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Sakura April Shinguji
Biographical information


Birth October 11th, 2937(?)
Family Eudial (creator, deceased)




Physical description

Combat Purpose Grenadier Android



Hair color


Eye color

brown / electric red


1.67 m


Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon "Baron Harkonnen", Hellsing ARMS "Casull", The Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol, "Jackal", various other self-generated firearms, fragmentary weapons, jagged glass shard, custom made ammunition infused with shards of the Lance of Longinus


made of metal unaffected by mana, ki, or temporal distortion

First Appearance

September 2009 (in box, appx)

[22:23] <Texas_Samurai> Th' scary thing?
[22:23] <Texas_Samurai> As a GOOD guy she looks SCARIER.
[22:24] <Mister Dinsdale> Because being good fills her with rage
[22:24] <Mister Dinsdale> It's a paradox <_<

Xadium's note: A friend of mine made an excellent comment about DC continuity once: that the place for canon in DC is in the mind of the Joker. He remembers all of the pre and post-crisis worlds, the elseworlds, the superdickery. It's part of what makes him effective, able to do the things he can do, and it's the core of his otherwise inexplicable insanity. This also applies to Sakura April and Suburban Senshi canon.

Origin and Background

Sakura April Shinguji, alias Saki, is a combat-assassin android, created by the mad scientist Eudial, designed to be a perfect self-directed killing machine in the image of her hated nemesis Sakura Xadium Aino. Sakura April was designed as the perfect foil to Sakura's wide and varied capabilities. For a time, Saki served flawlessly in this role, hounding the Time Lady without rest or mercy, eventually chasing her into Eudial's clutches. When Eudial unexpectedly perished in trying to finish the job, Sakura April found herself suddenly free to do as she wished. Realizing that her core functions would shut down if she completed her mission, Saki elected to modify her own coding in order to free herself from the primary task of hunting Sailor Venus 2.0; in doing so, she gained the freedom to save Sakura as her last kill in a universe filled with all sorts of very interesting targets.

In the beginning of her independence, Saki's bloodthirst was nearly insatiable; nothing stimulated her more than the act of taking life, especially taking life messily painfully, and from those who were filled with fear. Sakura April constantly hears a dull drumbeat in the back of her mind that urges her to kill. She controls it-- most of the time. (It sounds like a "dum dum da dum" sound throbbing in her ears.) Thankfully, she also eventually learned patience--the result of another modification, this one courtesy of Sakura April became the sort of person who spends most of her time deciding how to kill people and that other fraction of her time actually killing people. She possessed little regard for life beyond her own, aside from the pleasure she got out of taking it, and subsequently most of the community in and around Ten'ou House took care to not set her off on another murder spree.

After encountering and destroying a representation of her mother in Soul Society, Sakura April found herself in much greater control of her moods and faculties, but her rage and temper continued to boil under the surface. It was not until the death of Noriko, after the Time Lord gave her life to to stop the Corruptor, that Sakura April experienced a flood of new emotions: namely, for the first time, she keenly felt the loss of a friend. Coupled with the death of her "son" the Impresario at the hands of the Corruptor, Sakura was left with a boiling need for revenge, and for the first time, a feeling of sadness and helplessness to do anything for those she cared about.

Teaming up with Sakura Xadium Aino (and choosing at last to expunge herself of the must-murder-Sakura code) to finally slay the Corruptor in (MONTH AND YEAR HERE LOL!), Sakura April underwent a mental breakdown: vengeance did not soothe her pain and rage at her inability to make him suffer as much as he has made her and her friends suffer. For several weeks afterward, Saki was in a fragile state, incapable of even lifting up arms against anyone, due to her trauma from the experience. Accuracy only returned when she picked up a gun to shoot Pedobear, who was about to molest a small child (even though her intent was to kill him simply to keep the child from crying).

Slowly, she realized that now, her powers could only really be turned to a nobler end than mere mindless savagery (though she is still extremely savage).


Sakura April's body was initially composed of a malleable metallic substance designed by Eudial to be unaffected by typical Time Lord temporal tricks. Nowadays, her construction integrates a Gundanium-N/Nth Metal alloy, rendering her completely immune to mana-based effects, as well as a small measure of's validium -- enhancing Saki's physical prowess, making her flight-capable, and keeping her immune to temporal shenanigans, but also giving the a means by which to influence the lesser android. Mana and Ki-dissipating runes (installed sometime around June 7 2010 local timeframe) are inscribed on the inside of her skin, giving her a heightened defense against forces she could not otherwise perceive. Sakura April also shares something akin to Sakura Xadium Aino's psychokinetic affinity with metallic objects, and can rearrange the molecular structure of any metal she encounters -- including, thanks to surviving a liquid metal virus from Nizhaladax, the structure of her own body. This ability is often used to generate munitions off-the-cuff, replenish any damage her liquid metal body sustains, and generate new weapons as she needs them. Furthermore, her true immunity to shifts in the timeline has given Sakura April perfect recollection of all time she has experienced -- a factor which allowed her to retain perfect recollection during the House of Moon and become a key player in its events.

As a combat android, Sakura April was programmed with the necessary skills to murder a powerful Sailor Senshi and whatever might stand in her way of doing so. On principle, she prefers weapons that go BANG or BOOM, but is also capable of murderous close combat. She is generally equipped with the heaviest armament and munitions that Hellsing ARMS produces, and makes use of thermoptic camouflage when she doesn't want to be noticed.

When hino infused Sakura April with a small measure of validium, she managed to fit Sakura April with a "sanity limiter" that could shut off the android's murderous insanity at the cost of battle efficacy. It also increased the amount of pent-up hostility in her psyche such that when it was released she became even more destructive than before. This device is also known as the Cromwell Limiter.

Guardian of Order

Designed to be proof against temporal manipulation, Saki has perfect recall of her own timeline, unaltered by meddling in either direction. This ability proved crucial in righting the twisted timeline of the House of Moon, allowing her to wake everyone else up to the nightmare and reassert normality. Outside observers speculate that she subconsciously continues to perceive all the interlinked timelines and realities she has ever experienced. Because of this the second crisis and other myriad, incalculably small shifts in the canon of Suburban Senshi, this may well be the core of her relative insanity: knowing just how big the world is, how immutable it pretends to be at times and how just plain flimsy the whole shebang all too often is.

In the aftermath of the House of Moon, Sakura April became driven by the idea that she is the fulcrum around which reality is ordered, and has charged herself with walking what she calls the Crimson Path: to shape the order of the universe by forcibly pruning out elements that seek to destroy or destabilize it. Her excesses on this path once drove Sakura Xadium Aino to imprison the android in a slab of Carbonite on a desolate world 1000 years in the future on the Galactic Rim, but this was only a temporary measure. True to form, in May 2010 Sakura April escaped her prison and was back on the hunt. In order to channel her more destructive tendencies, Jack Dinsdale hired her to be the "muscle" for his new Detective Agency, which eventually segued into her joining Torchwood 7.



After the death of Noriko Marianna-Xadium, Saki first felt the loss of losing a friend, and vowed revenge, the goodness in her that Jack Dinsdale saw in her finally emerging. After killing The Corruptor and deciding to spare Sakura Xadium-Aino's life in absolute defiance of her core programming, Sakura April was finally freed of her mother's programming altogether, but became a blank slate.

She's also given herself the nickname "The Electric Assassin".

Sakura April, Lawman!?

After Neva D'yan discovered evidence of Vraxoin smuggling in the Alien Zone, Franziska von Karma hastily deputized Sakura April to protect Neva and provide armed support in her efforts to clean up the Zone while forming a police force. Amazingly, Sakura April readily accepted the commission, and turned her formidable hunting, tracking and combat skills towards furthering the cause of justice, all the while terrorizing the criminal element with her erratic, unstable behavior and quasi-homicidal tendencies.

Bitch-Goddess Executioner 2.0

After being instructed by an undisclosed higher power to put an end to Haruka Ten'ou, Jedite, Souichi Tomoe, Hotaru Tomoe, Kaioh Michiru, Elios, Aino Minako, Tsukino Chibiusa, Meioh Setsuna, and Mamoru Chiba, Saki entered into battle with Jedite at full power only to be summarily defeated in one blow. This led to her being upgraded by the deceased Dr. Gero. She is now more powerful and dangerous than ever, and even crazier than before.

Sakura April finally did manage to kill all but two of the targets on her list, and then it was revealed that King Kai had ordered her to attack the Suburban Senshi, in order to see who would survive. The losers, he collected for training, reasoning that if they couldn't survive her assault, they wouldn't be ready for the enemy that was coming to face them sometime in 2013. The winners-- Jedite and Chibiusa-- he would rely upon to defend Earth in their absence.

Rebuild of Sakura April


After being attacked by a living metal virus thanks to Nizhaladax, who sought to kill her, Saki's body was massively disrupted. Saki, however, refused to die, rather incorporating the virus into her structure and mutating it, using it to reforge her body in a more adaptable, dangerous iteration codenamed "Baby 5". She now carries on her back two new massive arms, the Hellsing ARMS "Haderach" Mortar and "Reaver Titan" Gatling cannon. In this upgraded form she can change any part of her body into a weapon, and possibly transform utterly into other shapes.

Sakura April IV


Sakura April V


After The Intern successfully negotiated an exclusive contract with the Thanagarians for the acquisition of Nth Metal, Sakura April immediately demanded her body be upgraded with the new metal due to its absolute magic nullification properties. Vermellia X. Rosso reforged her body out of a custom Nth Metal / 31-C Gundaniam alloy (known as Gundanium-N), resulting in a new, sleeker body which is not only totally magically resistant but flight-capable as well.

The Future

Future Historians have (will?) describe Sakura April as follows:

"She's an unrivalled fighter and assassin, capable of incredible cunning and deviousness. She's also a deeply disturbed and insane individual who never forgets that she grew up in a sea of blood, and is obsessed with being the best and most feared there is — and sometimes that means cracking spines or exploding bodies, but sometimes it means overpowering her own worse nature. She's totally without mercy, but totally loyal. She's the ultimate self-made woman, who pulls herself out of the gutter of her own madness again and again."


Sakura April has a black Death Busters star emblazoned on her outer right thigh.

During the Dinsdale Investigations raid on Soul Society, it was discovered she does indeed have a soul.

Sakura April is a survivor of The Nonary Game.

When queried if she was a maid (due to her style of dress), Saki replied, "Yup... I 'clean up' problems", indicating that there was some rationale behind her outfit.

She has killed roughly ten billion people, the bulk of those being the inhabitants of Eminiar and Vendikar.

Saki and Jedite are in a steady relationship, having bonded over their mutual appreciation of gratuitous violence, the culling of the weak, and the joy of victory over a superior opponent.

Sakura April's "car" is a stolen and repainted Klingon Bird of Prey with functional cloaking device which looks like this:


Its official designation is the I.K.S. Party Van