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Sailor Senshi (often Senshi for short) are individuals who possess a Sailor Crystal that resonates with the energies of their home world. This resonance allows them to tap into energies that are otherwise unavailable to members of their species!

Sailor Senshi are usually female (or the alien equivalent). The vast majority of Senshi access these powers through a subtle spiritual, psychological, and physical transformation that allows them to channel the resonant energies of their home planets to attack and defend. (These manipulations may superficially resemble ki manipulation, but they are not--however, their senshi transformation does heighten their ability to manipulate ki energy should they choose to attempt the discipline). The transformation also usually replaces the Senshi's clothing with a sort of uniform, and many of these uniforms also double as powerful physical armor. Terran Senshi also demonstrate heightened healing capacities, regardless of their state of transformation.

Sailor Mars in a standard Sol Senshi fuku, using the fire powers given to her by her Sailor Crystal.

Due to the fact that Sailor Crystals are not recycled and re-energized in the fuel of the planet's spiritual fire, many Senshi will spend multiple lives in the orbit of their home world. The power and knowledge of these past lives can be accessed, in some rare cases--but the personae that reside within these strong souls are powerful, and can overwhelm and overwrite the current personality without precaution (harkening to the Bene Gesserit threat of Abomination).

The power of a Sailor Senshi varies from sailor crystal to sailor crystal. Even in their transformed states, some Senshi are only capable of "mere" superhuman feats of athleticism. On other worlds, the Senshi possess a truly monstrous strength beyond the ken of their unempowered fellows, and rule as goddesses...or exist as unstoppable forces of nature.

Given that Senshi are also likely to have Senshi children, many worlds with active and sufficiently powerful Senshi are ruled by a hereditary line of the same. Before the advent of Queen Beryl and the Metallia Force, the Sol system was one such empire--several worlds, each hosting their own planetary line, under the guidance of the Seleno, Selenity, and Serenity lines.

Sol System Senshi

Planetary and Dwarf Planetary Senshi (as indicated by ≈)

(Ordered by their planet's position outwards from the Sun)
Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Kamen (not a Senshi, but bears a Sailor Crystal), Sailor Terra, Sailor Moon (not a planet, but classed on that "level"), Sailor Astarte, Sailor Mars, Sailor Ceres≈, Sailor Eden, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto/Sailor 134340≈, Sailor Quinox, Sailor Haumea≈, Sailor Salacia≈ Sailor Makemake≈, Sailor Nemesis, and Sailor Eris

Satellite Senshi

(Alphabetical Order)
Sailor Adrastea, Sailor Aeolus, Sailor Amalthea, Sailor Ariel, Sailor Callisto, Sailor Carme, Sailor Charon, Sailor Dysnomia, Sailor Enceladus, Sailor Europa, Sailor Ganymede, Sailor Hyperion, Sailor Iapetus, Sailor Io, Sailor Kallichore, Sailor Larissa, Sailor Magellan, Sailor Metis, Sailor Mimas, Sailor Miranda, Sailor Narvi, Sailor Puck, Sailor Rhea, Sailor Tarvos, Sailor Telesto, Sailor Tempus (AU), Sailor Titan, Sailor Thebe, Sailor Triton, Sailor Umbriel, Sailor Zephrius ((Please see Satellite Senshi for the list in its entirety.))

Asteroid & Kuiper Belt Senshi

(Asteroids then Kuiper in Alphabetical Order)
Sailor Ceres, Sailor Europa II, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Vesta
Sailor Ixion, Sailor Orcus, Sailor Varuna

Star Based Senshi

Sailor Sol, Sailor Solar Miracle, Sailor Star, Solar Sun

Senshi of Other Systems

Anima and Taro System Senshi

(Alphabetical Order)
Sailor Aluminum Siren, Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion, Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Pewter Fox, Sailor Plantinum Banshee, Sailor Steel Serpent, Sailor Stone Golem, Sailor Tin Nyanko, Sailor Titanium Kerroko

Kinmoku Senshi

Sailor Kakyuu, Sailor Star Baker, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker

Other Senshi

(Alphabetical Order)
Sailor Anubis, Sailor Bandersnatch, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Genmar, Sailor Grimm, Sailor Plum Spaniel, Sailor Shinen

Other Senshi

Artifical Senshi

(Alphabetical Order)
Sailor Meganekko Oni Waitress, Sailor Planet Lesbian Amazon Catgirl, Sailor Satellite Bondage Lace Punk Vixen, Sailor Submissive Foxloli Schoolgirl

Cosplay Senshi

(Not really Sailor Senshi, but they're cool anyways. Alphabetical Order)
Sailor Antique Rose, Sailor C-4, Sailor Sol (Fake), Sailor Something Catchy, Sailor Melody

Status Unknown

  • Sailor Neggerra: Appears to be a Sol Senshi, but Neggerra is a world where Sailor Senshi are thought to be fictional. She seems to bear some power, however, so it's hard to say whether it's just cosplay.
  • Sailor Halley: A fake person with a real starseed.