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Mango Kattan
Biographical information


Birth July 27
Family Yaijinden (husband, sorta, biological dad. Yeah it got weird), Gemini (Biological mom)

Ex general of the Certask Populous, Sailor Venus


Sailor Venus, Sailor Magellan, Silver Alchemist, General Shiboko

Physical description

Human, Khadi



Hair color


Eye color







Aino Minako, Elda Aster, Keeran Aster

First Appearance

<The Actuary> ...Because she's nice. And insane. Nicely insane.

[22:44] <Yaijinden> Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to spend a day in your brain.
[22:45] <Yaijinden> I'm sure it would be an harrowing yet exciting experience.


General Shiboko was the youngest and last of the five generals of her homeworld. Certa had been a very military-driven planet, and was perhaps one of the first planets to use white dwarf stars as a power source. However, when the planet was attacked by a mysterious foe, Shiboko went away from the planet to go seek help. This lead to failure, as Shiboko's ship hit an asteroid and was diverted off course. This also caused significant damage and she had amnesia.

On one of the sandy beaches in Australia, two children found Shiboko. She was taken to their house and nursed back to health. Shiboko--who didn't even know her own name--was named Mango, since it was her favorite food. She was adopted by Trisha Kattan. However, complications arose.

Mango wanted to find out who she actually was so when she was seventeen, she left Australia and took one long journey to find herself; Trisha Kattan later died.

When Mango came to the Ten'ou House, lots of different things occurred, from the Certask army finding Mango, to the extreme frustration of constant death, Mango decided to become a Khadi, to Mango flat out asking Shinji Ikari to blow off her left arm so that she could replace it with automail, to trying to resurrect various members of the house. She lost her right leg in the process of becoming Sailor Magellan.

That seems to be the interesting things that happened to Mango. The one most extreme problem that she has is her constant amnesia; she often forgets things after she's been told them, and keeps forgetting them no matter how many times you try to tell her.

Uzume: The Clan of the Steel Fist

Upon weird mishaps, Mango got tangled up with the Clan of the Steel Fist, being a disciple of Kusanagi as Uzume. For a time, Mango would black out again whenever she became Uzume, resulting in her being blissfully unaware of the alter-ego until things changed. When Mango became aware of what had happened, she became aware of Solarchos trying to force-choke her after breaking the wraithbone glaive. It was this course of action that resulted in Mango choosing to go with the Steel Fist. All in all, Mango's taken to Uzume's fashion style, and has grown an incredibly violent streak.

That five year gap

According to Mango she fell into a "Black Hole Worm Vortex." She's been vague about it but has dropped a few hints:

  • Any influence Uzume had on her is gone.
  • She's adopted some sort of philosophy relating to the Tarot
  • She met someone who really digs Thor's Rock Hard Abs
  • Mango accidentally took a key to a dungeon and in turn fed her companions to the Nightosphere.
  • She turned Coconut into an Iphone.

The once happy go lucky girl who was quite violent for awhile has seemed to have mellowed out. Or maybe she's found her bright and happy side again. Who knows?

Four Hundred Babies

Mango is the author of the 400 Baby Project, the result of a conversation with Yaijinden and encouraged/facilitated by various other people in the Hotel. Mango set aside her usual flightiness for the duration of the project to enact the whim, though the moral and ethical ramifications of creating and subsequently abandoning four hundred lives did not occur to her until after the project was complete.

As a further point of curiosity, Mango discovered (on the missing day of September 21st, 2012) that the reason the genetic recombination machine she used to create viable babies would not let her use her own DNA was the programmed limitations against using genetics too close to the source; a sequencing of her own genome revealed that she was Baby 42, the genetic combination of Yaijinden and Gemini Sunrise.

Becoming Sailor Venus

Someone's going to have to fill in this one for me. But basically Mango wanted to return to the karmic wheel after being forcibly removed from Magellan two years ago. With Sailor Venus now a vacated spot, Mango has decided to take it upon herself to bear that responsibility.

Mango's collection of things + alchemy fun times

Over the years Mango has collected a lot of items that were gifts from the residents of the house/hotel or crap that she has no explanation for owning. Here are some of the things she does in fact own:

  • A Gondola
  • A Hanzo blade (most likely a replica)
  • A Skrull Ring (one time use)
  • An Automail arm and leg
  • Coconut
  • Coconut the CD player (Gift from Minako)
  • Floppy Purple Dildo bat (See Saints Row)
  • Excalibolg (A replica of Dokuro's)
  • A Cyberman ship (As hijacked when assisting Prince Obsidian reobtain his Malefic Black Crystal. She thinks she got the better half of the deal)
  • a LARGE KEY (From some dungeon.)
  • A chaingun
  • A box that holds HorrorTerrors

In addition to all these fancy items Mango can perform alchemy to create a last minute item to assist her. She needs to compose an alchemy circle and know the exact molecular structure of what she's working with. For example, if she wants to attack Ghost Shark she has to know the exact molecular composition of ectoplasm and how to translate that to an alchemic circle.