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An event occuring some 8 months after the Infinite Crisis of Suburban Senshi, the other end of the Crisis came to a head on March 31, 2007.


The reappearance of Whistler, thought long-dead by many chatboxers, did not turn many heads in early 2007. What did turn heads was the fact that he had found restraint purpose and renewed power. Only many weeks after Whistler's appearance was he identified by Sakura April as actually being a parallel version of Wolfwood, one that had been lost to the shockwaves of the Crisis. By this point, Whistler had recruited a number of people to his unspoken cause, promising them power and the chance to change the world for the better.

Drawing such people as Chaos Avatar, Yaijinden, and capturing/controlling others such as Sailor Mars, Whistler's plans hinged upon killing Dr. Xadium the first, and when he was confident of his allies and power he sent his servant, Ares--the subverted Hino Rei--to do the deed. Xadium fell to Ares, and Whistler's patron--neo-queen serenity, the tyrranical id-aspect of Sailor Moon, used the opportunity to reshape the universe, much like her parallel counterpart had done during the Crisis.

Second Beginnings

In this new world, Crystal Tokyo came into being in the year 2000, and was ruled by the ascendant senshi under the hand of Serenity and the ginzuishou. The senshi came to think of themselves less as empowered mortals and more as goddesses, and thought nothing of picking up and discarding interesting humans as their mood took them. The will of the royal goddess was enforced by the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, with a tyrranical pursuit having free reign to enforce the will of serenity and her servants.

Most of #suburbansenshi2 found a place for themselves in this new order, whether it be as a direct enforcer of royal decrees or as someone much closer to the dynasty. The only resistance offered to the House of Moon was a small but persistant resistance led by Furu Ikari. For all its spiritedness, though, the line of Serenity seemed immortal and unassailable. That is, until Sakura April emerged from the rubble, her memories and bloodthirst intact.

The End of the House: Condensed Version

Sakura April decapitated Michiru and used her head and hands to get past security in the capitol. She then assassinated Mercury, Mars and Pluto through gunshots to the head, and killed Jupiter by having Jupiter's toy overload, due to excessive battery voltage ripping her apart. Kali Blake stole the ginzuishou from the crystal chamber and took it to the rebels.

In a circle of equals, Shaldra Langister defeated Solarchos and then committed seppuku, forcing him to realise that he had to abandon his past and finally let her die, both physically and in his memory.

During a pitched battle with zombies, Jordan Davis was revealed to be Usagi, who battled goddess Venus in a titanic struggle. Venus ultimately prevailed by sealing her power with the ginzuishou and beating her in a catfight. Sakura April blew Usagi's head off with a bullet containing the reality shard and killed her, ending the House of Moon.

Character Changes

Tomoe Hotaru

After using Wolfwood for her pleasure, Hotaru found herself with lingering feelings for him, feelings which disturbed her and ate at her when she saw Brad London with starcat.

Shaldra Darkness and Aino Minako

During the Crisis, Shaldra Darkness, who had been working for UNIT, was awakened to the reality of the House of Moon by the goddess Venus, who awoke to her true identity as Aino Minako, but not before the two had become romantically attached. Shaldra's friendship with Minako, which had started as a rivalry with her over Xadium 2, the Prefect, then evolved to an adopted sisterhood kinship tie, finally blossomed into a full-on intimate contact, despite their other attachments, thanks to the pressures of the insane environment they found themselves in, As Shaldra's husband from the other timeline was with her sister here.

Dr. Xadium-The Facilitator and Mewna Marianna

Xadium of the House of Moon timeline was a pimp who was the lover of goddess Venus. She used him to reward loyal followers with physical pleasure in exchange for allowing him dalliances with whomeever he saw fit. After seducing Mewna, however, he felt true love for the first time. Mewna, for her part, despite beign awakened to the truth of her marriage in the other timeline to Keric van Jestee, was so overwhelmed by the emotions and feelings she had for Xadium that she consciously fell back asleep. The duo decided to leave the House of Moon as the city descended into chaos, and by so doing they managed to remain intact with their current personas when the House of Moon fell, such that although their original versions were recreated on Earth, they too remained alive.


The period between the Infinite Crisis and the end of the House of Moon was a period of relative calm, akin to the eye of a hurricane in which time was stable and no one remembered pre-Crisis events. After the House of Moon, however, the timelines and events and lives before the Crisis are now at least partly remembered by those who survived the fall.

The original Xadium, who had been killed by Ares to give rise to the House of Moon was found by his daughter, Sakura, in a critically wounded state. Sealing him in a slow-time pod,Sakua ensured he would be able to cling to the last sparks of life as his body healed, hough the process would take over a thousand years to complete. Taking him away in her TARDIS, she knew full well she might be risking her very existence if he failed to awaken and reunite with her mother in the Crystal Millennium. The Actuary, on the premise that Xadium could no longer fulfill his conjugal duties to Minako, annulled their marriage for the time being so as to take away the guilt from her mother regarding her blooming relationship with Minako. Shaldra's Xadium was called away by the Time Lords to stabilize the timeline in the wake of the re-integration of the post-Crisis timeline into the overall time vortex. The actuary kept him away from Earth so he wouldn't find out what Shaldra and Minako were doing. She hoped that in time, their passions would cool and they would re-adjust to the reality of the moment.

Since Xadium was never technically married to Shaldra, rather to Darkness, the Actuary didn't have to take steps to formally sever their relationship. The Xadium from the House of Moon timeline has severed his ties with the goddess Venus, and is no longer a pimp adopting the moniker The Facilitator. He sought to start a new life in Azabu-Juuban with Mewna.