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Twin Monsters XMAQ (野生木の戦士:XMAQ) Was a Ginga TV Exclusive Season of Twin Monsters. It started after The DusknoirDemons! Third One: Akatorimon (episode 12), making the Ginga TV version the only version with its story edited to accommodate Toei AnimationANOTHER ANIMATION COMPANY'S next series. This program utilized an abandoned concept from Twin Monsters III's early production. Due to the revocation of licenses, XMAQ is only partially unaffected, due to killing off Grovyle in episode 22 and making King XMAQ a permanent part of the cast. It aired its last episode on July 13, 2016 after which it was permanently taken off the schedule.

Staff from Studio Dive (which made the Sailor V movie) and Studio Fume have made the animation for the series.

List of Episodes

Episode No. Episode Title (JP, Ginga TV)
Episode Title (English Translation)
Episode Title (English, US)
Not Dubbed yet
Air Date (JP) Air Date (US)
Not Dubbed Yet
1 新冒険の始まり! 惑星地球へようこそ
A New Adventure Begins! Welcome to Planet Earth
December 9, 2015
2 BLAST OFF! ソラーシステムアドベンチャー
Blast Off! Solar System Adventure
December 16, 2015
3 惑星アレンドラ ダニエルの決戦
Planet Allendra, Daniel's Decisive Battle
January 6, 2016
3 惑星アレンドラ 光リンの天才
Planet Allendra, Hikaririn's Genius
January 13, 2016

Staff (Opening Credits)

Staff (Closing Credits)

Opening/Ending Themes

  • Opening Theme - "IKUSA" By Hironobu Kageyama (From Dragon Ball Z)
  • Ending Theme - "Marugoto" By Hironobu Kageyama (From Dragon Ball Z)


  • Due to two different studios doing the series (Studio Dive and Studio Fume) instead of Carisle Animation (which did the 7 previous series), there were stylistic differences in this series, which caused most human-like characters to look more like late-80's-early 90's animation characters, This style (and the studio's contracts) would be picked up for Twin Monsters' Spiritual successors, Wildwood Warriors: Priceman Legends and Wildwood Warriors: Tokyoma Gaiden
  • This was the only Twin Monsters Series to be produced in 1080p.