Arx Sylvanran

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Arx Sylvanran
Biographical information

Red Sun / Gallifrey

Birth unknown

mother (deceased), father (unknown),

Sister Sakura Xadium Aino (kinship bond via House Blyledge)

Valeyard (prosecutor)

Physical description

Thunderian /Time Lady



Hair color

Brown / Black

Eye color





Validium sword "Invictus"


time travel


Celestial Intervention Agency (former), House Blyledge

First Appearance

"You speak of loyalty? To you, loyalty was a convenience, easily disposed of. To me, it was something worth clawing my way out of hell for. And. I. DID! TWICE!!""
—Arx Sylvanran

Arx Sylvanran was a Thunderian-Gallifreyan who was assigned to prosecute cases in the Akhibara alien zone, as many aliens complained a Time Lord defense attorney was too much of an edge for defendants. She was specially requested by Vorlon Judge Gelkesh Naranek, with whom she seems to have an understanding.

Brief Biography

""I awoke to my own Death""
—Arx Sylvanran

Family History

Her family comes from a Thunderian colony on The Planet of the Red Sun. Her mother was a cleric, having a natural talent for traveling at extremely high speeds and using magic.

The human Samurai Warrior Hachiman taught the values of Bushido to her mother.

According to Arx, while her mother knew the code of Bushido and professed to practice it, she did not truly do so, ignoring the value of "Loyalty", which is key not only to Bushido, but to the Thundercats' code. She ended up betraying both Arx and her father. The betrayal resulted in the utter destruction of Arx's colony, and she was rendered orphaned.

Arx was forced to learn how to play the flute and use her magical and speed skills to amuse the humans in exchange for money in order to buy food. She was kept as a "pet" by an unscrupulous slave trader.

At some point in her adolescence, unbeknownst to her, a boy whose advances she had spurned stabbed her in the heart while she was sleeping. She awoke to see the blade sticking out of her chest, and began to choke on her own blood. At that moment her world went white.

Death and Rebirth

Moments later, Arx found herself at the foot of the World Tree, where Vainamoinen was standing above her. She had been called there by the sword Vindicator at the same moment Noriko was dying, the Time Lord's mana-based essence spreading up the world tree.

Vindicator, tasked with keeping Noriko in existence, sought to preserve the girl. But since there was no longer any history in timeline 1337 to support her existence, the closest analogue was found--Arx, whose life had been something of a twisted echo of her own.

Vindicator had presumably intended for Vainamoinen to replace the dying Thunderian's soul with Noriko's. But this, Vainaoinen could not countenance, for it would be a murder of Arx at the expense of Noriko. So he integrated remaining life essence of Noriko into Arx, reversing Noriko's dispersal the only way he could-- by converting her spent mana essence into anti-mana, which drew back together. He had to convert Arx's biosystem to be able to handle the energy and merged them. This conversion resulted in her attunement to magic being replaced with an allergy to same.

Arx now lived again, due to Noriko's life force.

In the next instant, Vainamoinen had deposited her in the wastelands of Gallifrey. Upon seeing the spires of the Capitol citadel and the scant forests that remained in the wastelands, she gave herself the name "Arx Sylvanran". She decided to pay back the gift of life by paying back all the debts Noriko had to friends and family, with whom she now felt kinship.

Time on Gallifrey

She was quickly found by Sakura Xadium Aino, something she suspects Vainamoinen arranged. Due to her prominent position as the head of House Blyledge, Sakura's sponsorship allowed Arx, an outsider, the right to attend the Academy of the Time Lords (Prydonian Chapter). (As an adopted member of House Blyledge, she is Sakura's House Sister.)

Arx was a prodigal student, knowing the ways of the Time Lords as if she was born to them. Reputedly, she needed almost no education whatsoever, though it is suspected this is mere hyperbole on the part of overimpressed faculty.

After graduating, she was granted the Rassilon Imprimatur. The shock to her non-Gallifreyan biology upon receiving it forced her to regenerate almost instantly.

Arx then proceeded to begin the study of Gallifreyan law, and quickly became a noted Valeyard (Learned Court Prosecutor).

After some years, she requested an assignment to Earth to help dispense "frontier justice" and be Xadium's opposite number in the Alien Zone courts, since a Time Lord defense attorney was seen as too great an advantage against non Time Lord prosecutors.

Shortly before coming to Earth, Arx was forced to regenerate, and selected a template that resembled famous Terran Prosecutor Franziska von Karma, whom she greatly admired.

Unlike most of the other Time Lords who operate offworld, she has not taken on (or chooses not to reveal) her title. She holds a valid Interplanetary Legal Doctorate (IL.D). For some reason a lot of her biodata is still classified by the Celestial Intervention Agency.

Activities Post-Gallifrey

First Task

Arx appeared in The Hotel on November 28th, 2011, stating that her orders were to determine if Dr. Xadium was an accomplice of Hazel Ninegate, and if so to bring him to trial.

This turned out to be a pretext to draw out Hazel, but it spiraled out of control when Hazel launched an impromptu Nonary Game II. Fortunately, no one died. While Arx' unspoken goal was to protect X from the hazards of that game by keeping him safely locked in the Pandorica Minor, she feels guilty at the suffering the others were put through, having thought the game would be 24 hours later with her in it.

The Lawbringer

After an incident where Anthony Suthers' AI children were destroyed, the question of legal standing for AIs presented itself in The Hotel. Rather than remand the question to the Alien Zone courts, Arx found herself in the position of creating "rough justice" in the hotel itself, and created the Expedited Trial System to handle internal disputes. The gravity of creating a legal system mostly from scratch is one she takes seriously, and actually fears / regrets.

Appearance prior to her assassination by Paisely Pythia Peinforte and subsequent regeneration.


Appearance after her regeneration and prior to her return from walkabout.

After a complex series of events that resulted in the death of Hazel Ninegate, Arx was shot by a brainwashed Paisley Pythia Peinforte and forced to regenerate. All her regeneration energy was taken from her, and she was left for dead, as the power was sent to Hazel's murderer/replacement. But Arx/Noriko's will to live was too strong, and with Vainamoinen and the Mysterious Forest's help, she regenerated for a final time.

"I Quit."

After an encounter with Simon Kerrick wherein she was unable to see the reality behind his personality shifting transformations, which caused her to insult an "innocent girl" (still Simon, but with no awareness), and after the rage with which she confronted the Lich, she decided she was no longer fit to be a Prosecutor and threw her badge away, giving it to Prosecutor von Karma.

Afterwards, she left to rescue Paisley Pythia Peinforte from the World Tree and then went off on her own adventures to find herself.

"I live again."

On March 14th, 2012, Arx returned to the Hotel having dropped her title and with a new physical appearance. To date, no explanation has been given for this, since she is purportedly on her last life and unable to regenerate. After Sakura left her on her own in the house, she has been assigned the Time Lord in charge of Sector 20, Mutter's Spiral.


Arx is a very level-headed, businesslike individual, seeming cold and aloof to those who do not know her. She is intensely private and will not discuss her past or family beyond certain limited parameters. Despite her serious nature, she does having a caring, compassionate side that shows out when others are suffering or in need of help.

She strongly believes in two things: Justice and Loyalty, and does her best to honor those two creeds in her daily dealings.

She also tries to live by the code of Bushido and the Thundercat code, which is:

1. Truth: To speak the truth at all times
2. Loyalty: To be loyal to family and friends
3. Honor: To honor and respect superiors
4. Justice: To strive to help others and fairness in all acts that are committed that is good

She has a fairly well developed / well hidden sense of humour which almost borders on the absurdist, but it is rarely seen.

Her fourth incarnation was a lot more open with her feelings and could get extremely angry, a side effect of the dark side of Noriko with which she had to contend. It made her very powerful, but dangerous, to the point where she went "walkabout" to try and rebalance her personality.

Her current incarnation is a lot more level-headed, with an almost Zen Detachment at times. Her sense of justice is incredibly strong, and she relishes the freedom she has to be biased in its favor, as opposed to when she was an officer of the court.


Arx possesses a host of capabilities not typical of the Gallifreyan / Time Lord Norm due to her Thunderian heritage. She is capable of moving absolutely silently, even when landing from a high jump, posessing an uncanny sense of balance.

Arx's senses are heightened; she can hear conversations held clear across a room from her with absolute clarity. She has a keener than usual sense of smell, identifying Tony Suthers' poison secretions, and Bixia Yuanjin's status as a Grimoire by scent alone. (Her sense of smell is not as keen as MonGooseTiger's, however). Her eyes are cat like, a beautiful golden-green with slitted pupils, giving her superior distance and motion-based vision, and excellent night vision.

There are some disadvantages to her heightened senses, however. It is easy to startle or incapacitate her with extremely loud or high pitched sounds; getting hit with water is a like a temporary electric shock to her if she's not prepared because it feels like a thousand tiny little things hitting her all at once and she senses them all, overloading her senses. In fact, to do things like swim she has to "turn her senses down from 11."

Arx can also move at terrific speed, appearing as nothing more than a blur, leaving an afterimage trail behind her. This is due to her Thunderian Cleric heritage.

Her current regeneration is even faster, to the point where she has had to trade pants for a skirt, because running at full speed her pants would burn off.

Magical Attunement/Allergy

Arx is allergic to magical power, and it causes her to feel intensely uncomfortable, as she is allergic to high mana sources. She can use her Gallifreyan biocontrol to damp down this a point. (As Vainamoinen's magic was used to save her life-- and ironically invert her biological mana system-- she is not allergic to his power.)

Arx generates anti-magic when attempting to generate what would normally be magic. Anti-mana runs deeply in her system, a state of being she calls a "medical condition".



Arx has a rusty katana named "Stormbringer" whose original name is lost to history. Despite appearances, it's structurally sound--its appearance mirrors the inner state of its master. According to Arx, "she [the blade] refuses to work with [Arx]" which is why its attacks and reiatsu-handling techniques are less than perfect. Stormbringer does this because Arx is not using its true name. According to Arx, its true name has been lost to history.

The blade has a rubber grip and a carbon-fibre sheath. Pressing one's palms to either side can split it into two identical blades., upon examining the sword, declared that it did not suit Arx, and reformed it into a fighting staff that appeared gleaming and new, as noted "to support Arx on her way forward, discarding the legacy of the past". Arx has not decided what to name it.

After a high-tension altercation with Team Rocket in which Arx was monetarily hobbled by only having her staff to rely on, she confronted only to find that she could easily will the staff back to a sword form if she needed to, much to her chagrin.

The blade was revealed to be none other than Noriko's old sword Vindicator during the incidents following the murder of Hazel Ninegate.


Vindicator has been stolen by the successor of Hazel Ninegate. To replace it, created a new weapon out of her left arm, called "Redeemer", designed to protect Arx as Vindicator once did Noriko. This weapon is shaped like a large scythe, but usually the blade is desummoned and it serves as a very strong Validium staff.

After her regeneration, Arx carries it in a sword form she calls "Invictus".

An Honorable Request

"So I make what I hope is an honorable request, Miss Sunrise. Be my sensei. Carry on the legacy of your master. Help me restore my honor, and that of my tarnished line. "
—Arx Sylvanran

After the events of Nonary Game II, feeling her inadequacy and seeking to make up for what she considered to be reckless, unethical action, Arx approached Gemini Sunrise, asking to become a pupil of the Mifune School.

Gemini accepted the request, and the Mifune School began again.

Misc Data

As a Prosecutor in the Expedited Trial System, she is authorized to collect evidence and mount prosecutions.

At some point in her past, Arx tangled with and barely defeated the mad Chinese Sorceror David Lo Pan.

Arx has some training in the arcane arts and fighting arts,(specifcally old school Iron Soul), and carries a supply of senzu beans on her person.

Arx practices Heji tal meditation.

Arx smells of Earth, and peat, and grass. In this current regeneration she smells similar, but cinnamon-y as well.

Arx has a strong mental block in place in her mind forged from some desperate pain that will cause anyone making telepathic contact to recoil in pain.

Arx has no TARDIS, but rather uses a top-of-the-line Time Ring which possesses a high-level AI and sounds like a stuffy English butler. It also can perform various functions including linguistic translation and database lookup.

Arx's name means "One who Runs in the Citadel's Forest." She has revealed that while it is not an assumed title like say, "The Doctor" or "The Master," it could be read as such as she first chose the name upon seeing the spires of Gallifrey.

There may also be significance to the fact that in the Gallic siege of Rome, an Arx was considered the point of last retreat, the capture of which was synonymous with the capture of the city.

the combined true name of Arx and Noriko would be something like "Noraikosyxavarindium" according to a teasing Sakura.


Arx has learned three sword techniques from Gemini:

Mifune-ryu Kempo Ouka Houshin - a slashing air attack that only hits what she wants it to hit, despite objects in the way,

Mifune Ryu Kempo "Turning Swallow"- a spin attack that sends out a firey domed shockwave around her.

Mifune Ryu Kempo Thunder Strike [Name provisional, I can't make out what the hell Gemini is saying in the video] - Causes the blade to crackle with thunder and electrocute the enemy upon striking.

She seems to be familiar with Iron soul techniques prior to's travels to the Kai worlds, and is completely overwhelmed by the new techniques that taught to Hana Sagusa. She does not want her knowledge of these skills to be public knowledge.

Due to her fusion with Noriko, Arx has the same skill the Actuary did for plotting Stochastic Probability Indicies, and can calculate the worst case scenario of most situations and how to turn them around.