David O`Cain

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David O`Cain
Biographical information

Moon, Earth


May 28


Masaki O`Cain (wife), Gavrison and Cassandra O`Cain (parents), Carrie O`Cain (adopted daughter), Michelle and Donovan O`Cain (cousins)


Moon Kingdom Army, SWAT


Lt. David O`Cain

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

blue grey




M16 Assault Rifle with ballistic and blaster functions, 2 Bastard Swords (Legionaire and Snakebite), 2 10mm Colt Double Eagles, M372 Heavy Storm Bolter, M82A1 Sniper Rifle, M40 Sniper Rifle


telepathy (when needed), telekinesis, senshi upgrades, healing


Moon Kingdom Army, Sailor Senshi

David O`Cain is a member of the Moon Kingdom Army (MKA), and currently leads the Jolly Rogers platoon. Formally speaking, it's the 13th Infantry Platoon, 55th Mechanized Regiment, 2nd Army Corps.


Silver Millennium

David was born to a soldier of the army and a nurse around May 28, 8123 BCE. From what was found in his testing, he had his father's abilities, while having his mother's healing powers. As David grew up, he was receiving training from his father to harness his powers, while his mother helped him develop his healing abilities. At the same time, he was getting education from a nearby academy. Every once in a while, an old friend of Gavrison's had been coming by, and during a visit was when David first met Masaki, Princess of Zephyrus. A friendship developed from their next several meetings, and eventually turned into a loving relationship.

All the while, when he was 10 years old, Queen Serenity had granted him permission to test his abilities. Much to the surprise of the entire family, his powers were not that well developed, but she had insisted in test him in a small arena. His opponent ended up being the Queen of Jupiter. At the time, it was a hard fought battle for the boy. Eventually it came to an end when the two combatants struck each other, and David fell to the ground. After a few seconds went by, it was then that Serenity herself allowed David his first Senshi Upgrade: hers. As time went on, the other Queens during the Silver Millennium allowed their powers to be copied.

Military Progression

When he turned 15, David graduated from the academy and went into army boot camp along with others of his age or older. During camp was when he met Iris, Ryoko, and Azumi. Azumi was older by two years and higher ranked, but she still regarded him as a friend. The four friends helped each other through many tasks, and also strengthened their friendship. David was treated like a VIP, due to his lineage, but he wanted to be treated like everyone else at the camp. His request was noted, and he worked just as hard as the next recruit, and he was an excellent marksman at the firing range.

David graduated boot camp a few months after joining, and was ready to enter service. He was a private along with Ryoko and Iris, and through circumstances, they were put in the same group. The three continued their teamwork and also assisted other members of their squad with their work. It was then that David's leadership showed at age 17.

The three friends joined a ranger school, and after months of hard work, they passed and were allowed to become army rangers. David was given his rank of Sergeant as Iris and Ryoko were Private First Class. They were also assigned to the infamous 13th Platoon--the Jolly Rogers. When he was named squad leader, his father sent him his own armor for protection.

David led his squad with effciency. His leadership kept his squad from getting wounded, and the other squads of the platoon took notice. His leadership also kept his squad in line during a rescue operation that involved getting a company out of danger. His squad was inserted behind enemy lines on a planet that had called for assistance. For some time, David's group quietly made their way through a forest before they found the enemy front in a semi-circle around the company. He led the squad to deal with the enemy's right flank and took it by surprise. The squad itself decimated the flank, and allowed the company to pull out.

When the commanding officer came to greet the heroic squad, it turned out that Azumi was the leader. This came as a shock to Iris, Ryoko, and David to see that their friend from boot camp had asked for help. From that point on, Azumi regarded David as her knight in shining armor.

After subsequent missions, David was also awarded the Silver Millennium's equivalent to the Purple Heart for his efforts. At age 20, he was named platoon leader and established his group's role as base raiders. When a base was to be raided and captured, the Jolly Rogers platoon was the group called in to do the job. They called in air and artillery strikes to soften up the defenses, and then took their chance to capture. He even gave the order to loot the place and take what wasn't nailed down. If the base had a computer and another group wanted to occupy it, whatever critical info was needed would be returned.

Every once in a while, his platoon would be put on guard duty to ensure the safety of the partygoers at Serenity's balls and parties. However, during one fateful moment, things went downhill.

The Fall

When the Dark Kingdom attacked during a party, things essentially went to hell in a handbasket. The Dark Kingdom forces struck without warning and caught the MKA unprepared. They had to scramble whatever forces were nearby to defend the palace, and David's platoon was among those groups to fight off the enemy attack. Hours upon hours of fighting occurred, leaving many dead or wounded. When it was all over, among the survivors were his platoon and some other groups within the army.

While was surveying the damage to the structures, he caught sight of an old friend. However, when he got there Grim had a solemn look on his face. Underneath rubble from a catapult hit were his parents. David was absolutely devastated. After burying his parents in a graveyard, he went into a capsule under the palace grounds and was put under stasis until it was time for his awakening.

Awake from Stasis

Return to Duty

David woke up in the year 2002, after the call was made to stop a force that was taking the souls out of the underworld, where Grim resided. The undead became a widespread problem and had to be dealt with immediately. Over time, he was able to regroup with his platoon and carried on the fight against the living dead. Finally, he was able to face off against Sailor Hades, the senshi of hell and the undead. The fighting was fierce; Sailor Hades threw all she could at him, but ultimately fell into a pool of lava at a charged blast coming from David.


After the battle against Sailor Hades, David and the Jolly Rogers searched Earth for any remnants of the MKE. The 63rd Infantry Brigade, aka the Chain Gang was located in France. The 29th Airborne Division was found in Russia. After much scouring, it was time to look elsewhere in the system for other remnants. The 37th Medical Battalion was found on Mercury, the 88th Armor Division on Venus. When 2005 rolled around, David went back to Earth to do a double check, and that search became fruitful.

Suburban Senshi

David found the Ten'Aino household on the morning of January 10, 2005, and returned that evening to find many a friend and senshi. Since then, he's been hanging around and is still in love with Masaki, who he planed to marry.


After many a year, David finally proposed to his long time love, Masaki Minamata. As the date of marriage approached, an old rival from his years in the MKA, Nero, kidnapped his fiancee. Challenged for the hand of his future bride, David managed to defeat the villain single-handedly, freeing Masaki from his clutches. The wedding went perfectly in a small chapel on one of Quinox' moons, Zephyrus, and the two are now husband and wife.

Joining SWAT

David became a member of an international network of SWAT as a means of earning extra cash. Some days are busy, while others are just sitting at the office doing paperwork. It comes with the territory of being a part of a police system.

Sailor Hades' Second Defeat

Back in October of 2005, Sailor Hades made her return and had eight Animamates under her command. As time went on, she was finally brought down on July 14, 2007. Upon her defeat, her body was frozen from having ice pierce her heart, and the body shattered. Her Sailor Crystal appeared, and then vanished. It is uncertain if she'll make a return.