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Dorothy Carr, nee White
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Kenneth Carr (husband), Caroline Carr (daughter), Viir Marikendra (grandson)





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magic, medicine

Dorothy Carr goes by Dori, and is a British witch who works as a nurse specializing in maternity ward care.

Character and Personality


Born in 1962 to a seamstress and a wizard, Dorothy learned embroidery from her mother at a young age, and went off to Hogwarts, where she was sorted into Hufflepuff. It wasn't until she was fourteen or so that she discovered her a love for healing, and began preparing for a career in that field. Upon graduation, she found a position in the maternity ward at St. Mungo's, and has been working with babies ever since.

She married a school friend-turned-sweetheart Kerry in 1980, and the following July had their only child, Caroline. It was shortly after this that her mother died, and after this her husband's mother, Elisabeth, became like a second mother to her.

During the second Wizarding War, she and Kerry went into hiding towards the end, and lived among the muggle community for a short time. Dori worked as a nanny for a couple with two children. Afterwards, they returned to reopen their house in Kent.

She was much more affected by Caroline's experience at school during the war, and worried about her and her classmates constantly, and was very upset when she heard the initial news about the Battle of Hogwarts. They didn't make it to the school in time to participate in the battle, but worked with the school's medical staff before insisting that both Caroline and Tiff return home with them for the summer until his parents could come from Africa.

Although at first not at all sure what to make of Caroline's words about The Hotel and then Raihosha, she was much more skeptical than her husband about her daughter's new friends until she realized that Caroline had changed how she was going about things, and by the time they met was more than happy to meet him, although maybe not the Mongoosetigers. This happened in a very trying time in her life, when Elisabeth died, and she has since gotten to know Rai better.

She was delighted to have a grandson in Viir Marikendra no matter how it came about, and has taken every opportunity to do things with him and get to know him.


A short witch, she is just a little plump, with brown hair and green eyes. She usually wears dresses in a modern-Victorian fashion, and still often wears a corset when appropriate.


Dori is a nurse specializing in maternity and babies, and has worked in several magical hospitals and a Muggle home throughout her career.