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The House has now merged with The Hotel. Please go to the hotel page for details on our new base locale.

The House is the new house that resides over the old foundation where the Ten'Aino House used to be. The previous home had been damaged in an altercation and prior to an opportunity to repair said damage, a mysterious foul-mouthed midget known as CiCi stole the remaining portion of the old Ten'Aino House via a helicopter... only to crash it into the sea. What little left over was utterly destroyed when used her "eye beams" to clear the area.

Fortunately a publishers' clearing house check for abundant monies came into the possession of Ryan. After quickly devising a new house plan, Ryan used the funds to employ Nabiki Tendou build a new house. Upon completion of said house, Ryan picked The House as its name due to its postmodern nature, simplicity, and wittiness.

The House will contain men and women bathrooms, a bar, and other various features. We'll have even a secret base accessible via a hidden entrance behind a bookcase that can be opened by pressing a button hidden inside a bust of Shakespeare. There will also be a Danger Room as well!

The First Floor

Living Room

The Living Room is a large and expansive room with high ceilings. The five walls you can see are covered in a series of black to white gradients, going from bottom to top. The ceiling is white, and the floor is covered in a lush black carpeting. There are several framed pictures of original Michiru Kaioh artwork decorating the walls along with artworks from other artists.

There is a large, 10ft HDTV sitting on the main wall of the room. Several stacks of DVDs/VHS and video games sit neatly beside the television. There is a Bose surround sound system neatly in place in the Living Room, the best quality available. The old couches linger against the walls, though new ones have been bought. At least at one end of each sofa has a table with or without a small lamp. In front of the sofa directly facing the television is a modern coffee table which matches the black and white scheme of the room. The lamps, ceiling fans, and coat racks by the front door are all color coordinated in black and white. There is a table nearer the door where notes, letters, and discarded books can be neatly piled. In front of the stairs near the television, you see an impressive looking panel which is the House's Music Station, able to pipe music or radio or sound from the television into any room in the household.

In the one back corner of the room, you can see a DDR machine and an old looking arcade game. In the other corner, you see an immense pile of plushies next to a mini-fridge which is generally filled with Gatorade.

There are several comfortable throw pillows on the sofas and in the closet across from the foot of the stairs there are several blankets and sheets and linens people can use to warm themselves up. In the other closet nearer the kitchen, there is storage space for boardgames or anything like that. On the far side of the room is an oak bar, with cabinets containing various alcoholic drinks of all kinds, along with glasses.

The living room was designed by Euri.


Venus Sofa - made of ultra-soft, comfy, plush red material, it is the comfiest sofa in the world, and perfect to just sink on and snuggle~ or do other fun things... Donated by Aino Minako.

Lone☆Star Sofa (neé Unnamed Sofa) - a long black sofa, draped over the back with a State of Texas flag, named by Gemini Sunrise.

Q Sofa - A green leather sofa which is both soft and warm enough for a cold night. Comes with green pillows that are perfect to sleep on. Donated by Matsumi Kaze.


Feng kitchen b.jpg

The kitchen is a bright, sunny place in the new house, simply decorated in the interests of functionality. Its main colors are white and a pale yellow (imagine the image with white pine and a light marble counter top instead). It has all the amenities one would expect from a modern kitchen as far as appliances, pots, pans, and utensils, including a large refridgerator and a separate freezer. There is plenty of cabinetery for storage.

The outside wall of the kitchen has large windows with very light blue eyelet curtains which are usually pulled back, allowing in plenty of light, and there is a large island in the center of the room. There are some high stools there where one can sit.

This part of the house was designed by zairafirefly.

Dining Room

This room doesn't get used, apparently.

The Second Floor

The Bedroom

Imagine a room that barely has anything in it. Except for a bed, a small TV with a DVD player and a few game systems, and some spare clothes. That's what you call The Bedroom.

Designed by Ryan.

Guest Rooms: Themed Rooms

These guest rooms on the second floor are larger and more luxurious than the guest rooms on the third floor. These rooms have private baths. Perfect for an upper-scale weekend getaway. These rooms were designed by the staff from Floral Heaven.

The Victorian Room

2119794788 a1c1d24ab1.jpg

The Victorian room is a mostly authentic recreation of a mid Victorian bedroom, complete with a luxurious, carved four poster bed with plenty of comforters, pillows, and white gauzy hangings for a bit of privacy. The wallpaper is an authentic Rococo Rose pattern. The room also contains a vanity with stool, wash stand, wardrobe, and a tall mirror. The entire room is decorated in Victorian luxury, and an expensive looking red and green carpet covers the floor. The bathroom, which you will be glad to know is not super small, like most Victorian bathrooms, contains a claw footed bathtub and a modestly sized sink.

This room was occupied by Sarah Christensson at one point.

The Man Cave

The man cave suite has all the luxuries a man would want--lots of TV, gaming systems, and mini bar with snacks and drinks. The couch is large and leather; there is a pair of overstuffed, super comfortable recliners, as well. The bathroom has its own TV screen, a soft, heated toilet seat, and a large jacuzzi tub for complete relaxation after you've won your tournament.

Minimalist Room

This room is designed for the spiritual or religious soul, with little but elegant decoration in the form of a wall scroll and scenic nature mural painted on one wall. There are few distractions from prayer or meditation, and there is no internet access in this room. There is a low bed and table, and the ajoining bathroom features a small bath designed to resemble a hot spring.

The Third Floor?!

Guest Rooms: Color Rooms

The guest rooms on the third floor are smaller and more cozy than the rooms on the second floor, perfect for overnight accommodations or just get away for a while. There is one shared dorm style bathroom at the end of the hall. It has two showers, toilets, sinks, etc. Miara Mitsuki designed these rooms.

The Purple Room

Purple room.jpg

This room is a silvery purple, and holds a twin mattress which sits directly on the floor, a high table and chair, and a chest of drawers. This room is on a corner, and has three windows. It is decorated in shades of purple, and the bedspread is flowered in light purple and green on a field of blue. It is a functional room, yet elegant and the bed is very comfortable.

This room occupied by Kore at one point.

The Green Room

Green bedroom.jpg

The green room is a nice, minty green, accented in a light cream color. This room has a full sized bed, a bay window, a wardrobe, and small desk. It, also, is a functional but comfortable room.

This room was occupied by Katrina Nelson at one point.

The Gold Room


The gold room is painted a bight metallic gold, decorated also in green and purple (pretend there's more green than purple). This room has a full size bed, a settee, an ornate wardrobe, and a chest at the foot of the bed. This room is the largest of the four color rooms, and has three rather large windows with rich hangings which match the bed. It is very comfortable and rather opulent.

This room seems mostly to have been used for coitus.

The Blue Room


The blue room is a pale blue, decorated with cream and dark blue. Like the purple room, it has a twin bed, but is the only room of the four with a closet. It has an inclined drawing table and a trunk along one wall.

This room was occupied by Jake Nelson at one point.


The restrooms were designed by Suu. The mens' and ladies' rooms both feature top-of-the-line toilets with heated seats, shower stalls with adjustable shower heads, and stainless steel vanity sinks in marble counter tops. Each restroom has a small powder room that features a sofa, table and floor-to-ceiling mirror. The men's boudoir has a leather sofa and powder blue carpet and wallpaper, while the women's boudoir has a sofa upholstered in rose patterned fabric with pink carpet and wallpaper. They're both fully stocked with personal hygiene equipment, but it's suggested that you BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel) so that you always know where it is.

Basement Level and Below

The Occultium

Coinciding roughly in the basement where Professor Tomoe's world-bending experiments took place, a twenty-by-twenty room has been constructed to house and contain a wide variety of arcane goods and resources. Yaijinden warded the walls against supernatural disturbances from inside and out, exerting a "look-away" effect against wandering spirits, demons, gods, elementals, and other intangible beasties. A note has been scrawled on the outside of the door, reading "Take only research notes, leave only non-reactive dust and ash" as a warning to would-be investigators to keep their crap cleaned up. Among the arcane resources located within the library is a copy of the Necronomicon-- an abridged English translation, courtesy Matsumi.

The Library


The Library is big...really just don't know how big it is..I mean you might think it's a long way down to the chemist's but that's just peanuts to The Library..

Hidden away in the basement, the library provides reading material for members and visitors to the House. Decked with red velvet sofas and reading chairs, with reading lamps and soft lights in the ceiling. All books are donated and range from texts on ancient history to the latest automobile magazine. Sakura provided many of the books as physical copies from The Library. The far end of the wall is taken by a large painting by Escher. It was recently revealed the original Library still exists in a extra-dimensional state just beyond the painting, which can only be accessed by navigating the image's maze like structure within.

Matsumi designed and maintains the library.

2954290148 fe83a5b149.jpg

Also attached to the library was Matsuo's study, made for him by Matsumi.

Secret Base

As originally promised, somewhere down here along with Wolf's Armory/Forge and the Danger Room lies the secret base, which is accessible via a hidden entrance behind a bookcase in the library that can be opened by pressing a button hidden inside a bust of Shakespeare. In this base lies various super-equipment like computers and other fantastic devices. Imagine something influenced by the underground basement of the X-Mansion combined with elements of the iconic Batcave (like a trophy room) and that's what you get.

Designed by Ryan.

Danger Room

A training center for people to hone their powers and skills, the Danger Room was created by Ryan using stolen alien Shi'ar holographic technology to create the ultimate battle simulator.

The Armory/Forge

Deep within the bowels of the tunnel system underneath the house, Wolfwood has constructed a complete armory, forge, and ammunition making facility. If you can think it up, Wolf is more then willing to take a crack at it. It's also bomb-proof, serving as a shelter in the event the house gets shelled and destroyed like the old one used to every five minutes.

Designed by Wolfwood.

Dimensional Space/Time Door

Similar to the Time door once used by the former Senshi of Time. Using a Craig Supercomputer and ACME technology, this door can not only be used to travel through space and time, but also to different dimensions. Two regular computers act as backup.


Yaijinden maintains a sand garden out in the back. The waves are structured around a number of strange, alien-seeming sculptures that become more disturbing to look at the more at peace one feels there.

The Prinnies built a pool next to to it, but it seems to have been forgotten about the moment it was built.