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Issue #37
Issue #37
Monthly Comic Series
Produced by Gantry (2007-2010, 2016 - Present)
POKERA (2016 - Present)
Written by Jammie Delphane (2007 - 2010)
Priceman Legends Staff (2016 - Ongoing)
Licensed to Various local distributers
Licensed from None, Unlicensed (2007-2010), POKERA (2016 - Present)
Genre Action, Adventure
Comedy (First 6 Issues)
Country of Origin Hoenn
Original Language(s) English
Number of Issues 37 (as of January 2017)
Original Run June 2007 - April 2010 (Original Run)
August 2016 - Ongoing (Current Run)
Production Company(ies) Gantry Comics
POKERA (2016 - Present)
Distributor DulaCo Advertising (Print Run)
Related Shows Wildwood Warriors: Priceman Legends
Priceman Adventures (2008)
Priceman SunPM

The Gantry Priceman Comics is a series of comics produced by Gantry Comics of the Hoenn Region, The first run of Priceman Comics ran from June 12, 2007 until April 13, 2010, and the current run began on August 9, 2016. Although the first run was an unlicensed product, it was considered one of the most complex Priceman canon out there for the time.

The Creation of Priceman Comics

As the first Priceman game was beginning to fly off the shelves, Gantry tried to apply for a licensing deal from POKERA; however, due to their reputation of releasing short lived and generally poor quality comics, Gantry was rejected for approval very quickly. This didn't stop Gantry from attempting to produce comics with Priceman's name on it. Though the game was released in February 2007 (a good repainting, but rushed product released as a result of POKERA severing their relationship with SEGA due to the reception of Sonic '06) and the cartoons were well on their way into production. (And both would be shown in March 2008.) Gantry started hiring writers left and right in order to get their unlicensed comics out while the game was still popular. A team of writers was assembled to produce stories that were to last half an issue each, Gantry anticipated a 6-comic run of the series.

Issue Number Stories and Synopsis
Issue #1 (June 12, 2007)
3 stories
* Priceman and the Computing-Crisis
* Priceman & Creselian in: Trapper Shenanigans
* Priceman & Rakaru in: Crown au Natural
Issue #2 (July 10, 2007)
2 stories
* Priceman & Creselian in: The Dark Emperor's Revenge
* Priceman & Rakaru in: The Great Touring Rage
Issue #3 (August 14, 2007)
2 stories
* Priceman in: Demechanical Madness
* Priceman & Creselian in: Earth... or Earthicus?
Issue #4 (September 12, 2007)
3 stories
* Priceman and Fifth Dimension
* Priceman & Creselian in: The Crusher Box
* Priceman & Rakaru in: Scan-a-Rama
Issue #5 (October 9, 2007)
2 stories
* Priceman & Creselian in: Crusher Chasm Vines - Part One
* Priceman & Rakaru in: Crusher Chasm Vines - Part Two
Issue #6 (November 13, 2007)
2 stories
* Priceman in: Demarcation Lines
* Priceman & Creselian in: Slow Alliance

List of Characters


  • Priceman (Pre-Reboot) - unlike most canons (including Subsen's canon and the current run's canon, two separate canons), this Priceman hails from Planet Earth, having followed the Dark Dictator to Earthicus with Creselian in order to avenge those that the Dark Dictator took away from him, succeeding by Issue #25, but at the cost of his home planet
  • Creselian (Pre-Reboot) -
  • Princess Raquar - (Known as Princess Rakaru during the unlicensed run)


  • The Dark Emperor - the ruler of both the Earth and Earthicus for the first 25 issues. This was the comic's version of Dark Priceman, and as of the current run, has been retconned out of continuity in favor of Dark Priceman himself.
  • Codine - (Name Changed to Alnarian Gelnamirus as of the Current run)
  • Belbari Gelnamirus - (Has his whereabouts unknown as of the current run)

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