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This character has been retired (November 1, 2015).

Biographical information


Birth 18 Moon, 4 Day/December 28, 2153
Family Zaira and Jaxmin (parents), Taki Kensei (mate), Zalan (son), Natsumi Kensei (SIL), Ken Kensei (BIL)

ambassador, mother, physical and astral training, astralgia/liason duties



Physical description




Hair color

light brown

Eye color





knife, kodachi, handgun


astralgia, fighting and self defense, body mastery, haircuts/coloring, etc.


Eiry, other Lupa, Ultramen, Z-KAT, Thrash

First Appearance

November 2007

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Miara is a young Lupa woman, usually full of confidence and vitality. She's mated to Taki Kensei (February 16, 2009), and has taken her mother's assumed last name, Mitsuki. Their son Zalan was born on April 4, 2011.

Her home with Taki was in a spacious apartment in the upper stories of a newer building near a park in Minato-ku and included Taki's student and protege, Kenshiro Tanaka. The building is home to several small names in the entertainment world. For instance, one of the two girls across the hall from them is Mai Watanabe of Seramyu fame.

In September of 2015, she stopped global travel for teaching and promoting the Astral Seminar to spend her last two months in the current time period with her family and friends around Tokyo and The Hotel before returning with Zan and Taki to her proper time period in the 2180s. They left on November 1.

In fur, her color is nearly the same as her natural hair color, a light brown sugar shade of brown.

Character and Personality

Miara has lots of confidence and personality. She can be rather opinionated and assertive, and practices both bluntness and confrontation of others’ perceived feelings quite often. She is bold, always walks with a beat, and is used to people watching her. She has had many advantages, being an awaited child and having grown up at The Place of the Touched and she sometimes takes advantage of this.

She is quite comfortable around immortals and other old beings, understanding the respect due such a person as well as their need to be treated as normal people. Overall, she is a nice person, practical, idealistic, can be quite feminine, and may seem rather random at times. She changes her hair every few months or less, and nearly always does it herself.

Miara would rather have people see her do something incredibly stupid than be alone. She’s used to being at least partly in the public spotlight. She does like to display herself (especially to new people). She’s not exactly a show off, but occasionally comes very close. She’s forward and free with her feelings and thinking. Both her affection and her wrath are easily known, but she is also quick to forgive. Whatever she thinks has a tendency to come out of her mouth.


Having arrived home in the 2180s when she left on November 1, 2015, Miara and Zan re-established occasional contact with the Hotel after about six months, and worked on setting up a "Tigertown" on Xcheamo where some of the Mongoosetigers can live and visit them.

First contact has now been made with a space-faring species, the Ethgra, from their own spacial locale, and they are building relations between their two species. Miara specifically started by working on building language fluency with their communications team and has since become one of the first official Ambassadors to Ethgaran.

Powers and Abilities

Miara is atralgia, and therefore has strong power abilities, including moving things and as a weapon, has a lot of experience in the use of shared mind, and is the only person who can read Jax. She easily picks information from the minds of those around her when she doesn't know something. She is not a Speaker.
As a high level astral, she can infuse physical attacks with astral power and uses astral mapping and tracking as a matter of course during daily life. A specific gift of hers is manipulation of the astral gates the Lupa use for long distance traveling. She is able to expand and manipulate the fields to transport things from place to place without going herself. This is especially useful with the two time keys they have, which have been joined with gates.

Zaira has tried to teach her as much as she can of everything she knows, including herbology, medicine, fighting and self defense, survival, and she has also had the best astral teachers, which she has on top of the usual Lupa education. Raised in the Place of the Touched, she had access to experts on anything she wanted to learn, and has experience in leadership roles, as well as team work and following. She can read, write, and speak fluent English. She now also speaks nearly fluent Japanese, although she does have trouble reading it. She also got a lot of education from Zaira about Earth, and is probably the most equipped person of her entire generation to visit it.
She is currently learning the Ethgra language and culture.

She is a well trained and advanced fighter in not only hand to hand combat, but is also highly skilled with knives, a short sword, pole arms, and a handgun. She has a good enough grasp to pick up almost anything that can be used as a weapon and use it decently. She has trained under Zaira, Jaxmin, and Altairax, and TheHunterKiller. It was her unique training with HunterKiller that convinced those running the fighting Seminar to include her, and she is the youngest member on record to ever be invited. It is a great honor and a testament to her skills.
When on a training routine, Miara usually spends as much time in practice and exercise in a day as most people do working, with an average of 2 sessions of 3-4 hours, along with her usual astral training. Normally, she does one session per day, although often with short bouts as necessary.
Miara is one of the only known practitioners of sku'rarei (changing form), a rare Lupa fighting style which is both intense and very painful, as it requires the practitioner to continuously change forms.
Over the summer of 2010, she attended the most current Masters' Seminar (see xcheamo page for details). This is a great and nearly unheard of honor, considering her age, and she made full use of the opportunity. The date her letter was written most likely makes her the youngest person ever to be invited to participate in the seminar, as she was 25 at the time.


She and Taki have a collection of weapons. Aside from the usual knives, swords, and other blades, as well as a few guns, some of the more interesting pieces include:

  • 2 formally inscribed Lupa belt knives, presented for winning her age group and placing third in the overall fighting competition at Gathering (when she was 24)
  • Egyptian khopesh, c. 1260 BCE
  • set of bow and arrows, from a Lakota plains tribe, c. 1400
  • set of Kukuana blades
  • formally inscribed moonmetal Lupa belt knife set with blue and purple jewels, for earning the right of participation in Masters' Seminar (when she was 29)
  • guan dao with ornate coverings, taken from HK in 2010, c. 800
  • a potato gun/launcher, cause they're fun
  • Kligat picked up on her travels with Thrash
  • double bladed battle ax with scripted alien writing, picked up on her travels with Thrash
  • mini Cake Gun, capable of turning objects of small mass into cake, picked up on her travels with Trash
  • bat'leth, from Santa Claus, Christmas 2011 (broken and replaced by Solartiger shortly after his arrival)

Travels and Such

Miara first traveled to Earth with her mother while still quite young, and has a lot of experience traveling there. She began traveling unsupervised after being placed at 11, both on Xcheamo and Earth. Between 17 and 19, she made extensive travels throughout Xcheamo, and then in her early twenties switched to extensive travels on Earth.

She first appeared at the Ten'ou House in September of 2007 for a mission involving Hunters, and returned shortly thereafter to check up on Eiry. However, she ended up taking a liking to the place and people, and began spending significant amount of time there. Due to the nature of time traveling, what was a year in local time she spread out over almost three years in her own, including trips to ancient civilizations, colonial, and Victorian times. However, she then chose to stay in this time period until 2015.
Before she and Taki became mates, she spent many of her non-working hours traveling the globe and exploring different places, environments, peoples, and foods (much she's always done on her travels). She has a large map she used to record where she's been, and most of the countries and large cities are marked off. She's particularly fond of Monte Roraima, Lübeck, Desert des Agriates, deserts, and green hill country.
It was during this early time that she became aware of the Wizarding World in the UK and met Caroline Carr and Tafadzwe Tiffany, who were best friends, when she visited Ollivander's. The two were dispatched there when a wand blew itself up while she was examining it. She later reconnected with Caroline when she was part of an exchange program and lived in Tokyo for a year. It was also during this time that she met Bran in a series of amusing events, and in January 2008 went on some space travels with him for a few weeks.

From April 23-May 15, 2009, HunterKiller sent Miara to Africa for three weeks, where she traveled across the desert to Suleman's Berg and went through Kukuana land to Solomon's Mines. The return trip was much easier, considering the Kukuana weren't hunting her that time. It was, in actuality, a very dangerous trip, as she came close to death several times. HunterKiller arranged things to test all of her skills, and the bulk of Miara's training under her was then complete.

While The House was in The Enchanted Forest, she spent two months traveling as a companion to the second incarnation of the Time Lord Thrash, along with Etna. Their adventures included an encounter with the Daleks and someone who wanted to turn the universe into cake. They also made a trip to xcheamo. It was, however, winter there, so they spent most of that time indoors huddling together for warmth while having deep discussions and both listening to and telling stories. Directly preceding these two months, Miara was accidentally sent off traveling alone for a month in the TARDIS when Etna set off the security system while Miara was exploring it. All of this (both trips) took only a mere half hour or so in local time, however.

Travels in Time

Some of Miara's time-travel adventures (not while traveling with Thrash) are listed here. Not in any particular order.

  • Egyptian palace gardens in 12th century BCE
  • Being mistaken for a member of "the palaces behind" in 17th century China
  • Light piracy in the colonial era
  • Time among an American Indian tribe in the 1400s
  • Royal courts of both Henry VIII and Queen Victoria
  • Has visited Ayuthia, the ancient capital of Thailand
  • Entertained the King in the hanging gardens of Babylon
Somewhere in this time period, she also met Kaelyn P. Vanternass, who already knew her, and had several adventures with her.

Miara began her adventures in the TARDIS on her own by exploring the various rooms and locations inside, not even realizing they were adrift in the Vortex until she returned to the main console room, prompted by wondering how long it had been without Thrash showing up. She looked around his lab, a large study area containing collected items from his travels, movie theater, rooms full of forgotten junk and treasures, and an entire opera house.
Realizing she may never get another chance, she decided to have at least one adventure, but had little knowledge of how to work the console. She was, however, able use astral to vaguely communicate with the TARDIS, which decided it liked her and obliged when she asked it to take her anywhere it deemed appropriate.
One of her adventures involved a being in a locked room deep in the TARDIS, during which she first met Amia. In return for Fae help in a dire situation, she allowed the Winter Court to have a concert in Thrash's opera house without his knowledge or permission, and also promised a personal favor to Amia.

Miara was a companion of the Time Lord Thrash, along with Etna. Their adventures are recounted here. Seasons 3–5.


Miara was born in 2153 to Zaira and Jaxmin, two of the four Lupa Immortals after the Restoration. She spent the first three years of her life in a pack setting, and then the family moved back to the Place of the Touched, where Miara has lived longer than any other place.
Zaira began teaching her in her astral abilities while still in the womb, and while still very young began instructing her in everything she knew or did around her. She learned English at a young age, and when not being educated in various fields, spent most of her time playing. Living at the Place of the Touched, she was able to receive education and training from the best practitioners of many fields, and has made many friendships with the amount of people that come and go from the place.

At 11, she was placed into a pack and trained under an experienced hair stylist. She completed that training quickly and moved on to another pack where she learned storytelling.
After this she learned dying and clothing construction at a weaving pack. Here she met her two best friends, Monna and Trint, who later became mates.
In a fourth move, she joined one of the desert packs and spent two years learning the secrets of desert survival.

Upon leaving the desert packs, Miara traveled the continent for a while, and finally settled back at the Place of the Touched at the age of 19. She worked as a hair stylist, on the orchard crew, and was also an instructor in both astral and fighting/self defense classes.
In her early 20s, Miara was involved with a man named Taern. However, things did not go well and they separated rather painfully not too long after they began preparation for bonding. Although she was rather crushed, it was for the best. However, he has purposefully steered clear of her in all occasions where they may meet, such as at gatherings, and she'd not laid eyes on him since.

Throughout her life, Miara has made trips to Terra, and spent quite a bit of time there on occasion. When an opportunity arose to help out, albeit in the past, she jumped at the chance. Although she broke some ribs in the process, she was healed and shortly returned to see Eiry. It was during these early days she met Bran, a UK native who had become a space "merchant," and she went on some adventures with him. She was 25 at the time.
She met Taki Kensei, a new Ultraman to Earth, in February of 2008, and after running into him several times and a trip to the country, she confessed her feelings for him in March. They started seeing each other, and had many adventures together. From sometime in 2008 through early April of 2010, Miara worked as a stylist at a salon in Meguro-ku called "Splurge." Her specialty is quick and good quality hair cuts. During this time, she finally took a residence on Terra, in a small, 1 room + bath apartment near the salon.
Miara had at least one altercation with Taki's brother Ken, whom she's not always sure if she likes or not, and is decidedly more friendly with his sister, Natsumi. She occasionally helped Taki with his work for KAT, and accompanied the team on a trip to France to fight vampiric plants. Although she sometimes wondered why they let her come along, she's been able to use her skills to their advantage. In 2009, she was added as an official "special agent" to the group.
In fall of 2008, Rima, a childhood friend of Taki's, appeared, and was very difficult to deal with. Miara first rescued Taki from a successful kidnap attempt, and then was captured by Rima herself. She spent several days in a windowless room which also kept her from astrally feeling anything outside of the force field that surrounded the room. Although she was rescued by Taki and Kai, she was quite crazy by then and Taki had to stop her from trying to kill Rima. While they were successful at returning her to a more normal state, Rima continued to fight. It was in the middle of this that a Baltan appeared, and Taki, Rima, and Miara had to team up to defeat it--although Taki nearly died.
Taki was saved by Miara, who put most of her, Kai and Rima's power into him, and then took him to Roraima, where he continued to draw power from her for hours. Although he was fine, she burnt herself out and spent weeks healing from it. The battle, however, alerted Z-KAT to Taki's true identity, and they realized Miara had her own secrets.
Taki and Miara became mates on February 16, 2009. He took her to beautiful red and purple planet for the occasion.
In February of 2010, Miara's best friend, Monna, died of poisoning while hunting. Because of her own friendship with Trint, Monna's mate, she allowed him to vent his feelings with her in a way that even most Lupa find extreme. She now has claw mark scars all up and down her back from shoulders to below the waist. It was at this point that Oria, the astral healer in her local time, became concerned enough with her seemingly reckless and sometimes serious injuries that she warned Miara she wouldn't perform any more special healing for her in instances where she chose to take unnecessary risks.
From November 2010--after miraculously becoming pregnant and realizing they need more income--though March 2011, she worked for Masaki O`Cain as a day manager at Galaxy Manga, working the 7 AM to 1 PM shift.
In response to the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, Miara cleaned up The House, made sure the Tokyo gate was clear, and then went to Sendai with Z-KAT. Because she couldn't keep from overextending her powers to help as much as possible, however, Taki made her return to Tokyo to protect her and their unborn child. Although quite angry with him, she set up several collection points in the city, including Galaxy Manga, for Z-KAT to distribute material donations where needed in the hardest hit areas. Along with Eiry, she organized donations from Lupa throughout the world and served as the central communication point with their Speakers, as well as housing various volunteer counselors in her home. She later returned to Sendai with Professor Tomoe and Mimete, who built a machine to extract people from the rubble, to astrally locate people for them to save.
In early April, 2011, she gave birth at home her to and Taki's son, naming him Zalan. Both the astral healer local to her own time period, Oria, and Taki's sister Natumi were on call should anything go wrong.
In August, 2011, HK gave Miara a custom made Hunting outfit made of cloth and moonmetal, officially ranking her as a Hunter Killer. It's detailing shows not only her regard as having survived her extreme and rigorous training, but her "affection" as far as observing her as a person, as well.

When The House joined with The Hotel in September 2011, Miara immediately set out to do something radical, and enlisted the help of Altonno Morel in converting suites 201–204 and 301–304 into a dorm as one would find on xcheamo. While these are usually the homes of teenagers, here it will serve as a meeting place and visitor's center for Lupa in Tokyo.
Miara served as a tribunal judge along with Ryan and Arx Sylvanran for the trial in which Anthony Suthers sought to be pronounced sapient. While she believes new life forms should be granted the chance and encouragement for development, she was extremely disappointed in Tony's actions at the end of the trial. While he had previously pursued actions against YingGirl that were against the law while angry and upset, he was unable to do so in court (punching Ryan while it was against the law) without a great feat of rationalization.
In early March 2012, Miara was taken from the Hotel by a time scoop, as were Matsumi Kaze and Etna. The three were thrown into an adventure revolving around Thrash before being returned to the Hotel a few days later. Later that same month, she was part of the senior show of Ueno Art University, which focused on bodily scaring and alteration. each night of the show, her back was painted by a different artist, and given clothing to wear made by the students. She functioned as a live, interactive component to their exhibition.
She participated in the 2012 Budokai, and won her first round fight with Midori Himeno. However, her second fight against Dr. Hooey resulted in defeat. Ironically, he is one of the few opponents HK would be less miffed about her losing to.
In July 2012, Miara led a small team against the Holmes family of Hunters in Germany, and subsequently had a harrowing time with teenager Chris, who she hoped to rehabilitate. Although it was at a stalemate for some time, Chris refusing to change his ways and Miara completely unable to trust him, he eventually realized how much was out there in the world and gave up. Although Miara wasn't happy with the outcome--depression rather than a realization that he could have a better life, she kept her word and released him. Where he is now is anyone's guess.
On October 3, 2012, HK recruited Miara to help with some Hunters. While she wasn't badly injured, she did have to kill them. It wasn't until later in the evening, when she began to really hurt, that she went to the EMH, who discovered she'd been injected with destructive nanites. This took an hour or two to fix, and Zan was also checked out. Later, HK arranged for Solartiger to challenge Miara, and on October 10, the two had an hours long masters' battle which left both in the EMH's clinic for the rest of the day. The two trained together occasionally from then on.
In November 2012, Miara was asked to play the Valkyrie Siegrune in the New Grand Imperial Theatre's December production of The Valkyries, and did so, having been hoping to have an opportunity to perform again. She brought her considerable astral to enhance the group’s performance and raise the spirit level of the audience.
After Eiry's abduction in early December, 2012, Miara tracked down the responsible parties, and dealt with the involvement of Urvenis, one of the Lupa Immortals, in a way that won't change the future--which would almost certainly erase her from existence. On February 18, she took Guyver, Danus, and a group of regulars to see Urvenis and get to the bottom of what was going on. While there wasn't any violence, Urvenis severely tested her astral and dominance for the few hours they were there. Most of the conversation was just that; neither side gave away much, and things did not end all that well.

In early 2013, Miara not only announced the second Astral Seminar, but offered to travel to teach Speakers and other astral Lupa who were wary of or could not travel for the seminar. She proceeded to teach in Africa, Tibet, and the US, and was also occupied with creating "curriculum" for various aspects of astral training. This received priority over even her fighting and physical training, which she limited to 1 session a day to accommodate the other work. In the fall, she began working with the Seminar team and two Speakers from the Speaker's order to accelerate development of the Seminar and begin a transitions of Leadership which took place over the next two years.
In 2015, Miara became much more active in traveling to train others, and her last assignment was in August. During this year, she also worked with Miroslav Tietz to develop a Lupa music team associated with the seminar. After this, she, Taki, and Zan stayed put, concentrating on making a few last good memories at left.

About a week before leaving, Miara fulfilled an owed personal favor by taking part in the annual games of the Courts of the Old Fae as the Winter Queen's champion, and did quite well. In addition, the Queen gave her a beautiful Fae-made gown and a blessing of luck for Zan in reward for her high performance.
She re-established contact with the Hotel and Aes about 6 months after returning to her local time period, and started the foundations of a Tigertown on Xcheamo.
About a year after this, another species made First Contact with Xcheamo and Miara has flung herself into what is becoming a primary liaison/ambassador position with the Ethgra.


Partially as a result of receiving so much of her training from her mother, she is not always sure how to relate to her, since they have both a mother/daughter and mentor/student relationship. This is sometimes heightened by the fact that as immortals, neither of her parents really look old enough to be so.

Miara is rather knowledgeable about plants, and enjoys carving. She likes strong, upbeat music and often plays drums with a group.

She likes to wear bright colors, casual skirts, and bracelets. Her favorite seasons are early fall and late spring, and her favorite times of day are morning and midnight. She usually sleeps in the afternoon or evening and before sunrise.

Knowing she will never know any of the many siblings her parents will eventually have over time, she has come to cherish Souldier's "adoption" of her as a sister, as they have a great rapport and have always gotten along well. There is absolutely a universe (or several) where they are a mated pair.

When reading, she prefers history, legendary stories, and chick lit.

  • One of Miara's earliest and favorite Terran stories/myths is Lord of the Rings, which is in Zaira's collection, and was used to help teach her English when she was little.

Some of her favorite foods include chocolate and sweets, oranges, and red meat. Her favorite dish is xcheamo-style stewed fruits in sauce.

Considering she's Lupa and often injured, she has a pretty good knowledge of non technology based first aid.

She was a regular life drawing model at the Tokyo University of the Arts in Ueno Park in Taito, Tokyo, where she was quite popular with the students and wasn't shy about giving them observation opportunities such as during her pregnancy and her relationship with Zan.

Her image songs, by Ayumi Hamasaki unless indicated otherwise, have been:

  • "Bold & Delicious" (Stand up and watch me!)
  • "Born to Be..."
  • "Angel's Song"
  • "Because of You"
  • "EnergizE" (Don't forget you only live once)
  • "Sparkle" (If you only look, nothing happens)
  • "Lady Dynamite" (If you're awake, tell a better story)
  • "SUNRISE ~Love is All~" (With a louder voice/with a greater love)
  • "Homecoming" by Audiomachine
  • "The Great Unknown" by Audiomachine
  • "Home" by The Piano Guys

Her /part line is taken from her current image song. Her own singing voice is mezzosoprano, and her delivery is rather like that of Jpop idol Nana Kitade. Although she isn't the most accomplished singer, she enjoys singing, and isn't bad to listen to.