once more when a group of strange murders occurred around Yokohama. Following several leads and several bodies, Matsumi discovered the culprit: a Youma known to Matsumi as Dead-Kins, in fact the very youma that once killed her. The creature had somehow been resurrected and had hoped that Matsumi would finally release her from her life. After a long battle, Matsumi finally destroyed the monster, and at the same time, decided to once more become Sailor Quinox.

- The Cabal of Minds

Noticing that one of her students seemed to know things before she taught them, Matsumi decided to pay her a visit to her home. She arrived just in time to see the girl kidnapped, and the assailants attacked her with what seemed to be psychic powers. Helped along the way by the girl's voice and a mysterious male voice, she eventually discovered the culprits: a group of powerful psychics known as The Cabal of Minds. Their leader, known only as Mr. O, had planned to absorb the powers of the girl (who had immense potential psychic powers) and add them to his own. Enduring psychic torture, Sailor Quinox faced off against a now horribly mutated Mr. O, defeating him with some help from the mysterious male voice.

- Hayakaze


- The Death of Matsumi Kaze


The Caligristo Incident

Seemingly by accident, Matsumi found herself transported to 16th century Italy. Being mistaken for a woman named Maria Vento, Matsumi soon found herself forced to integrate herself into her namesake's life. During this time, she also began to fight against strange monsters, finding her own powers evolving into new forms. Living in the city for a year (1507 to 1508), she managed to track down the cause of all this: a man named Caligristo who sought the "unique energies" Matsumi held within her in order to achieve immorality. Summoning a gigantic homunculus, he attempted to take her powers by force, but was soundly defeated by the very energies he sought. Once the battle was over, Matsumi was transported back to the present.

Senshi of Thought

Due to an unknown incident, Matsumi declared herself the Senshi of Thought and demonstrated both telekinetic and telepathic powers. It was revealed that a crack in time reawoke Matsuo's mind and powers inside of her, causing his personality to supersede hers. Eventually through sheer will, both were separated into individual bodies.

Defender of Japan

Currently, Matsumi is now the second in command and co-founder of the revived Rising Valkyrie Unit, a group of which her grandmother was a member in its' original version. She also continues in her role as Sailor Quinox off and on, using high tech equipment to monitor threats from her home.

Sailor Q The Manga

Matsumi soon learned of the existence of a brand new Sailor Q manga. Worried about a lack of control and royalties, Matsumi decided to take Haruka's advice and confront the author of the manga, demanding her cut of the money. However, when she finally met the author, one Miyaki Sano, she ended up being a rabid fangirl of Q and offered the senshi the royalties without question. Matsumi now owns much of the royalties on the manga along with anything coming from it.

Sailor Q4

The Next Level

Feeling left behind by the other senshi after they suddenly achieved Ultra Senshi form, Matsumi became worried about her self worth in the face of the other's powers. The answer oddly came from Sakura, who presented her with... MORE TO COME

Rejuvenated (again)

After an incident involving a mysterious door and a crystal, Matsumi got into a brief argument and decided to take a ride on her motorcycle to clear her head. While texting back to Sakura, she randomly regressed back to a teenager, in the process totaling her bike. Though she easily recovered, she now finds herself young once more and a bit lost in what to do. In order to hide the change, Matsumi is posing as her own niece named Katsumi Shin.


A rejuvenated Matsumi confronts Euri

New Responsibilities

On Feburary 14th, due to the death of Michiru Kaioh, Matsumi found herself the sole heir to Kaioh Heavy Industries. The connections both political and business that this has brought, combined with her other holdings and influences via the Rising Valkyrie Unit and the Shin Clan has made Matsumi one, if not THE most powerful woman politically in all of Japan. Matsumi almost immediately had a minor emotional breakdown upon realizing she had been given this lucky windfall at the cost of her friends. Soon after on the 18th, Matsumi was informed that Sunnyside had passed on duties to Matsumi, making her not only the leader of the Council of Elders but also in turn the Shogun of Japan.

The Actuary War

Due to her closeness to Thrash, as well as inadvertently her knowledge of certain codes from The Hotel, AU Actuary used the guise of Matsumi to get close in order to sabotage and damage the structure. While they were able to force her to flee, there was some concern that Matsumi would be used once again as a weapon against them (as she was trusted by almost everyone and thus could get close to any number of important individuals). It was thus decided that it was in her and The Hotel's best interest that she be hidden away, first at a galactic pizza place, then at a ice cream shop. During this time, she was visited by the rements of Kei, who reminded her of her godlike powers she once held, allowing her to awaken them once more. During the final conflict to save the ominiverse, Quinox was completely destroyed, resulting in Matsumi losing her connection to the planet. This version of Matsumi died following the collapse of the world tree.


The Omniverse Incident

When the faux-Actuary arrived, Matsumi joined with the others in trying to defend their homes. During this time, she subconsciously re-awoke her transcended powers, joining the other senshi in becoming "beyond gods". However, she took a back seat during most of the conflict, due to her being potential used against them. After the defeat of the villain, she returned to the Hotel, helping with the reconstruction of Tokyo.

The week after

Adapting to her new abilities, including the ability to switch between her adult and teen form, Matsumi realized she had a greater responsibility towards the world beyond simply having been a senshi. Returning to her seat on the Council of Elders, she expanded the Rising Valkyrie Unit with plans for a third team of trainees. Buying greater control of Kaioh Heavy Industries, she merged the company with her own Shin holdings, creating the Shin-Kaioh Heavy Industries and Research company, expanding it's focus into rescue and repair technologies. While still Shogun, she is mostly only called on during times of great crisis. Much to her surprise, she also found out she had been made the head of the dramatic arts branch of Mugen Gakuen, as a member of the newly renamed "Girls 5".

The Successor

Realizing that her new roles would make it difficult for her to continue her senshi job, as well as the fact that her immense powers would make it hard for her to take on anything but high powered foes, Matsumi chose to follow the other senshi in finding a successor to her role as Sailor Quinox. She eventually found it in the form of Mirai Arashi, intriqued not only by her good heart but by other facts. Appearing to her in a dream as the "Queen of Quinox", Matsumi slowly helped Mirai to understand her role, attending the ceremony for her to become the new senshi. During all this time, she would act as a mentor and guide to the young girl, though at the same time, she began to feel some uncertainly over her pushing the girl into the role. This came to a head when she was suddenly summoned by Mirai, who returned the transformation phone she had been given as well as her communicator, leaving the role behind.

New Godly Duties

Coming Soon

The Quinox Incident

Coming Soon

Teacher once more

Upon the ratification of The S.U.P.E.R.H.E.R.O. Act, Matsumi found herself once more drawn into the world of heroics. This time, she decided to become a teacher at Tomoe's new school for Heroes, hoping to teach the next generation of how to become better people.


Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers, Cheesecake

Least Favorite Food: Spinach, Mashed Potatoes

Matsumi speaks in both an Tokyo dialect, as well as an Akita varient Tohoku dialect.

Matsumi currently is the holder of the spear "Oni-Killer", once owned by Kyo Shin, one of her ancestors.

Matsumi is fluent in archaic Italian due to her time in 16th century Italy, though she barely uses it anymore. Due to no longer practicing, she has lost this talent for good.

Matsumi is effectively the owner of Yokohama, it having been bought by Micheal Sunnyside and given to her.

Matsumi has seven Pokemon: A Marill named Aqua, an Azurill named Rainy, a Wingull named Wing, a Octirilly named Tako, a nameless Glaceon, a Dratini named Tina and managed to catch--and later occasionally fight beside--Lugia, the Legendary Pokemon.

Matsumi, along with her Rhapsody Spear, owns a Daora's Regulus which she received from Guyver on her 35th birthday.

Matsumi is the splitting image of her great grandmother Kiyone Shine.

She owns an unlisted private room in the Landmark Tower in Yokohama.

Matsumi claims to have seen Godzilla once in person.

Matsumi is an excellent ballerina, which is one of the very few talents she and her original Silver Millennium self share.

Matsumi is one of the top ten wealthiest and most politically connected individuals in Japan

Matsumi was raised Lutheran and though she still goes to services even in Japan once in awhile, she has also adopted her husband's Shinto faith as well. She claims she just is interested in everything.

Is good at skiing (mostly cross country) and horseback riding

has a habit of drinking ginger ale whenever she's nervous

Matsumi's favorite family member is Harriet Weinburg

In her spare time, Matsumi also volunteers her time running and sponsoring the local girl scout troop.

While her English skills are still excellent, living in Japan for more then 20 years has caused Matsumi to sometimes have difficulties in switching between the two languages, resulting in her sometimes accidently speaking random Japanese while in the US.

While Matsumi is mostly trained in theater and teaching, she also has a fairly strong understanding of aerodynamics and air based science due to her need to better understand her abilities.

Due to the apparent fact that Matsumi and Hideki (currently) are unable to have children, Matsumi tends to overcompensate with the children which were created using her DNA via the 400 Babies Project. This changed in 2022 with the birth of her first biological child.

Matsumi had one of the lowest general academic scores at Mugen Gakuen (bottome 10%) but one of the higher artistic academic scores.

Matsumi is an expert at playing the flute, though not at a virtuoso level. It took her nearly seven years to reach this level with the help of several tutors.

Like the other main senshi, Matsumi was visited by Elios as a child.

Matsumi is terrible at video games

Matsumi was taught how to drive by Haruka, taught how to sing by Minako and helped in learning how to play her flute by Michiru

Matsumi is 1/4 Japanese on her father's side and 1/8 Japanese on her mother's side