Highlark House

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Highlark House is the ancestral home of the Carr family, located in Dorset.


This is a small manor house, which was built in the 1700s by ancestors of the Carr family and has passed down through the oldest of the line. It was named by the first mistress of the house, Theodora Carr, and follows a family association with birds.


The house is located on a quiet country lane in Dorset county among fields and woodland.


The house is currently in the hands of Charles and Raquel Carr, who took over the home upon the death of Elizabeth Carr in August of 2012. The couple have three children, Kerry, Corrie, and Peter. Charles and his younger brother Kerry grew up in the house, and his daughter Caroline was a frequent visitor while growing up.


The house has traditionally employed House-Elves rather than Human servants, the most recent of which are Jams and Silla. Silla's contract, however, was passed to Caroline on Elizabeth's death, and Silla now lives and works at Greyheather Cottage.