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Lady Riyana Razal
Biographical information

Earth, Gallifrey

Birth Unknown point in the future
Family Eitak Razal (Mother), Thrash (Father), Nivek Razal (Uncle), Mormeril Shadesong (Adoptive Uncle), Noram (Grandfather), Kaelyn P. Peinforte (Half-Sister), The Scion (Half Brother)

Future Queen of Neggerra, Future Time Sage


The Magistra, Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francisca Banana fana bo besca the Third, Riya

Physical description

Time Lady/Time Sage



Hair color


Eye color



Sage Weapon: Gunblade


time travel, magic; Sage and Time Lord abilities

First Appearance

Basic Data

  • IRC Handle: The Magistra
  • Alternate Identities: Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francisca Banana fana bo besca the Third.
  • Star Sign: CLASSIFIED
  • Blood Type: N/A. Her hybrid nature makes classifying her blood type by human or Time Lord standards impossible.
  • Function: Princess of Neggerra, Gallifreian Noble.
  • Domicile: Her TARDIS, Razal Castle of the future
  • Education: Home Schooling on Earth. Graduate of Prydon Academy on Gallifrey
  • Favorites
    • Color: Green
    • Person: Eitak


First and foremost, Riyana idolizes her mother and as a result her basic thought process in tough situations is "What would Mom do?" and attempts to live up to her mothers example. It has also been shown that she sensitive about her half-breed nature due to her time on Gallifrey. Should one attempt to insult her using it or declare it a fault, she will become enraged. Lastly, she is honest. She herself claims she "Never lies" though admittedly this is "deliberate" lying. Her being mistaken or joking don't count. (She'll point out when it's the latter) That said she is perfectly willing to use half truths and twist her own words in a way they are falsely interpreted without actually saying false info. There are also hints she has a slight complex about being unable to do anything right and will become depressed when she makes errors.


An Adventure in Time and Space (w/Eilean)

Coming Soon

The Search for the Key to Time

The Azurin Prophecy

Tasked with finding the Key to Time, The Magistra and new companion Chihiro land on the planet Azurin, a hostile desert world wracked by sandstorms and populated by a clan based society. However, when a stranger comes out from the wastelands, proclaiming a great prophecy will be fulfilled, the two travelers find that they may become the first victims of this new world!

The Star Palace

The Star Palace: an immense ancient structure floating in the far reaches of space and serving in the 27th century as a home for various species and races. No one knows who built it or why and The Magistra and Chihiro don’t really care. However, something is awakening deep inside and soon the two may have to get more involved then they planned.

The Mark of the Sun

With the tracker leading them to Istanbul(Not Constantinople) in the 1970s, The Magistra and Chihiro believe they finally may have gotten a break in their quest. However, shadows hide behind every corner in this old city and the two travelers soon discover that there is more to this segment then meets the eye!

The Lords of Melboria

Landing on the planet Melboria, The Magistra and Chihiro split up in an attempt to find the fourth segment. Unknown to them, the political situation on the planet has become tense and both soon are forced to choose sides. The question is what they will find first: the segment or their friend’s corpse?

Auntventures (/with Matsumi)

Season 1

  • The two meet the still living Anne Bonny and Mary Read.
  • Matsumi saves a child and decides to take her with them
  • a journey into the mind where Matsumi meets her past self and comes to grips with her issues
  • Matsumi and Magistra fight off an evil cult and Matsumi awakens a new senshi form
  • the child gets lost in Magistra's TARDIS, forcing the two to try and find her
  • A trip to the ancient olympics

Season 2

  • Magistra, Matsumi and Azusa travel to an Emerald Planet where they run afoul of a snake god
  • A trip to Britain in the late 80s where Magistra and Matsumi get involved with UNIT
  • A battle against an exasperated group of Voord
  • A fight against a Sailor Senshi gone mad
  • Meeting Musashi in ancient Japan and inadveratly helping him out
  • An encounter with the eleventh version of Thrash, who is a doppleganger of Matsumi


  • She highly resembles Lighting. She has stated she modeled her outfit on a look that was popular before she was born. The physical resemblance is due to her accidentally landing her TARDIS in SE's office and them agreeing to keep it secret in exchange for letting the use her appearance in a game.
  • She's on her first life, and has never regenerated.
  • Her full name was eventually casually revealed to be Riyanaetnamiarapaisleymiyukiaoimeladinaematsumitamilienirhtakulmaneshrazal. She's named after every female companion thrash had prior to her birth.
  • She is not an active Time Sage due to various rules with that faction.
  • She is NOT one of the 400 babies. Her arrival at the same time is entirely coincidental.
  • The Magistra has had two companions. Her first was her "cousin" Eilean, the second, and current, is Chihiro go-Higarshi, a miko from the 1300s.
  • Ammo count: Fire Bullets: 100/100, Zap Bangs: 97/100, Vorpal Bullets: 99/100, Mana Null: 9/10
  • The Magistra entered the 2013 Budokai, where she made it to the semifinals before losing to Paisley. She was one of the two fighters who did not receive by and had to fight an extra round.