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Yaseiki no Senshi: Twin Monsters (せいせんツインモンスターズ; officially translated as "Yaseiki's Warriors: Twin Monsters" or "Wildwood Warriors: Twin Monsters" is an anime that Aired in the Pokémon world on June 10, 2010 (Pokémon World time). It is now being dubbed and aired by GingaTV as of August 19, 2015.


List of Ginga TV Dubbed Episodes

Initial Arc

Episode Number
(In Season
Prod. Code
Hoenn Dub)
Japanese and Translated Title Hoenn English Dub Title Japanese Air Date English Air Date
01/01/01/01 究極きゅうきょくヒーローに変身へんしん!、おれは 大名人だいめいじん 価格人かかくじん 
Transform into the Ultimate Hero! I Am The Great Priceman
A Priceman is Born June 10, 2010 September 11, 2010 (Sneak Peek)
September 5, 2011(Official)
02/02/02/02 ラブ テレビジョン、ヨノワールの悪計画あくけいかく
Love Television! Dusknoir's Demonic Plan
Love TV June 17, 2010 September 6, 2011
03/03/03/03 スリム・シティー、僕はカビゴン体欲しいない!
Slim City! I don't want to be a Snorlax!
Exercise City June 24, 2010 September 7, 2011
04/04/04/04 デジタルキングダムのしんのボス! ひかりリン?!
The Digital Kingdom's True Boss! Creselian?!
Creselian's Digi Blues July 1, 2010 September 8, 2011
05/05/05/05 タイム・ボム! 時をスピードアップことはクロックモン!
Time Bomb! Clockmon Speeds Up Time!
Clockmon's Time Bomb July 8, 2010 September 9, 2011
06/06/06/06 マッチポイントで価格人かかくじん! アルヴィンの野望!
Match Point for Priceman! Alvin's Ambition!
Match Point For Priceman July 15, 2010 September 12, 2011
07/07/07/07 価格人とひかりリンのハリウッドトリップ! 闇のアルケミスト
Priceman and Creselian's Hollywood Trip! The Dark Alchemist
On the Road To Animation City July 22, 2010 September 13, 2011
08/08/08/08 アニメーテッド混乱こんらん! ポケダンズムービー大役たいやく
An Animated Mess! Trouble for the Poképals Movie!
Friendship Through Animation July 29, 2010 September 14, 2011
09/09/09/09 光リンの勇気! 転生の伝説!
Creselian's Courage! Legend of the Reincarnations!
Creselian's Courageous Bout August 5, 2010 September 15, 2011

The DusknoirDemon Arc

Episode Number
(In Season
Prod. Code
Hoenn Dub)
Japanese and Translated Title Hoenn English Dub Title Japanese Air Date English Air Date
10/10/10/10 ヨノワールのあく、 最初さいしょからブラックガルルモン
The DusknoirDemons! First one: BlackGarurumon
The DusknoirDemons August 12, 2010 September 16, 2011
11/11/11/11 ヨノワールのあく、 だいからデビモン
The DusknoirDemons! Second one: Devimon
Devimon's Second Coming August 19, 2010 September 19, 2011
12/12/12/12 ヨノワールのあく、 だいさんからアカトリモン
The DusknoirDemons! Third one: Akatorimon
Lovely Akatorimon August 26, 2010 September 20, 2011
13/13/13/13 ヨノワールのあく、 だいよんからフガモン
The DusknoirDemons! Fourth one: Fugamon
RedOgremon's Rage September 2, 2010 September 21, 2011
14/14/14/14 ヨノワールのあく、 だいからオーカモン
The DusknoirDemons! Fifth one: Orcamon
Orcamon Blast September 9, 2010 September 22, 2011
15/15/15/15 ヨノワールのあく、 だいろくからシールズドラモン
The DusknoirDemons! Final one: SealsDramon
SealsDramon's Army Call September 16, 2010 September 23, 2011
16/16/16/16 デジモンキングダムの 三人さんにんルーラーズはあきらか
The Digimon Kingdom's Three Rulers Reveal Themselves!
Gemini Revealed September 23, 2010 September 26, 2011
17/17/17/17 あく兄妹きょうだい の 計画けいかく ポケダンズたたかいにはいる!
The Demonic Sibling's Plan! Team Poképals Joins the Fight!
Team Poképals Makes The Scene September 30, 2010 September 27, 2011
18/18/18/18 とうった運命うんめい! 8のレインカーネーション
A Crystal-Clear Destiny! The Eight Reincarnations!
A GS Ball Clear Destiny October 7, 2010 September 28, 2011
19/19/19/19 消極しょうきょくおうじょおう! VS.ヴィーエスヨノワールの最終さいしゅせん
A Reluctant King and Queen! Against Dusknoir's Last Warrior!
Reluctant King and Queen October 14, 2010 September 29, 2011

The Pokémon King and Queen's Trials

Episode Number
(In Season
Prod. Code
Hoenn Dub)
Japanese and Translated Title Hoenn English Dub Title Japanese Air Date English Air Date
20/20/20/20 価格人かかくじんあく! てき究極きゅうきょくパワー
Priceman's Bad Day! The Enemy's Ultimate Power!
Priceman's Bad Hair Day October 21, 2010 September 30, 2011
21/21/21/Cut ポコノのスキーコンテスト! 氷の大王キング・オブ・アイス
Pocono's Ski Contest! The King of Ice!
Cut Episode October 28, 2010 Episode Cut
22/22/22/Cut Mrミスター.マンナーズ! ポライトのあく
Mister Manners! The Polite Demon!
Cut Episode November 4, 2010 Episode Cut
23/23/23/21 キャンプリゾート、ジャージ・デビル出現しゅつげん
The Camp Resort! Enter The Jersey Devil!
Summer Camp Resort November 11, 2010 October 3, 2011
24/24/24/22 ダニリ 仮面かめんないだ! ヴァンデモン!
The Mystery Person is Unmasked! Myotismon!
Myotismon Unmasked November 18, 2010 October 4, 2011
25/25/25/23 ニュージャージーしゅうバス失踪しっそう! 我々われわれふたたう、シェルモン!
The New Jersey Buses Disappear! We meet again, Shellmon!
Familiar Faces December 2, 2010 October 5, 2011
26/26/26/24 ヨノワールの最後さいごまでたたかう! 西にしせいじま危険きけん
Dusknoir's FIght to the Finish! The Dangerous West Wildwood Island!
Dusknoir's Fight to the Finish December 9, 2010 October 6, 2011

Akumite and the Final Three Knights

Episode Number
(In Season
Prod. Code
Hoenn Dub)
Japanese and Translated Title Hoenn English Dub Title Japanese Air Date English Air Date
27/27/27/25 太一たいちとヒカリの息子むすこ、アクマイト!
Tai and Kari's Son! Akumite!
Achimite, The Youngest Sage December 16, 2010 October 7, 2011
28/28/28/26 アンタッチ大陸たいりくはいる、かつてのポケモン世界せかい一部いちぶ
To the Untouched Continent! The Only Piece of the Pokémon World left!
Return to Treasure Town December 23, 2010 October 10, 2011
29/29/29/27 きゃー、キマワリ! 純真じゅんしん転生てんせい
Oh My Gosh, Sunflora! Reincarnation of Sincerity!
Sunflora's Sincerity December 30, 2010 October 11, 2011
30/30/30/28 ときえ! セレビィ、愛情あいじょう転生てんせい
Surpass Time, Celebi! Reincarnation of Love!
Trade Time For Love January 6, 2011 October 12, 2011
31/31/31/29 うみ奇妙きみょう、 アクマイトの計画けいかく
A Bizzare Ocean! Akumite's Plan!
Deep-Sea Destruction January 13, 2011 October 13, 2011
32/32/32/30 最後さいご転生てんせい! 希望きぼうのマナフィ
The Final Reincarnation! Manaphy's Hope!
Hope for Manaphy January 20, 2011 October 14, 2011

The True Story

Episode Number
(In Season
Prod. Code
Hoenn Dub)
Japanese and Translated Title Hoenn English Dub Title Japanese Air Date English Air Date
33/33/33/Cut だい物語ものがたり!  前編ぜんぺん: 太一たいちとヒカリの裏切うらぎり!
The Grand Story, Part One: Tai and Kari's Betrayal.
Episode Cut January 27, 2011 Cut Episode
34/34/34/31 だい物語ものがたり!  続編こうへん: みんなの過去かこ生活せいかつ
The Grand Story, Part Two: Everyone's Past Lives.
The Pokémon Royals February 3, 2011 October 17, 2011
35/35/35/31+32 だい物語ものがたり! 三編さんへん: ポケモン王国おうこくたいアポカリとアカギのネオギンガだん
The Grand Story, Part Three: The Pokémon Kingdom Vs. Cyrus and Neo Team Galactic.
February 10, 2011
The Neo Dark Masters October 18, 2011
36/36/36/32 最後のタスク: ネオダークマターズを倒した
Final Task: Defeat The Neo Dark Masters!
February 17, 2011
37/37/37/33 最終の会議! ありがとうみんな!
The Last Meeting! Thank You, Everyone!
The King's Knights February 24, 2011 October 19, 2011
38/38/38/34 最後さいご! たたかうか地球ちきゅうえてだ!
The Last Day! Fight or Earth is Destroyed!
Gemini's Worldwide Threat March 3, 2011 October 20, 2011
39/39/39/35 運命うんめい!<前編ぜんぺん> ポケモンナイツす!
The Day Of Destiny, Part One! The Pokémon Knights Die!
Day of Poke-Destiny March 10, 2011 October 21, 2011
40/40/40/35 運命うんめい!<続編こうへん> ポケモンおう女王じょおうおもいは最後さいごに! ダークライをたおし、地球ちきゅうすくう!
(The Day Of Destiny, Part Two!) The Pokémon King and Queen's Final Wish, Defeat Darkrai, and Save the World!
March 17, 2011


Opening Songs

  • Original Japanese Version - Moonlight Densetsu (From Sailor Moon) Eps. 1-40
  • Ginga TV Japanese Version - Go! Go! Power Rangers (From Mighy Morphin Power Rangers) Eps. 1-12

Ending Songs

  • Original Japanese Version - The Power of Love (From Sailor Moon DiC Dub) Eps. 1-20, Heart Moving (From Sailor Moon) Eps. 21-40
  • Ginga TV Japanese Version - Cha-La-Head-Cha-La (Konata Izumi Version) Eps. 1-12


  • It should be noted that the Ginga TV Dub will use The Names from the North American Dubs of the shows they originally came from (I.e. Dusknoir for Yonoir, Cyrus for Akagi, Dawn or Kari for any "Hikari" mentioned.)
  • In the Saban/Pokémon Company International Hoenn Region Dub, The episode count was reduced to 35 in the first season, due to removing Episodes 21, 22 and 33, and merging episodes 34, 35 and 36 into two episodes, and merging Episodes 39 and 40 into one episode.
  • The original airing in the Pokémon World had a Companion show called Poképals Adventure (ポケダンズアドベンチャーPokédans Adventure) that lasted 16 episodes for story reasons, It is unknown whether Ginga TV will dub Poképals Adventure, since technically, two of the episodes are owned by OLM.