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Chaos Avatar
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June 16 1982


Mike Dee (Half-Brother)


Drake, Nevan

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Black Soul Crystal


Crystal Creation, Occult Magic, Mental Corruption


Life as Chaos Avatar/Nevan

Nevan was born from an affair with of Mike Dee’s father, under mind control, and a priestess of dark arts. Nevan’s conception was born from a complex plan to corrupt the “guardianship”’s blood line and create their ultimate destructor. Enduring years upon years of mental conditioning and psychological abuse Nevan would be unleashed upon the world. After learning from his mother of the circumstances of his birth, and the public appearance of his half-brother as a pro card game player and teacher, Nevan set forth a plan to bring Mike’s downfall and Nevan’s rise to power.

Nevan was well aware of the dark magic energy that lay dormant at the game’s core and knew of a set of cards know as the "Monarch Cards" that when combined, would give their wielder unlimited power and bring forth great creatures of destruction to set upon the world. Naming himself “Chaos Avatar”, he began to terrorize Mike and his friends using a weapon of his own creation he called “Black Soul Crystal”. By using the crystal he was able to implant persona into Mike and most of his allies that caused them to embody one of the 7 deadly sins hoping to use the confusion to buy himself time to collect the cards. Nevan was one of the few souls drawn to the promises of Whistler and the House of Moon. Accepting the yoke of Serenity in exchange for a chance to have his ideal world in the House of Moon, he ended up being the CEO of the company behind the card game created the occult laden cards, married and scarce months away from fatherhood. This false life fell apart with the death of the House, leaving him once again to work his plans for conquest anew.

Eventually, despite his collection and mastery of the monarch cards, Nevan was defeated by the collective efforts of #suburbansenshi2. Fallen to his knees and reciting the Lord's Prayer, Mike executed the villain rather than permit him to recover his strength and try again.

Post Death and Return

After his “death” Nevan kept his soul anchored to the world of the living by becoming a Specter and grafting himself to Mike’s soul, slowly causing Mike to become bitter, colder, and more stand offish. Finally wearing him down enough, Nevan was able to force Mike into a coma and attempted to “kill” him spiritually and claim his body for himself. This battle lasted for monthes before Nevan was forcefully expelled from Mike, by Mike sealing off his flow powers which is how Nevan was able to tether the two together.

Fate would give Nevan one more chance thought to extract his revenge, as he would grab onto the body of a dying man and inhibited it with the last bit of his strength. Laying low and recovering, he began to formulate a way to get close to Mike again. Taking on the name “Drake” he created the guise of one of the masked heroes Mike had been trying to learn more about and based its appearance around something familiar to Mike to help lull him into a sense of security. Meeting up with Mike and his new partner Natsuki he befriend the two and worked with them for a few months before setting his plan in motion again. When Mike had made plans to return to Azabu-Juuban with Natsuki, Drake convinced him to stay in Tokyo and continue his work and he'd go “in his place” to keep up appearances. While taking up the role of “Mike” to the other, Nevan arranged for a calamity to befall Mike while in Tokyo. If not for the help of two of the real masked heroes Mike and Natsuki had befriended, the plan would have succeeded.

With Mike none the wiser back in Tokyo, and “Drake” now relieved of his body double duties, Nevan found himself once again without a plan...until the Nightfall crisis came into place. Seeing the possibilities offered by Nightfall's victory, Nevan dropped his guise, struck at Mike leaving him for dead, and seeking out Nightfall to join her court.

Powers and Abilities

Nevan’s main source of power is using the latent “flow” powers inherited from his father infused with the dark magic from his mother’s coven. The fusion of the two allow him to grow a black crystalline substance he has dubbed “Black Soul Crystal”. This crystal is not only harder than diamond, but is extremely lightweight as well. Its main property though is its ability to influence the mental stability of those it cuts or infects.

Those under its influence experience vivid hallucinations of their nightmares, personal demons, insecurities, and fears. Most are driven mad by this, and come under the sway of Nevan becoming his unwilling minions and infused with great strength and durability from the magic contained within the crystal.

Nevan has also shown the personal taste to use the crystal to create corrupting areas, letting the crystal spread naturally out and infect wide areas. He destroyed a large portion of Saitama this way, turning most organic life in the area into his twisted thralls.