Lady DeVenger

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This character is Deceased.

Lady Malvol DeVenger
Biographical information





Hazel Ninegate, The Corruptor


The Dark Prydonian

Physical description

Time Lady



Hair color

grey / blue

Eye color

Ice Blue




Validium sword "Vindicator"


time travel

A regenerated clone of Hazel Ninegate created from her severed hand and charged with Arx Sylvanran's regeneration energy. Marked by Vainamoinen with the Mark of Cain, which informs anyone looking at her that she is a murderer.

She has spent several hundred years preparing for the day she would return to the Hotel.

She seems to have an interest in Quantum Mnemonics.

On October 13th, 2012, she was killed by The Magistra, after being sent back to the hotel in a brainwashed, force-regenerated state, made to act like Hazel Ninegate as a test to see if she would be killed by the denizens of the Hotel. Her body was hidden in The Magistra's TARDIS until it was destroyed by SolarTiger due to safety concerns during Hazel's trial.


She carries a small black rod which acts as a sonic canceller which can neutralize any sonic screwdriver.

Her eyepatch is actually an interface to her TARDIS and other technological items at her command. It has a datascreen on the other side that she can control by visual gesture and psychic command.

Currently her TARDIS is wrapped around her hand as one of her gloves.

Her pendant emits a skin tight force field to protect her body. It is controlled by a psychic interface.

She carries a small quantum forge that can be programmed to generate any object given a programmed atomic structure.


She wears a custom-made lightweight, non ferromagnetic Validium/ Vibranium mesh alloy undershirt of her own devising that is shock dispersing and puncture resistant up to 500 tons of force to protect her hearts and torso.

Her hoodie has an inbuilt perception filter which can make her very hard to percieve if it's activated.

She has the severed head of a Cyberleader, which she has named Yorick, with which she plays foosball.


She invented Monosodium Glutamate and high Fructose corn Syrup to help humans eat themselves to death.

She smells like wool, leather and jasmine perfume.