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Logo 2007-2010, 2016-Onwards
This logo takes cues from the 2005-2011 GSN logo.

CartoonGameShow Network is a multi-planet conglomerate consisting of TV stations and animation studio Carisle Animation. It was once called Super Pokémon Television and bought the original CTGSN, but the company renamed itself back to CartoonGameShow Network or CTGSN for short in September of 2016 as a result of a lawsuit brought by Mike Penders, The Pokémon Company International, and Toei Animation.

Known Assets

  • CTGSN Studios
  • CTGSN VG Studios
  • Carisle Animation
  • Waves and Rocks (ZTV) (Soon to be Aquired)
  • TFS Studios (Under a Partnership)
  • 14 Television Stations
  • 14 Radio Stations

Known TV Stations

  • PLAV Channel 8 (Lavender Town, Kanto)
  • PCRU Channel 40 (Ecruteak City, Johto)
  • PHEN Channel 2 (Lavaridge Town, Hoenn, NBC Affiliate)
  • PSFR Channel 4 (Saffron City, Kanto, NBC Affiliate)
  • PXSC Channel 6 (Lumiose City, Kalos, Co-Affiliated with NBC)
  • PMGM Channel 23 (Mossdeep Town, Hoenn, NBC Affiliate)
  • PSAE Channel 50 (Ever Grande City, Hoenn)
  • PORE Channel 4 (Orre Region, Co-Affiliated with NBC and NHK)
  • PXMA-TV Channel 13

Known Radio Stations

  • PLEX 97.3 FM (Saffron City, Kanto)
  • PXAV 102.5 FM (Lavender Town, Kanto)
  • PWTR 950 AM (Pewter City, Kanto)
  • PKWA 82.1 FM (Jubilife City, Sinnoh)

Known Programs Created

These programs are shows that CartoonGameShow Network has created over the years.

  • Monster Senshi Series (1999-Present)
    • Monster Senshi (モンスター戦士) (1999) (Fan Name: PokeRanger)
    • Computer Senshi (電脳戦士) (2000) (Fan Name: CompuRanger, was once called DigiRanger by fans, until DeviantArt Fanfiction used the name so much, that it was hard to tell what was being talked about, because of this the De Facto fan name was changed to CompuRanger.)
    • Nature Senshi (自然戦士) (2001) (Fan Name: WildRanger, not to be confused with Power Rangers: Wild Force)
    • Cyborg Senshi (サイボーグ戦士)(2002)(Fan Name: RoboRanger)
    • Sailor Senshi |Not to be confused with the Heroines with Sailor Suits|(水兵戦士)(2003)(Fan Name: NavyRanger)
    • Monster Senshi VI: WaterMan (モンスター戦士:ウォーターマン)(2004)(Fan Name: WaterRanger)
    • Monster Senshi VII: GrassMan (モンスター戦士:グラスマン)(2005)(Fan Name: GrassRanger)
    • Monster Senshi VIII: FireMan (モンスター戦士:ファイヤーマン)(2006)(Fan Name: FireRanger)
    • Monster Senshi IX: FightMan(モンスター戦士:ファイトマン)(2007)(Fan Name: FightRanger)
    • Monster Senshi X: Crossman (モンスター戦士:クロスマン)(2008)(Fan Name: CrossRanger)
    • Monster Senshi XI: JewelGunDan (モンスター戦士:ジュエル軍団)(2009)(Fan Name: JewelRanger)
    • Monster Senshi XII: SinnohMan (モンスター戦士:シンノウマン)(2010)(Fan Name: SinnohRanger)
    • Monster Senshi XIII: JohtoMan (モンスター戦士:ジョウトウマン)(2011)(Fan Name: JohtoRanger)
    • Monster Senshi 14: UnovaMan (モンスター戦士:イッシュマン)(2012)(Fan Name: UnovRanger)
    • Monster Senshi 15: EsperMan (モンスター戦士:エスパーマン)(2013)(Fan Name: EspeRanger)
    • Monster Senshi 16: YureiJin (モンスター戦士:ユウレイジン)(2014)(Fan Name: YuuRanger)
    • Monster Senshi 17: ChaosMan (モンスター戦士:カオスマン)(2015-2017)(Fan Name: ChaosRanger)
    • Justice Senshi: Seven Strongest Monsters (正義戦士:最強妖魔七人衆)(2017)(Fan Name: YoumaRanger)
    • Dennou Senshi 19: TechnoMan (デンノウ戦士:テクノマン)(2018)(Fan Name: TBD)

*The Shroomish and Aggron Show (1993)

Known Programs Acquired (Pokémon World Rights to shows)

These programs are what CartoonGameShow Network has the Pokémon World Rights (streaming and broadcast) to. The licensor is marked in parenthesis (please note that CartoonGameShow Network exists in the Suburban Senshi Universe, not in real life; also note that it only applies to entertainment, not canon. Not only must License Changes be confirmed by the RPer of CartoonGameShow Network and the RPer of the licensor, but also by the Pokémon Canon Keeper, so it could be a tedious process to get licenses updated... Just like in real life. This rule, however, does not apply to syndicated shows [which have no canon, but instead are about real life], such as Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, or Maury).

  • The Steve Wilkos Show (NBCUniversal, Broadcast Only)
  • The Jerry Springer Show (NBCUniversal, Broadcast Only)
  • Maury (NBCUniversal, Broadcast Only)
  • COPS (20th Century Fox, Broadcast only)
  • Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai (Toei Animation, Funimation, Streaming only, Lifetime License** [not confirmed in box, headcanon only])
  • Sailor Moon (Toei Animation is the only "First Round" license not to be pulled, but upgraded. Can air both English dubs, Lifetime License** [not confirmed in box, headcanon only])
  • Bar Rescue (Spike TV, broadcast only)
  • Judge Judy (CBS/Paramount, broadcast Only)
  • Hot Bench (CBS/Paramount, broadcast Only)
  • Crime Watch Daily (WB, broadcast Only)
  • Prime Time TV (NBC,CBS,FOX,ABC, simulcasts only)
  • Gegege no Kitaro (1967) (Toei Animation)
  • Cutey Honey (1970's) (Toei Animation)
  • Cutey Honey Flash (Toei Animation)
  • Astro Boy (1980's) (Tezuka Productions)
  • Eightman (1960's) (TCJ Productions)
  • Mahoutsukai Sally (1960's) (Toei Animation)
  • The Weakest Link (BBC)
  • Doctor Who (BBC)
  • Dad's Army (BBC)

Expired Licenses

  • M.A.S.H. (20th Century Fox)
  • Cartoon Network Programming (former simulcast, allowed license to expire due to the programming not reaching the proper demographic)
  • Game Show Network (former simulcast, non-negotiable)
  • G4 Programming (former simulcast, channel was shut down)
  • Pocket Monsters Anime (revoked by ShoPro)
  • Digimon Anime Series (revoked by Toei)
  • 20 others

Known Programs Licensed

  • Twin Monsters Series Has been Licensed to
    • Ginga TV (2015, Japanese Version Also producing its own version)
      • Due to the Revoking of two licenses, neither CartoonGameShow Network nor Ginga TV can air the first 12 episodes.
    • British Broadcasting Corporation (2015, English Version)
      • Due to the Revoking of two licenses, neither CartoonGameShow Network nor BBC can air the first 12 episodes.
  • Wildwood Warriors: Priceman Legends Has been licensed to
    • Fezi TV (Unknown date, possibly 2017, Japan, North America, and South Korea) Was tasked to use a region-exclusive casting (I.e. Japanese for Japan, English/Spanish/French for North America, and Korean for South Korea.)
    • Europe ?
    • Asia ?
    • Austrailia ?
  • Clipz/Clips Has been licensed to
    • Price Productions (2016), who was also tasked to produce its own version of the show. This variant was later cancelled in 2017, citing production difficulties.