Bionetic Enhancement

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Bionetic Enhancement is a surgical process, pioneered by the Fourth Imperium and used through the Fifth Empire, which makes humans more durable and better able to interact with computers.

On the physical side, the process involves the addition of synthetic "sheaths" of material that increase physical strength by a factor of ten. The natural muscles end up acting as actuators for the sheaths. To withstand the grater stress, the skeleton is laminated with Imperial Battle Steel (an incredibly strong, yet light material). The skin is also reinforced to withstand the greater stress. Reactions travel via a dedicated fiber system that runs literally at the speed of light (quite a bit faster than the 100m/s of normal nerve fibers). The process also increases maximum lifespan by a factor of six. A low powered repulsor field is also implanted, this allows water to be shed instantly and provides a limited protection from near misses of energy weapons.

On the mental side, the senses are augmented for much greater discretion, including giving the eyes a variable focal length (which allows for microscopic and telescopic vision). A neural interface is implanted along with a chunk of computer memory (often implanted with translation software allowing fluency with any language that has been programmed into it), along with a fold-space communicator with a range of one light hour (a secure version is available for military personnel).

Two members of suburbansenshi2 have received this treatment: Raihosha, who is currently the sole source of the process, and his daughter Yumiko. Viir Marikendra plans on undergoing the procedure if possible when he reaches his majority.