Kenneth Carr

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Kenneth Carr
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Dorothy Carr (wife), Caroline Carr (daughter), Viir Marikendra (grandson), Charles (brother)


Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Being Division



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dark brown

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magic, animals

Kenneth Carr goes by Kerry, and is a British wizard who works in the Being Division of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures of the Ministry of Magic.

Character and Personality

Although not the most outgoing of people, Kerry is nevertheless quite amicable and generous in his daily interactions and conversation. Thus he finds it easy to build trust with people. He finds variation and difference fascinating, and gets along with many types of people. He's fond of all animals, and has several cats and kneazles around the house. His stature may appear imposing at times, but his personality is not, and one need only exchange words with him to discover this.


Kerry grew up at Highlark House in Dorset, the younger of two sons (older brother Charles) of an upper middle class wizarding couple. He quickly showed an interest in animals, both normal and magical creatures, and was sorted into Gryffindor upon his arrival at Hogwart's at age eleven. There, he continued to excel in creatures classes, as well as Muggle studies. He met Dorothy White in his fifth year, who was then a second year student, and the two became friends. He did well in his OWLs, and upon graduation got a position in the Werewolf Support Office.

He continued correspondence with Dorothy, now his sweetheart, and after her graduation they were engaged for about a year before being married. Their daughter Caroline was born in about a year later, by which point they had purchased a small Victorian house in Kent. Meanwhile, Kerry had done well in his position at work, and was given more responsibilities. A few years later, when they needed a few people do deal with a Vampire crisis, Kerry volunteered to work with them, and since has worked with them and gained the trust of their leaders.

When Caroline went off to school, he was proud of her assignment to Ravenclaw despite its' difference from his own house, and enjoyed watching her grow up quite a bit during her school years, and even prouder at her actions as a student during the second Wizarding War. He and Dorothy, neither being unusually powerful, did they best they could to survive the war, keeping their heads down until going into hiding in the Muggle world.

After the war, they returned to their home, and Kerry to his position at the Ministry of Magic, where he was responsible for brokering a groundbreaking peace treaty with the Vampire leaders, for which he is now well-known among them, and continues to work with them as the Ministry's official liaison.

It wasn't until 2012 that life changed significantly again, when his daughter Caroline began talking about The Hotel, and a particular man she'd met there. More curious than his wife, Kerry encouraged her and asked more question, especially curious about the Mongoosetigers. However, he now regrets not taking the time to meet any of them sooner, as their first meeting was at his mother's funeral in August of 2012. Although not entirely unexpected at her age, it was nevertheless quite a shock to the family.

When Viir appeared as the first grandchild, the idea of the 400 baby project was rather unbelievable, but he was thrilled to have a grandchild of any sort, and has made many efforts to make Viir feel welcome and grandfathered, and the two speak or see each other regularly. He finds the boy to be bright and gentle, and likes him very much.


Kerry is a tall, somewhat portly man with dark hair, brown eyes, and is usually clean shaven, although he has been known to sport facial hair of various sorts.


As the official Ministry of Magic Liaison to the Vampires, Kerry has risen high in his field, and has always been good at his job, no matter who he is dealing with. Unlike many wizards, he has a fascination for different types of beings, and has often times treated them more fairly than others might. His personality has enabled him to gain the trust of most he's worked with, whether Werewolf, Centaur, or Vampire. He now has several staff members under him, and although not the greatest at paperwork, is exactly who you want when in talks with the Vampire leaders.