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"The Only credential the city asked was the boldness to dream. For those who did it unlocked its gates and its treasures, not caring who they were or where they came from."
—Faintly Inscribed on the front door of the house

"It is a Transcendentally Dimensional Hotel packed into the physical superstructure of a typical Suburban Home whose back door leads to a separate geographical location from its front door, which is rooted in Tokyo, Japan. "
—Paisley describes the Hotel

H yperdimensional
O mnispatial
T emporally
E xtruded
L ocality
-- The Intern's backronym for it.

During the battle against Brent Furlong on September 25, 2011, The House was thrown whole at a large metropolitan hotel via energy catapult. In order to avoid certain death, Thrash and Doctor X quickly rigged up a relative dimensional stabilizer in the house and materialized it around the hotel. (It was later revealed by Chateaux that Xadium actually used core components from his original TARDIS, so in essence the HOTEL *is* a TARDIS.)

Being a jury rig, this fused the two structures so that the outside looks like the regular Ten'ou House, but the inside has become a spacious five-star hotel with 220 suites.

There are 21 floors plus lobby, each with 11 luxury suites. There is a full Shinto shrine, an olympic-sized swimming pool, a Nursery by IKEA™, the HOTEL Children's Library, and a five-star restaurant, both on the ground floor. Recently Ryan reinstalled the Emergency Sense of Humor that was in the former version of the House before destroyed it in 2009 and in addition put in a 'RUINED FOREVER' alarm. The lobby also sports a faux sky that shows either day or night and the appropriate stars for Tokyo, along with clouds as required. It does not, however, produce rain.

Nivek Razal has installed a stone that draws all attempts to teleport to the house's old locations, to the new one.

Due to being contained by a plasmic Shell, the Hotel can repair itself after taking damage to the interior or the exterior. Repair usually takes a few minutes to a full day, depending on the damage. However, if the Hotels' power source-- the Eye of Harmony-- is disconnected, the backup microsfusion generators cannot power any kind of damage repair.

By this time, the TARDIS' ability to translate any language has integrated itself into the admittedly Time Lord technology of the house/hotel, and no actual TARDIS needs to be present for anyone to be able to understand or read anything in any language.

The official name of the Hotel is "The Pandorica Arms Embassy Hotel", so assumed after it became the official embassy of Pandorica Isle.

The Hotel is number 578 on the list of 700 wonders of the universe.

How does it work?

[12:29] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> When you have a malleable interior dimension to work with, invasion never really is a practical stratagem.
[12:30] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> I literally could have the floors rise up and trap people in cages.
[12:30] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> Or turn the air to jello.
[12:31] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> Every particle in here that is not "us"
[12:31] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> is mathematically generated.
[12:32] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> and set into place by the Hotel's Architectural Configuration System.
[12:32] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> Some of it, like air and water, is freeflowing and independent.
[12:32] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> But just about everything else can be remapped, shifted around, just by changing the underlying math.
[12:36] <@Dоcтоʀ Xᴧᴅוυᴍ> Of course, for security reasons, only Thrash, Myself, Sakura and Noriko have access to these key systems. And with Noriko now gone to Karn and Sakura probably retiring, it's just me and Thrash.

"Now it's just an ordinary building... but filled with extraordinary people."

On July 1st, 2014, The Intern decided to scale back the somewhat indestructible nature of the HOTEL, seeing that people had become too complacent with its protection. She turned off the following systems:

  • The Faux Sky, leaving it a mural for people to paint -- [[as this was never done, she's turned the sky back on in a memorial to the fallen Doctor Xadium.
  • Internal Architectural Reconfiguration
  • Internal Self-Regeneration
  • Internal Food Replication systems
  • Satellite hacking grid.

Some of the residents have already begun modifying and upgrading the Hotel to compensate for the loss of systems, which can be found in the Extras section.

More than just a TARDIS

On March 13, 2016, Lydia D. Darkletter revealed that the HOTEL was more than just a coincidental creation. She revealed that her people, The Establishment, had seeded the TARDIS it was based on into the Birthing Bays on Gallifrey, intending for it to grow into something more magnificent than a TARDIS, akin to a butterly emerging from its cocoon-- intending for it to become an EDIFICE.


On March 24, 2018, a Dragon Slave Attack from Earth 1337-AB that had become unmoored in space time thanks to the Actuary War hit the HOTEL, and Chateaux and Aika AI managed to absorb the entire blast into the HOTEL infrastructure, rebuilding it as below:

On February 9th, 2021 the Ceiling was repaired to look like this after Thrash's Regeneration blew out the old one:

Inhabitants of the Hotel

[02:17] <@The Intern> This mystery fascinates me.
[02:17] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Are you sure you're not just seeing a pattern that isn't there?
[02:17] <@The Intern> Possibly.
[02:17] <golD_lux> Some things just are.
[02:20] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Does it matter? Can't some things be special without an answer?
[02:20] <@The Intern> Of course.
[02:21] <@The Intern> But it's my job to protect this place.
[02:21] <@The Intern> And I have this... nagging feeling that if there is an attribute that makes this area special... it may need to be protected.
[02:22] * golD_lux grins and goes over to Intern, putting a hand on her shoulder.
[02:22] <golD_lux> Nixie, the answer is staring you right in the face.
[02:22] <@The Intern> Eh?
[02:22] <golD_lux> It's not the geography... or the machinery... or the magic.
[02:23] <golD_lux> It's the people.
[02:23] <golD_lux> The people who come here every day.
[02:24] <golD_lux> They make this place crazy, and fun, and dangerous, and special.That's why the House was legend. That's why the HOTEL is great. It all comes down to the visitors who make it their home every day.

Roof1(Fully occupied: DUELMAN)
212101 -'s Hikawa Shrine
202001 - 2011(Fully occupied: Haruka, Michiru, Jedite, Hotaru, Chibiusa, Elios, Sakura X. Aino, Ratchet, Minako, Tomoe, and X, Gemini, and Ultra Nyan)
191901 - 1911(Fully occupied: Eitak, Nivek and Wendy, Macha, Mormeril, Vandal, Frost, Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Blez, Plushie)
181801 - 1811(Allison, Ansgar, Kevin Junia, Natalia Ueno, Cintia Ueno, Pantea, Brennin Bran)
171701 - 1711(Bixia Yuanjin, Sean and Rhea, Neva, Elda, Noisette, DD Girl Green and Caligo, Yurika)
161601 - 1611(Fully Occupied: Taro Senshi, Freya and Orion, Matsumi and Hideki, Joanna, Sayuri, Sarah, The Intern, Valeria Xadium Aino, Erica, Anni, Hana)
151501 - 1511(Nursery by IKEA™ [Three Suites], Tamili, Jack Wolfe)
141401 - 1411(Jack Vessalius and Lottie [Glen], Lacie Vessalius & Alasdair, Melanie Baskerville-Vessalius/Asher, Juniper Aki, Racchel & Kevin Rainsworth, Jillian Vessalius & Wyatt Baskerville)
131301 - 1311RESERVED
121201 - 1211(Tiny Sand People, Clinic, Mongoosetiger Playroom, Lady DeVenger, Simon, Davina)
111101 - 1111(Galene [Eilene, Renee, Chloe], Maret, Zept, Guyver and Eiry [Alta])
101001 - 1011(Potamos, Suu, Franziska von Karma, Solarchos [Inu-kit and kits])
9901 - 911(Ema Skye, Raven, Keeran, Mango, Lana)
8801 - 811(Bederatzi Porta, Jack Dinsdale's office/suite, Giselle, Shirka)
7701 - 711(Kailey Sunrise, Amanda, Euri Hakinochi [Hachi Hakinochi, Nobu Hakinochi, Delilah Inochi], Fruminda, Andalite Tours, Maeko Nakano, Samantha)
ON601 - 611Choco Paradiso, Cristal Springs Onsen, Carlini's Hair Salon
6601 - 611(Setsuna Saizuki and Karin, Yumiko, Midori Himeno, Komadori, Silverleaf)
5501 - 511(Matsy Breezy, Eryk, Aya, Meiji Doyle, Shuro)
4401 - 411(Celeste, Faye Kizen, Vinxcha, Kazue and Ayami Karatsu, Nelius Raoul, Lady Matsumi's refuge, Daniel Kakaku & Creselian)
3301 - 311(Lupa Dorm [Uffago, Nima, Miara, Tally])
2201 - 211(Lupa Dorm, Vilya & Miroslav [Tien], Andreas, Kanri)
1101 - 111(Ryan, Shinji)
Ground Restaurant, Bar, Chiyoko's Restaurant, Lobby, and Pool
Underground Secret Base, Bunker 2.0: Electric Boogaloo!

commonarea.jpg centralfloor.jpg escalator.jpg

The Lobby / Livingroom Central Area on Each Floor Escalators on Each Floor
hallways.jpg restaurant.jpg Ruined_forever2.jpg
Hallways The Restaurant with Holographic Ocean View The RUINED FOREVER Alarm

Hotel Pool