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Humans are the predominant sentient species of Earth, and in the current modern timeline, will become one of the dominant races of the galaxy over the centuries to come.

In the Beginning

In the year 20,000 CE, Earth was dominated by a number of tribes of youma: a breed of Chaos-tainted hominids, loosely organized into both city-states ruled by powerful sorcerers and kings, as well as nomadic tribal bands. The arrival of the Selenos dynasty, and the inception of their Uplift program, targeted select populations of these youma, shaping their biology from the genes up to more closely approximate Selenite norms. While they were unable to eradicate the Chaos taint from these post-youma, the Selenites rightly esteemed the new Human species a success, and the youma from whom they were uplifted soon receded into the mists of obscurity.

Many primeval human societies were founded upon incredible powers and magics—including, some whisper, the cities of Lemuria, Atlantis, Sarnath, and Mu. None of these societies survived the fall of the Silence at the end of the Silver Millennium. Nowadays, very little documentation is available regarding human "pre-history," and only scholars of the hidden mysteries (such as Matsuo Shin) have been able to piece together facts from the ruins and artifacts left behind. As far as modern humans in 2000 CE are concerned, recorded human history begins around the Fertile Crescent, the Yellow/Yangzi rivers, the Indus, and the Nile—and the specifics, as such, are beyond the scope of this article.

About Now

In the modern era, humanity is just beginning to come to grips with the fact that it is not quite alone. While Earth is home to a vast number of entities, the dominance of the human race is not agreeable to all of them, and as such, humanity has had to police itself from threats both internal and external. This is done on multiple scales, both individually and collectively, and ranges in nature from anything to individuals patrolling the street looking for threats, including but not limited to the MagiRangers, to vast interconnecting government agencies such as UNIT, Torchwood, and AEGIS looking to clamp down on wider more dangerous movements. It is within these pockets that humanity's current power rests.

The technological development of Earth is widely disparate from region to region; by the same token, only small groups are known to possess the skill and developed potential to manipulate ki or mana. As such, most humans rely upon technology, generally trusting machines more than they do any one individual's power — though often it is only by the intervention of the gifted few that Earth is saved from an otherworldly threat.

Biologically Speaking

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Yet to Pass

1. With the invention of the warp drive, the matter transponder, and the purchase of jumpgate technology from various alien races in the 23rd century, humanity begins to expand to the stars. See Star Trek for related adventures.

2. Before the end of the 30th century, Sailor Moon and her friends arrive in Neo-Tokyo 7 and establish a monarchy known as the Crystal Millennium, taking over much of what was once Federation Space.

3. From the 31st century and onwards, humanity's destiny is uncertain. Many possible timelines have come and gone, and several shadow factions are at play in order to either ensure human potential reaches its fullest flower, spreading across the galaxy -- or to quelch it before it can blossom, ensuring humanity remains a bit-player on the galactic stage.

This is Humanity in Suburban Senshi: