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Caroline Carr
Biographical information


Birth July 18, 1981
Family Raihosha (spouse), Viir and Maggie (children), Kerry and Dori (parents)


Physical description

Human with Cralkhi Symbiote



Hair color


Eye color







magic; notably charms, transfiguration, and reversal spells; creating spells


Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, Raihosha and his family, Miara Mitsuki

First Appearance

August 2011

Caroline is a British witch working in on the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad and living partially in her home in the Cotswolds and partially on Aescapulus. She has recently become a carrier of the Cralkhi Symbiote.

Magical Must-Haves

New larch wand.jpg

New pine wand.jpg

Caroline's Wands

Caroline's two new wands are larch with unicorn hair, 11 1/2 inches, and pine with dragon heartstring, 10 inches. Purchased on 5 August 2017.

lOC3QGP.jpg Caroline's Familiar

Her current familiar is a female Tawny Owl named Midge, after her cousin.

Her broom is a Comet, which she's had for a few years now.

Character and Personality

Caroline is usually an assertive and pleasant person. She enjoys nights at the pub with her friends, and a work environment that is both challenging and supportive. The rest of her free time is usually spent doing something constructive, and she considers her home a place of familiarity and privacy, and very rarely invites people into it.

She's a supporter of more liberal views, and hopes that the recent exposure in the world at large brought by the Harry Potter franchise leads to exciting things in the future. While she never made the Ravenclaw house team, she enjoys playing on the amateur Quidditch league, usually as a chaser, and is an avid fan.

While she is not the kind of person who dwells overly much on her appearance, she does take good care of her skin, and rarely dresses in skimpy clothing. Despite this, she does have tattoos--it's just unlikely you'll ever see them. She wears pants to work, but can often be found in skirts otherwise, and favors boots over other types of shoes. She enjoys food and eating, although preparing it usually ends in disaster. Her scent is woodsy with overtones of nutmeg and ginger.

She is very wary of telepathy, having heard many stories about Voldemort's ability with Legilimency, and since then has been careful not to allow even close friends and loved ones much access to her in this manner.

Magical Abilities and Career

Caroline is more powerful than either of her parents, a bit more powerful than the average witch, and is capable of producing some powerful magic at times. Especially talented with charms, and secondarily transfiguration where the two intersect. A decent but not avid duelist, she enjoys a good duel but doesn't need to win. This aspect of her involvement in the DA was invigorating for her, and she greatly enjoyed the challenges it presented.

She is also a competent, but not great, potion maker. However, the magical abilities used to create potions interfere with her ability to cook; an unusual thing even for the magical community. She is incapable of making any food which requires stirring or agitation in conjunction with heat without spoiling it. She can make tea, sandwiches, and cold items, and open a can of soup and heat it in the microwave if she doesn't stir it between heating. She cannot, however, make anything on the stovetop or over a fire. She has, for the most part, resigned from cooking, and for the most part eats either very simple or prepared foods.

After meeting a recruiter for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad (AMRS), under the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, shortly after taking her OWLS, she decided to pursue a career on this equivalent of a wizarding SWAT team. Like most of her colleagues, her talents are well suited to this career, and she been known to manipulate and create spells and advanced charms.

In January 2014, Caroline was chosen to organize a few other team members and lead the training of several new recruits to the AMRS, which kept her quite occupied. In early summer of 2015, she was promoted to Leader of her team when the previous one retired and moved to another department.


Caroline has continued to do well in her career, as well as in getting to know all of Rai's children better since their marriage in 2017. Both she and close friend and colleague Dermott are often selected for more specialised assignments the AMRS handles. She's also been connecting with Miara since the current version appeared in November of 2018. She and Rai announced their first pregnancy to the family at Sunday breakfast on 19 April, 2020; the child is due in November of 2020.

Her and Rai's first child Margaret (Maggie) was born at 11:22 on Sunday, 29 December, 2020, shortly after the start of the the large weekly family brunch. Rai, Aes, and Dori (Caroline's mother) were present for the birth.


Caroline was born to a magical couple in Kent and is an only child. Her father is a member of the Beings Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and her mother a nurse specializing in maternity. She began her first year at Hogwart's in 1992 and was sorted into Ravenclaw for her creativity/cleverness and individuality, where she quickly met Tafadzwa Tiffany (often called Tiffer or Tiff), fellow first year, and the two became good friends. While at Hogwarts, she excelled in classes like charms, transfiguration, and also showed talent for reversing or undoing spells. This led her to aim for a position on the AMRS along with Tiff and several of their other friends.

During the Second Wizarding War, Caroline continued to attend Hogwarts as dictated by the new education laws, although her family kept their heads down until forced to choose sides. When she and Tiff found out about the DA after its' discovery by Dolores Umbridge, they and several of their friends were quick to join the next school year. In particular, her experiences with the Carrow siblings, Alecto and Amylus Carrow, Death Eaters assigned to teach the Dark Arts and dispense discipline at Hogwarts during her 6th year, has left her with a deep dislike of anyone who might fit under the category of 'Dark Wizard', as their tenure at the school was marked by cruel punishments, including imprisoning students, beatings, and torture via the Cruciatus curse. Only 16 during the Battle of Hogwarts, she was unable to participate in the battle. As one of the senior students left in Ravenclaw, she looked out for the younger students during evacuation to Hogsmeade. She, Tiff, Dermott, and other upperclassmen made plans with townsfolk to fight should the battle come their way even as they watched the devastation at the school. She lost an aunt and uncle, two cousins, and many friends during the war.

After graduation from Hogwarts in 1999, Caroline went on to become a member of the AMRS along with Tiff and fellow Hufflepuff classmate Dermott. Members of the AMRS teams have become some of her closest friends.
On 20 April 2010, her AMRS team was called to an accident scene where things went horribly wrong, and several of the members were killed and badly injured. Caroline escaped with a broken arm, but Tiff was among those killed. The team has since recovered, but the incident made international wizarding news (the job, although challenging, is not ordinarily that dangerous) and work was difficult for quite some time.

A few years later, she applied for an International Wizarding Cooperation exchange programme, and spent a year in Japan. While on the Japanese AMRS team, she worked an extremely odd shift from 3AM to 12PM, and often appeared in the evening right after getting up. She's usually not very aware until she's had coffee or strong tea, and tends to be in pajamas and an old men's dressing gown. Most of the time she can be seen following the Quidditch scores, tracking her favorite team for the betting pool back at the London AMRS.
Having originally met Miara a few years before, with intermittent meetings since, they reconnected in Tokyo not long after Caroline arrived. Miara recommended The House as a place to hang out where people actually speak English and aren't so closed against unusual things. She does, however, find that her general lack of knowledge about the various plots and events in the House history a bit side-lining.
She began a relationship with Raihosha, who she met through Mongoosetiger and Aescapulus, who has taught her quite a bit about technology and assembly of electronics, around the end of March 2012.
Caroline participated in the 2012 Budokai, in which she lost to David O`Cain in the first round. The exchange program Caroline was a part of is an initiative under the Department of International Magical Cooperation, and she is one of several British volunteers who was placed throughout the world. Her involvement in the program was officially over in February, 2013.

She returned to England in time for the Olympics Opening Ceremony on 27 July 2012 and took up residence in Greyheather Cottage in Mould-on-the-Wold, which is in the Cotswolds and not far from London. This house was previously owned by her best friend, Tiff. She also inherited the House-Elf Silla when her grandmother Elisabeth died in late August 2012.

While aware of Mango's baby project, Caroline was quite surprised to find herself the mother of an eight year old, and along with Yumiko, no less. While the three slowly built a relationship, she almost immediately began teaching Viir some magic, and adopted him so that he could attend Hogwarts.

On 24 June 2013, Caroline and AMRS team member Dermott were called in to help the Ministry police with a crime scene, from which they mysteriously disappeared along with several of the criminals. However, no one knew what was going on, or where they had gone, and despite exhaustive searches and scans by Raihosha and Aes, no one was able to find where they had gone.
As it turned out, they had been transported by portkey to an underground facility which turned out the be the source of a new popular recreational drug, Amphere, and the two AMRS members and a magical police officer soon found themselves imprisoned alongside several Vampires. However, they were all able to work together to free themselves, and although the three were both beaten by the gang and fed upon by the Vampires, all escaped without major injury.

Until quite recently, Caroline was the leader of her AMRS team, and split her time between her home in the Cottswolds and aboard Aes. With Viir in school, she had a bit more time on her hands, but not much. She usually doesn't get enough sleep, but does well in her profession and manages to spend time with most of the members of Rai's large family. Her passtimes include following UK Quidditch, and her favorite team is the Holyhead Harpies.

Early in 2017, Aescapulus found an anomaly while doing some scans of North America, and found an unusual complex which seems to have been left by The Traitor. While Rai told Caroline about it almost immediately, a family meeting wasn't held until April 20, when Aes had been able to gather much more information on it. Rai led a small team including Caroline into the pyramid in early June, which severely tested them, and resulted in Caroline receiving injuries for which she was given the symboite Rai carries to save her life. She spent about a month an a half in a coma as her body came into balance with the symbiote, and Rai has not yet cleared her to return to work in the face of the major life change and contemplating her now very long future. She and Rai were married in a small, hastily planned ceremony attended by her parents, Viir, Yumiko, MGT, and Aes in the late afternoon on Saturday, September 2, 2017, as a result of his proposal earlier that day. They spent weeks honeymooning in various locations before returning. The most notable difference from these events is her appearance; she now appears very similarly to how she appeared when in school: younger, a bit thinner, and long, very luxurious hair.


Caroline has long brown hair, hazel eyes, and is of average height and weight. She is, however, rather top heavy due to the size of her chest. She often wears odd or old styles of clothing, while at other times she can be quite modern and sophisticated. Colors such as dark blue, bronze, and dark orange or red make up quite a bit of her wardrobe.

After becoming a symbiote carrier, her appearance has reverted to more what she looked like in her late school/early carrier days, a tad slimmer and more youthful looking. She's now been able to grow out her hair, and it is of particularly good quality of which most girls would be envious.

Relations to Known HP Characters

Naturally, Caroline is acquainted with many of the students and professors from Hogwarts up to and during the Second Wizarding War, and experienced most of the same events. However, she is not on personal terms with the three main characters (Harry, Ron, Hermoine). She was in Ginny's year, and knows her and other students of that year best from their classes together. A member of Ravenclaw House, and excelling in charms, she is most familiar with Professor Flitwick, as well as other students of that house (Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood among them) and a few members of the DA (Dumbledore's Army).

The Second Wizarding War is nearly two decades past, the Battle of Hogwart's having taken place in May of 1998. Overall, the importance of the Harry Potter story itself is secondary to its world, setting, and culture in the play of this character. For more information, please go to the Harry Potter wiki at


Previous Wands

Caroline’s first wand, acquired when she went to Hogwart’s, was elm with a core of unicorn hair, 9 inches long. Though on the short side, it could do quite elegant and powerful charm work, a good match for her in this area.

Caroline’s second wand, acquired for her job at the AMRS, was pine, 12 inches long, with a core of dragon heartstring. It was especially adept with figuring out and creating new spells. It’s used more for creative purposes and is quite adaptable. She came to use it more often than her first wand.

Both of these wands were irreparably damaged in early summer of 2017.