Wildwood Warrior: Priceman

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Priceman: Wildwood Warrior

Title Screen
Genre Action/Sidescroller
POKERA Ballnesis Video Game
Release Date February 25, 2007 (Hoenn Region)
March 9, 2007 (Johto Region)
November 18, 2007 (Kanto Region)
Developer POKERA/Priceman Team
Publisher POKERA
Priceman 2: The Death Bomb (Sequel)

Wildwood Warrior: Priceman is the first game in a 4-game series by video game publisher and console maker POKERA for the Pokera Ballnesis. The game was first released in the Hoenn Region in February 2007, in Johto the following month, and in Kanto several months after. It was Titled Priceman during its early years, the "Wildwood Warriors:" Part was added following the reboot of the series in 2016. Priceman's gameplay involves collecting small rocks as a form of health and a simple control scheme, with jumping and attacking controlled by a single button.

The game's development (or in this case, Re-development/hacking) in 2006, when Sonic the Hedgehog was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, after dismal reviews and unfavorable reviews of the series began to inundate POKERA's message boards, the branch formally cut ties with SEGA amidst their December 2006 sales report. Staff were assembled and a new department was formed with a task: modify the original 16-bit game Sonic the Hedgehog into a slightly new IP in time for a spring 2007 release. Although the task was finished early, it was ready for retail in the Hoenn region by February 24 and was not available in stores until the 27th.

Critics praised the game for overcoming the limitations of basic sonic rom hacks even though it was a fully released product to the public. Unlike its rom source, Priceman has not seen any ports to other consoles, but has been infused into a separate franchise in other media for better marketability.


Crush Dark Priceman!
The Great Priceman of Darkness, the Magician Scientist, is snatching innocent pokémon and turning them into evil robots! Only the greatest person in the world can put an end to the demented madman's fiendish scheme. It's The Great Priceman of the Light, the real cool guy with a smooth domed haircut and the natural gift of super speed.

Help Priceman fight hordes of metallic and computerized maniacs, do the loop with the Priceman Side Spin Attack. Speed down twisting tunnels and swing over dangerous bobby traps. Leap across lava pits and dodge burning rocks. Then splash through the chilling waters in an aboveground lake cavern system. And if you're lucky, warp into the secret zone where you spin around in a floating maze! Your greatest challenge lurks in a secret lab where you come face to face with Dark Priceman himself!

Spin through space, loop 'til you're dizzy, save the pokémon and become a super hero. Be Priceman! Be a nice man!

"The year is 2010, and there is a meteor on a collision course for Earth. It would certainly spell doom for whichever were to be caught in its path; however, one such city would get this unfortunate fate."

Wildwood City, New Jersey. The grand town would be caught in the meteor's path. One young boy has the audacity to look up in the sky as the meteor befalls on his own city. Meanwhile, his cousin has a wandering eye for an 11 year old and spots the meteor as well... once the meteor crashes, all was lost.... or was it? Six years later, a teenage boy who couldn't remember his own name would awaken from the coma placed on him, only to find his surroundings in a state of ruin, filled with Demonic beings infused with technology, called the "Demons of Technology." He finds the one responsible for this disaster: Akumaou Kakakugin

"hmm, You've finally woken up, but your precious city hasn't. You're unable to defeat me, Kakakugin! I shall come out on top while you and the city fade into obscurity! Only the Magic Space Rocks the meteor left behind can put an end to me! WA HAHAHAHAHHA!"" —Akumaou Kakakugin

and So begins Kakakugin's First Adventure....

The story begins on the planet Earth, with the villainous Dark Priceman hot on the trail of The Great Priceman. With techmonsters in tow, Dark Priceman attempts to stop our hero, but is unable to catch up. His Psychic Barrier crashing into the ground, Dark Priceman curses the human, claiming he'll get him eventually. Priceman, his spirit intact, starts attacking the techmonster army, in the process releasing the people that are trapped inside.

Thankful to Priceman, the people suggest they go see Dr. Katherine Hickory, who they believe will be able to assist them in stopping the sudden appearance (and malicious intent) of Dark Priceman. However, Priceman informs the group that this is impossible, seeing as Hickory and Dark Priceman are one and the same. Shocked, the people ask how this is possible, leading into an extended flashback sequence. Priceman recounts his first meeting with Dr. Hickory, how he walked into her laboratory just as the kind doctor was putting the finishing touches on her latest invention, the Magical-Science-Person-Split. Priceman immediately asks what the machine is, and discovers that it is intended to absorb all the evil energy on the planet within the six Magical Rocks that power it. While Hickory absent-mindedly goes into exposition mode, she stops herself once she realizes she is speaking to a city dweller. The unlikely pair become fast friends, and Hickory allows Priceman to train on her Hypermagic treadmill. The doctor is impressed at the speeds Priceman is able to achieve, but is unable to stop him as he runs the treadmill into overdrive, causing it to diffuse. Though no one is hurt, the resulting explosion changes Priceman's clothes from a bland shirt and shorts a more stunning two shades of blue, which Hickory dubs the "Anti-Magic Effect." Now fully understanding the speeds Priceman can muster, Katherine creates a set of frictionless clothes for Priceman to prevent his clothes from being ruined again.

Later on, Hickory asks Priceman to get him a New Piece of machinery and a book of the occult as she continues to work on the M.S.P.S., looking for a way to stabilize the machine until she can find a seventh, Grey Magical Crystal. Due to the doctor's clumsiness, she spills some soda on the control panel, causing the machine to malfunction. It rips apart, the containment rocks used to keep the Crystals in place scattering, and the evil energy that had been collected so far surges through the doctor. In an instant, she transforms into the evil Dark Priceman, who also takes on the knowledge of the Sciences of Magic and technology she was enamored with. Finishing his story, the animals Priceman freed state it must be hopeless, but they are refuted as Priceman runs off to face his new nemesis once more.

Generalization of In-Game Plot

In an attempt to steal the six Magical rocks and harness their power, the game's antagonist, Dark Priceman, imported and trapped little monsters in aggressive robots and stationary metallic magic capsules. The player controls Priceman, who aims to halt Dark Priceman's plans by freeing the monsters and collecting the rocks himself. If the player collects all the Magic Rocks and completes the game, and ending sequence is shown. if all the Magic Rocks are not collected, Dark Priceman taunts the player while juggling any of the Magical Rocks not collected by the player.


Original 2007 Version

Planning: Kikoyuki Tamanaka (as "Kick Yuki")
Programming: Hitomi Tanakamura (as "Hitana")
Character Design: Daniel Pierce (as "D. Rupie")
Design: Katsue Miyamae (as "Cat2A"), Liam Finley (as "Fishly")
Sound Produce: Arnold McRally (as "A. Rally")
Sound Program: Hikaru Kanegawa (as "H. Nami"), Fumie Tomori (as "Fumi2Mori")
Special Thanks: Hikaru Yokawa (as "Hyo River"), John Segall (as "J. Pokerall")
Presented by: POKERA

2018 "10th Anniversary Version"