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The Youma Species are a set of humanoids whose history goes back at the least 30,000 years. There are many mysteries surrounding the Youma, once numbering in the hundreds of thousands before Queen Beryl's reign. Their numbers dwindled to the thousands before the Moon Kingdom invasion. This dwindling was probably done to guarantee loyalty to Beryl and the Metallia force.

The First Youma

(Not Revealed Yet)

The Youma Sages

There were once 13 sages of the Youma Court. Twelve of the sages made a suggestion that the population should disappear from sight before The Ruiner came to dominate them. The 12 sages took their own advice until they were sure that "The Ruiner" was completely defeated.

These sages have not been seen since.

The Dark Kingdom and the War

KingPriceman Version

When Beryl eliminated 12 of the 13 sages, she learned about the resentment the Youma race had for the Humans, deciding to turn this to her advantage, she decided to recruit the Youma for her war against the Moon Kingdom.

UltraMatt Version

Modern Day Tokyo Post Reboot

The Youma who were defeated by the Sailor Senshi outside of D Point in the old 1992 remember the events that led up to their defeat in the new 1992, and continue to work in their workplaces as if nothing happened, not even the energy stealing. The lack of leaders have caused those outside D-Point to become independent and those at D-Point to rebuild their pre-Dark Kingdom tribes and villages once more.

Judicial System

It can be best described in the following log.

[21:04] Youma Bailixecutioner: The Accused will have three Chances to defend himself during Round one of Questioning.
[21:05] Youma Bailixecutioner: If the accused is found guilty, the sentence will be decided by three hidden jurors.
[21:08] Youma Bailixecutioner: There is Defense of three rounds.
[21:29] Short recess before Round Two, The accusers have to provide evidence before trial restarts.
[21:30] * Youma Bailixecutioner rings a rock bell, which doesn't ring, but it's a start, signaling a 15-minute recess.
[21:31] 15 minutes, you only get one request for extra time.
[22:03] Round Two has finished!
[22:04] The Final round for the defense will commence in 10 minutes, no extra time will be allowed.
[22:05] Escort the Accused out so the crowd may be informed of the consequences.
[22:05] * Alex Kirltarian is escorted out in chains.
[22:07] no one here is aware of the court system that we have forsaken, may we ask the members of the sky kingdom how their trials were conducted and how punishments were carried out?
[22:09]'s been a long time since the Moon Kingdom had their trials. I don't recall fully how they worked.
[22:11] Fair, our trials are as you have seen, however.
[22:12] when the accused is rendered guilty by the jury, They are given a punishment equal to the crime, however.
[22:12] Reth? What say you?
[22:13] It's been a long time since I've seen a trial as well.
[22:13] and however, what?
[22:14] The punishment is immediately carried out with no grace period.
[22:14] It is done in the courtroom of which the accused was found guilty.
[22:14] where they stand.
[22:16] Hmm.
[22:18] * Alex Kirltarian is brought back in chains
TL:DR Version
The defendant has three rounds with three chances each to defend himself in front of his peers. In the second round, the prosecution can bring evidence to try to prove guilt of the defendant, and in the third and final round, the defense can either choose to prove or disprove the accuracy of the evidence using only the 3 questions provided by the judges, usually and always relating to the crime.

When the trial is over, three select Youma (but on rare occasions, such as the example, there were six, which included three Selenites) secluded in a soundproof room are given the transcript to read. Once the decision is made, the verdict is read. If the majority 2 out of 3 (or 4 out of 6) vote "guilty," then the punishment is decided with the same rules. Once decided, it is carried out immediately following the trial's conclusion.

In the days before Beryl's Reign, the trial would stop at certain points just to get the transcript written down before restarting where the trial left off.

TL:DR of TL:DR: 3 rounds, 3 pretty ladies decide, then you're locked up or die.

(And this is why you MUST read stuff.)

Known Youma

  • D-Point Youma + Descendants
  • The Youma Sages
    • Balkanas (バルカナス)
    • Coloria (カロリア)
    • Flaleradora (フラレラドラ)
    • Bujitree (ブジツリー)
    • 8 unknown Youma
    • 13th Sage who may have been a traitor to the other 12.

Flora & Fauna Native to A, B, C & D-Points

  • Acro Fruits - A berry that grows into a bush filled with many acro berries. They are best eaten when cooked; otherwise the berries themselves will drain the person who consumes a single berry of at least half of their energy. Cooked berries will not yield this side effect. Note: Berries cultivated outside the Arctic Circle not only don't yield the side effect, but are also the size of strawberries.