Wildwood Warriors: Priceman Legends

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Wildwood Warriors: Priceman Legends
English logo created for the show
野生木の戦士 プライスマン伝説
Yaseiki no Senshi Priceman Densetsu
Wildwood Warriors: The Legend of Priceman
Genre Action, Adventure
Anime Series
Directed by Zenigame Aosuke
Produced by Pokéra
Written by Chikao Chikara
Music by Arnold McRally
Studio TFS Studios
Licensed to Fezi TV (JP, NA)
Licensed from CartoonGameShow Network
Network CartoonGameShow Network
(+ Affiliates)
English Network Not Licensed
Japanese Network Not Licensed
Picture Format HD 720p
Country of Origin Kanto Region
Original Language(s) Japanese/English Mix
Number of Seasons 3
Number of Episodes 26 (and counting)
Original Run July 17, 2016 - Present
Theme Song(s)
Opening You Can Do Anything (Seasons 1 & 2)
Hard Times (Season 3)
Ending Sonic Boom (Song) (Seasons 1 & 2)
Stranger in Moscow (Season 3)
Running Time
(Per episode)
24 Minutes (Seasons 1 & 2)
27 Minutes (Season 3)
Production Company(ies) Super Pokémon Television
(Episodes 1-7)
CartoonGameShow Network
(from Episode 8)
Carisle Animation
Studio Dive
Ando Animation
Distributor CartoonGameShow Network
(Formerly known as Super Pokémon Television)
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"The year is 2010, and there is a meteor on a collision course for Earth. It would certainly spell doom for whichever were to be caught in its path; however, one such city would get this unfortunate fate.

Wildwood City, New Jersey. The grand town would be caught in the meteor's path. One young boy has the audacity to look up in the sky as the meteor befalls on his own city. Meanwhile, his cousin Josha Ecirp (known as Joshua Esharp in the English versions), has a wandering eye for an 11 year old and spots the meteor as well... once the meteor crashes, all was lost.... or was it? Six years later, a teenage boy who couldn't remember his own name would awaken from the coma placed on him, only to find his surroundings in a state of ruin, filled with Demonic beings infused with technology, called "TechDemons." He finds the one responsible for this disaster: Dark Priceman (Known as Demon King Kakakugin in the original games this series is based off of).

"hmm, You've finally woken up, but your precious city hasn't. You're unable to defeat me, Priceman! [Known as Kakakugin in the original games]. I shall come out on top while you and the city fade into obscurity! Only the Magic Space Rocks the meteor left behind can put an end to me! WA HAHAHAHAHHA!""
—Dark Priceman

and So begins Priceman's First Adventure.... "

—Taken from the Japanese Manual of Priceman 1, Released in November 2007

The anime has a fair amount of differences between itself and the source material,

List of Episodes

Episode Number Japanese and Translated Title Kanto Air Date
01 爆発ばくはつ?! しんヒーロー誕生たんじょう
The Land Explodes?! A new hero is born
July 17, 2016
The City of Wildwood is bombarded by a meteor, Daniel and Josha Ecirp see the meteor at different locations when it hits; however, it puts Daniel into a coma. Six years later, he awakens with amnesia and seeing the city in ruins, decides to find the source of the problem after defeating a few new creatures called "TechDemons."
02 おくねんあく! 悪魔王ダーク価格人プライスマン
The 10,000 Year evil! Dark Priceman
July 24, 2016
Defeating a few TechDemons, Priceman finally finds the source of the problem: Dark Priceman. After a few insults hurled at each other, Dark Priceman brings out his first Major TechDemon, SwinBall, and while the TechDemon initially has the upper hand, Priceman eventually comes out on top, prompting Dark Priceman to retreat, with Priceman following not far behind into a new land...
03 しまのカルデラ!? クレータランド
The Island's Caldera?! Crater Land
July 31, 2016
Arriving in the crater that had destroyed Wildwood, Priceman sees pits of lava, stone cylinders, and a different TechDemon. But it seems that Dark Priceman has something up his sleeve, what is it?
04 あついの技術魔テクデーモン! スモホーノ
The Hot TechDemon! Sumohono
August 7, 2016
Priceman soon comes across a few traps in the Crater Land, but that's not the end of it. Dark Priceman has unleashed another TechDemon of epic proportions, Sumohono (originally known as FireDropper in the games) who proceeds to torch the floor where Priceman stands. Sumohono is defeated after a few rounds with Priceman. With 283 of the many Magic Space Rocks collected, Priceman is well on his way to restoring the City from its ruined state, and he enters the next land...
05 カジノの遺跡いせき ゲートウェイランド
Casino Ruins, Gateway Land
August 14, 2016
Priceman enters the ruins of the Casino complex formerly known as "Gateway Land," going through many TechDemons in investigating the reasons why they are in ruins in the first place. The ruins, however, are not in the same place as where the building was originally. It seems a malevolent force is at work...
06 トゲよ、トゲよ、トゲの技術魔テクデーモン
Spikes, Spikes, Spiky TechDemon
August 21, 2016
Dark Priceman unleashes a new TechDemon, "SpikerDrill," and has been using the TechDemon to shift parts of the former island around to his liking. With the building of his new "DarkPricemanLand" now underway, Priceman must stop him soon, or Wildwood Island will Cease to exist. But while Priceman is stopping Dark Priceman, another force has kidnapped someone else... who is it?
07 草の音湾グラシーサウンド! 2マイルぺリル
Grassy Sound! 2-Mile-Peril
August 28, 2016
From the ruins of an ancient casino to an old lake that still has a bit of water in it, Priceman is seen dashing TechDemons of a more aquatic nature., Priceman is able to get through most of through the many deathtraps the lake itself holds, but one...
08 上昇の水ライジングウォーター! 価格人プライスマン最後さいご
Rising Water! The Last of Priceman!?
September 4, 2016
The episode begins with the water starting to rise in the lake. However, the lake is currently artificially controlled by Dark Priceman. The controls are in his newly built pod, and Priceman starts climbing the treacherous walls to get at the controls and destroys them, but Dark Priceman flies off to the Next Location... Route 147.
09 147番の州道路ルート・ワン・フォーティー・セブン 逆転ぎゃくてん子供こども
State Route 147, The Comeback Kid
September 18, 2016
Priceman travels down a route once intended for cars, even the signage once points this out, but 6 years can do a lot to a road, as well as a takeover by Dark Priceman, as the Techdemons have infested the road, but one trap is soon to spring...
10 よる技術魔テクデーモン! 価格人プライスマン たいモビマイン
Night of the TechDemon! Priceman Vs. Mobimine
September 25, 2016
Mobimine starts to appear, dropping spiked balls all over what is left of the road. Making use of levers and pulleys, Priceman manages to drive them back at the TechDemon. Once it is defeated, there is only one place left to go, and it's the metallic castle in the woods.
11 悪魔王価格人の要塞 悪魔の地
Dark Priceman's Base, The Dark Land
October 2, 2016
Dark Priceman is seen laughing in his base, awaiting Priceman, while Priceman himself jumps through traps in the base ranging from spike traps to spinning saw blades, as well as TechDemons such as Kotobakudan (Minimb) and Despie (Spikorm).
* A statue of the Death Bomb from Priceman 2 can be seen, a reference to the game and its plot.
12 最後の戦い? 技術魔テクデーモン妖魔ようま
The Last Battle? The TechDemons are Converted Monsters
October 9, 2016
Priceman falls down a shaft and into Dark Priceman's robot creation facility, where the process of mass-roboticization is seen. Priceman then does battle with the machine, thinking that outsmarting it will cause it to blow up. As the machine begins to overheat, so do the monsters trapped inside and Priceman eventually uses one of the rocks to break open the machine, freeing the monsters that have yet to be completely roboticized. As Priceman rushes towards the last room of the facility, Dark Priceman is nowhere to be found.... except there are four pillars.
* The scene in the beginning where Priceman falls down is based on the transition from Dark Priceman Land Act 2 to Act 3; however, Dark Priceman Land Act 3 uses tiles and enemies from Grassy Sound Lake, and a mass-roboticization room is never seen in the game this anime is based off of.
13 おわりない! 野生木ワイルドウッド回復かいふくもど
It's Not Over! Wildwood Returns Restored
October 16, 2016
The Pillars start going off two by two as Priceman starts to plan his next move to defeat Dark Priceman. As lasers flash and pillars slam down, Priceman isn't able to concentrate and starts attacking the pillars, causing a good amount of damage to the facility, which prompts Dark Priceman to run away from the remaining fragments of the meteor, which begins glowing brightly. Priceman, figuring there's no time to unhook it, escapes the base with a lot of monsters in tow. When the base explodes, a bright flash of light is seen and Wildwood City is soon seen appearing from where it was destroyed. It is soon discovered that it was trapped in a Special Zone for 6 years. While Priceman can't help but try to find where Dark Priceman is at, he soon begins to relax on the boardwalk, thinking that all is ok with the world, but Dark Priceman states (in an undisclosed location) that he will return with the key to Priceman's defeat.
*Although it debuts in Priceman 2, the Top Booster is seen for the first time in this episode.
  • A band of thieves is seen at the end of the episode, seeming to strike a deal with Dark Priceman.
  • A Green jewel can be seen close to the end, glowing brightly, implying that Chaos Emeralds could soon play a part in the story.

Season 2?!

It was recently announced that a second season of the series is in production and will begin airing on November 10, 2016 on the 8th Anniversary of Priceman 2's release date. This season is set to introduce Creselian, as well as reveal the band of thieves Dark Priceman is seen talking to. On October 23, 2016, Daniel Pierce and Zenigame Aosuke revealed on the show "Ricky's Theories" that the first few episodes of the season will focus on Creselian and would not have an appearance by Priceman until the end of her short arc, lasting two episodes.

Episode Number Japanese and Translated Title Kanto Air Date
01 人間にんげん技術魔テクデーモン なぞ少女しょうじょボット
A Human TechDemon, The Mysterious Girl Robot
November 10, 2016
A band of space pirates named "Uchuu Senso Kaizoku"(宇宙戦争海賊) have taken over a ship coming from the former kingdom of Ezin, with the princess, Lian Cresselina demanded for ransom. However, it is revealed that a clone of the princess was made beforehand and decided to use her for the ransom instead. Unknowing of the big differences between the princess and her clone, the pirates take the bait, but are soon blindsided by the real princess... who is then turned into a TechDemon by one of the pirates' roboticizors...
02 カラー・スワップ・クローン
Color Swap Clone
November 17, 2016
With the princess turned into a robot, the Lead Pirate, Yutei, commands her to search every part of the ship for anything that would be useful in their cause. In the meantime, scientists decide to jettison the clone out into space where she can't be reached by the pirates. It is revealed that Dark Priceman has been monitoring the situation from his new weapon, The Death Bomb (with his own image imposed on the weapon itself). Warning Yutei that if nothing useful is found, he would destroy the ship with the weapon, the scientists finally decide the planet the clone would be sent to (Earth) and starts the countdown of launching her into space with the declaration that she "is the only living survivor of the Ezin Kingdom... and the ship." After the pirates find nothing useful, they leave the ship with the princess still aboard and Dark Priceman fires on the ship, destroying it and killing everyone on board, while the clone is having a rough trip getting to earth, landing near the city of Rio Grande, New Jersey. She is then found by a stranger who then takes her to Wildwood. She can only recount a butchered name, "Creselian."
03 ガーデンルートゾーン・生活せいかつ
Garden Route Zone - Life
November 24, 2016
As Priceman and Creselian start to make a friendship, TechDemons attack the Garden State Parkway, and Orgus of the Uchuu Senso Kaizoku arrives in a drill tank, preparing to do battle with Priceman and Creselian. When Creselian proves her prowess in technology by building a rocket powered biplane, Priceman lets her take on Orgus alone. Creselian uses the biplane to shoot down Orgus on the road, but Orgus escapes soon after, fleeing back to Dark Priceman's location. An Intergalactic agent approaches Priceman and Creselian and asks for their help in the mission to destroy Dark Priceman's superweapon.
04 グレートエッグハーバーゾーン・独水どくみず
Great Egg Harbor Zone - Poisonous Water
December 1, 2016
Not known yet
05 アクアティックランゾーン・封印ふういん遺跡いせき
Aquatic Run Zone - Sealed Ruins
December 8, 2016
Not known yet
06 アトランティックシティゾーン
Atlantic City Zone
December 15, 2016
Not known yet
07 マウントポコノゾーン・超山ちょうざん
Mount Pocono Zone - Super Mountain
December 22, 2016
  • This episode was initially referred to as "セントラリアのほのお 激突げきとつおに, The Fires of Centralia, The Clashing Demon" but the title was pulled on December 16 with the new title not revealed until the episode itself was shown.
  • interestingly, due to the above error, there was no Next Episode preview done for this episode, the one that aired the week before was shown again, this time with its new title
  • until the production staff was asked to adapt every zone, Mount Pocono Zone was planned to be skipped in this series, which may explain the earlier episode title
08 セントラリアケーブゾーン・ほのお鉱山こうざん
Centralia Cave Zone - Burning Mines
December 29, 2016
09 ピッツバーグゾーン・バルーン対戦ほのお鉱山こうざん
Pittsburgh Zone - Balloon Wars
January 5, 2017
  • This episode was initially referred to as "突撃とつげきピッツバーグ バルーン対戦たいせんAssault of Pittsburgh Balloon Wars" it is still known by that title internally in studios.
10 スカイチェースゾーン・だい戦艦せんかん
Sky Chase Zone - The Great Warship
January 12, 2017
11 ウィングドエアーシップゾーン・オゾーンレイヤー
Winged Airship Zone - Ozone Layer
January 19, 2017
12 デスボムゾーン・前編ぜんぺん技術ロボッスマン
Death Bomb Zone - Roboceman
January 26, 2016
13 デスボムゾーン・後編こうへん悪魔王価格人ダークプライスマン最後さいご
Death Bomb Zone - The Last of Dark Priceman?
January 26, 2016

Season 3

Season 3 was announced in May of 2017 with a total of 26 episodes. This is expected to adapt the games "Priceman 3" and "Priceman and Absol", however, due to the Lawsuits, a new character is expected to be created. The New character was unveiled during the "CTGSN/POKERA-MANIA" Live stream event on August 6, 2017 with the only detail given being that the character is of ancient civilization descent. Season 3 is expected to go through 26 episodes with 2 stories from the same game.

Episode Number Japanese and Translated Title Kanto Air Date
01 「オーラクリスタルにかえぜ!」新たな敵ニュー・エネミー出現しゅつげん
"Give Back the AuraCrystals!" A New Enemy Appears!
October 29, 2017
 Episode to be released!
02 シルべニアクスのわな! アマゾンルインゾーン
Sylveniak's Trap! Amazon Ruin Zone
November 5, 2017
 Episode to be released!
03 運命の折り畳み式宮殿!? グランドガーデンゾーン
A Collapsible Palace of Fate!? Grand Garden Zone
November 12, 2017
 Episode to be released!
04 グラシーカーニバルゾーン November 19, 2017
 Episode to be released!
05 Andes Zone November 26, 2017
 Episode to be released!
06 Rocket Launcher Zone December 3, 2017
 Episode to be released!
07 Super Rainforest Zone December 10, 2017
 Episode to be released!
08 Old Airship Zone December 17, 2017
 Episode to be released!
09 Pyramid Field Zone January 7, 2018
 Episode to be released!
10 Deep Volcano Zone January 14, 2018
 Episode to be released!
11 Sanctuary Zone January 21, 2018
 Episode to be released!
12 Death Bomb Zone, Mark II January 28, 2018
 Episode to be released!
13 The Destruction Zone February 4, 2018
 Episode to be released!
No episodes from February 11 - 25 due to PyeongChang 2018 Olympics
14 North Amazon Zone March 4, 2018
 Episode to be released! 15 March 11, 2018
 Episode to be released! 16 March 18, 2018
 Episode to be released! 17 March 25, 2018
 Episode to be released! 18 April 1, 2018
 Episode to be released!


Opening Credits
Original Author / Character Drafts
Matsubasa Kasushiro (POKERA)
Bousou Asatou (SPTV)
Arnold McRally
Opening Theme
You Can Do Anything
Casey Rankin (SEGA)
Masafumi Ogata (SEGA)

Keiko Otoku
1993, SEGA Corporation
Production Supervisor
Zenigame Aosuke
Art Design
Castor Matsuno
Pollux Tadashita
Color Design
Squirtle Kerrel
Character Design
Hiromi Matsuno
Kazuko Tadashita (Side Characters)
Daniel Pierce (Main Characters)
Direction Supervisor
Daniel Pierce
Series Director
Zenigame Aosuke
Production Coordination
Super Pokémon Television
Carisle Animation
Studio Dive
Ando Animation
Super Pokémon Television
Carisle Animation
Studio Dive
Ando Animation
DulaCo. Advertising


Priceman/Daniel Ecirp - Kataji Maruta (Japanese/Kanto), Darius Maxwell (English/Hoenn)

Creselian - ??? (Japanese/Kanto), Alicia Balaford* (English/Hoenn)

Dark Priceman/Josha Ecirp - Nantamanuki Tarou** (Japanese and English/Kanto and Hoenn)

*Also played a character of the same name on a Different Show
**Was retired prior to Priceman Legends