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TARDIS is an acronym of Time and Relative Dimensions In Space: a time-travel and transport device used by Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey. Within Suburban Senshi, it is both the living quarters and preferred mode of transportation for Dr. Xadium, Sakura Xadium Aino, Archangel, and Thrash.

An extremely complex piece of technology, a TARDIS can rebuild itself (The Eleventh Hour), and generally contain a maze-like mass of corridors and rooms, including libraries, swimming pools, and gardens or forests, along with more practical bedrooms, kitchens, and closets.

TARDISes of Suburban Senshi

Xadium's TARDIS

Vendo 511 mt dew w.jpg

The chameleon circuit on Dr. Xadium's TARDIS is malfunctioning, giving it the permanent appearance of a mountain dew vending machine. Whether this is more or less appealing than a London police box is in the eye of the beholder.



The Mediator's TARDIS appears much like an upright pepsi vending machine, though it differs significantly from his peer's inasmuch as his is also inlaid with numerous diamonds and precious metals. The appearance is an apparent relic of his time in the House of Moon; whether he can or can't change it, much less wishes to, has yet been unsaid.

Sakura's TARDIS

Sakura tardis.jpg

Sakura's TARDIS is a type 102B, shaped like a chromed monolith of about the same dimensions as a slightly wide door. The console room is mostly silver with Okudagram style screens and also contains a family portrait.

Archangel's TARDIS

Details concerning the ship 'owned' and operated by the renegade Time Lord known as Archangel are at present somewhat scant. However, this much can be said with certainty: despite an assertion he made at one time that his ship is a type '99A,' a model which does not appear to have ever existed, his TARDIS is in actuality a type 89A 'Explorer' class ship.

The original intent of this model of TARDIS was to provide a subset of ship dedicated exclusively to those Time Lords or Ladies with a mind to conduct long-term astrobiological, astroanthropological, or other such studies; unlike earlier models, it was fitted with a larger number of preset facilities than normal and a larger amount of space than in earlier models was given over to accommodating such things as laboratories, libraries, and various types of test environments.

However, delays in the creation of the proof-of-concept model, not to mention the uncomfortable fact that said delays highlighted precisely how little the supposedly cutting-edge craft differed from its immediate predecessor, and the fact that the vast majority of TARDIS models past and present can be used as long-term scholastic 'duck blinds whatever their technological flaws or specialist limitations meant that the 89A was swiftly replaced by the type 90. Only fifteen of the 89A's were ever created. The fate of the other fourteen is unknown.

As to whether Archangel uses his TARDIS in the way it was intended almost nothing is known; in the inner versus outer senshi tournament incident, he made an offhand mention of facilities able to examine an adversary's discarded weapon arose--beyond that, however, any supposition would be based purely on speculation. It could be that he has indeed made use of the facilities on hand; it is also entirely possible that a large majority of those specialist rooms have been flushed into the Void, never to be seen again.

Archangel's TARDIS looks to be in good repair, although no one but the Xadiums or Archangel himself would be able to comment on whether that state of affairs applies to the interior as well. Archangel did carry out an extensive programme of renovation and repair--to what end he has not divulged.

Its defense systems--force field, hostile action displacement system, and chameleon circuit--are all fully functional; unlike Xadium or Sakura's ships, his TARDIS has taken different forms. For the most part it has resembled a grandfather clock, and more recently, has been outwardly renovated to a black and red pyramid shape, much like the Time Lady the Rani used at one point. Whether or not his ship has offensive capabilities, presumably added by Archangel at some point after becoming 'owner' or the matter of previous 'owners,' Archangel will not be drawn; he has in the past used various offensive weapons, but these have all been portable systems--stasers, flame throwers, swords, etc. Whether or not the ship itself is armed is unknown.

There is no reliable method of determining previous ownership, as he has been in possession of the ship for so long that any elements of a previous 'owner' would have long since been removed and destroyed. As to why he would further claim his TARDIS as being a more advanced model than it is, the context of the remark would have to be sufficiently studied for any valid clues; Archangel is a reclusive and tight-lipped individual as a rule, and values his privacy very highly.

Thrash's TARDIS

Thrash's TARDIS is a previously used Type 76c (with some parts from a Type 70). Due to some problems with its chameleon circuit, the exterior does change, but often into the most inapprorate shapes for the location it has landed in. It is also fitted with a metabolism lock, making it impossible for anyone but a Time Lord to open it, and isomorphic control settings, which keep anyone but Thrash from working the console. It is known to have a gold vault, opera house, library, stadium, forest, and a boot cupboard.

Meladina's TARDIS


A Type 85B TARDIS, Meladina's ship is outfitted with everything needed to survive wartime Gallifrey. It has a complete working Chameleon Circuit, while currently it is in the shape of a large dollhouse. The console room is outfitted as a laboratory, the walls edged with working desks and everything required for a solar engineer, including:

  • A Solar Flux Capacitor.
  • Various Dalek weapons in various states of research.
  • A Stellar Manipulator.
  • A Quantum Regulator (used).
  • detailed chart of stars, complete with spectral data, chemical compositions, and specific atomic quantities necessary for the possibility of life sustaining planets