Mango-chan and the Four Hundred Babies

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This is a pamphlet/flyer/leaflet/business card now distributed to anyone who asks why there are babies in the house.

" Seriously. We need to update the family tree now >.<"

Why are there babies in the house?

You may be wondering why suddenly three random infants have appeared in the Hotel as of September 8th, 2012. It is a very simple explanation. Except not.

One day Mango decided that it would be a fantastic idea to create FOUR HUNDRED BABIES. Please consult the video "Powerthirst" if you are unfamiliar. While normally ideas such as this are dismissed within a few hours, Mango decided to acquire the proper supplies and equipment and did in fact create FOUR HUNDRED BABIES. She used genetic material from the majority of the house goers by bribing prinnies and created these children without anyone's permission.

She decided to send out most of these children across time and space. She left two behind: one for Yaijinden and one for Sakura. Both decided to adopt said children and raise them as their own. Once all the children were sent across the universe, one rocket failed to launch holding the last baby. She left this child at a random doorstep, which happened to be Joanna Smithson.

The OOC accompaniment

Yes she claims to have all your DNA and used it. Whether or not she did is up to you! There are hundreds of different possibilities that could occur re: children and where they are and what happens to them. Use it like an open door to what ifs, introduce characters, etc. I leave the rest to you.

There is one exception: DNA has to be compatible with two parties. So Lupa would have to have been combined with other Lupa DNA or a baby would not have been formed.

Also, Dryads are in the air depending on how they are birthed! :D

  • Based on the fact that both current dryads have been used to create a child, Pneumadendron\Lily Ambrose is fair game, although Lego's character is up to him.

Mongoosetigers are a mystery until further consultation has been reached.

  • It would seem this is doable, even if only under the right circumstances, given the appearance of Solartiger from Mongoosetiger and Solarchos. Consult Rai and/or Mango if you're interested using a MGT parent.

The currently compiled List of Babby can be found here.