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Michael "Mike" Jay Dee
Biographical information


Birth June 16, 1982
Family Nevan (Half-Brother)

Cafe Owner/Freelance Hero



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Grey(gold when powers activated)




Energy Crystal Constructs


Unfiltered Profanity, Energy Crystal Generation/Manipulating


Ten'ou_House, Shizukana Kissaten, OPs

First Appearance


Early Life

Leading an uneventful life for many years in the United States, Mike’s life would begin a strange series of events upon his parents' sudden business move to Japan in his teens. A “Gaijin,” he was thrust into the rigid and confining Japanese High School system, which can leave anyone feeling as an outcast. Barely able to speak the language certainly didn’t help either. While trying to find a way to fit in, Mike gravitated to trading card games and rumors about masked heroes who preserved the peace, neither of which gained him many friends in the process. There is an old saying that outcasts eventually band together, and this wasn’t too different a case, as in his second year he met Yoshiko Yuki. The two found common ground and interests that lasted till graduation, at which point Mike's family returned to the US and the two were forced to part ways.

Mike’s parents would sadly die in, what at the time, seemed like a tragic accident a few years after their return to the states. Missing Japan and wanting to distance himself from what had happened, Mike would apply for a visa and return within the following year. Deciding to try to find out more about the masked hero rumors, he took a few odd jobs and residence in Shibuya before trying his hand at the pro circuit for the card game he had played in high school. Being what Japan is, one day Mike was caught in an attack by a monster rampaging the area. Caught without much chance of survival, in a fit of desperation Mike tried to defend himself, in turn awakening a latent ability. He created a barrier of golden energy that protected him and allowed him to fight back and eventually defeat the creature. Bewildered by this, he began to feverishly research his family’s history.

After months of digging, he unearthed information that revealed the truth. The “job” that his parents moved to Japan for was with a corporation that didn’t exist. It was a “shell” company created to mask the fact they were there to help combat a monstrous force of evil. Apparently, his bloodline was descended from a clan of people, known as the Guardianship, who could harness the latent energies of the planet and use it to their whim. They called this energy the "flow," as it flowed from the planet and into all things living on the planet itself. They had, in ancient times, supported the guardians of the other planets, which had their own populations, until some great force rendered them all dead and uninhabitable. Spurred by not only his awakened abilities and the desire to do something with his life, he sought out the modern day descendants of the dead planets and began the aid them in their defense of the world.

Freelance Adventurer

By this point, Mike wasn’t only moonlighting as a hero, but had become a pretty prominent player in the pro card game circuit. Apparently, the game became so prominent that it had become as big as most pro sports, garnering a training school for young aspiring players. After tiring of the pro scene, Mike was invited to teach at a private island for the game owned by the parent company that created it. It was during this time that it came to light that the card game had dark origins in the occult, leading one of the darker periods on Mike’s life. Mike would slowly be forced through a year of horrific events when it was discovered that his father had a son out of wedlock, Nevan, who had begun to harness the occult magic of the game to try to take what he believed the world owed him. Ultimately, Nevan was defeated and seemingly killed by Mike and his friends.

Mike would find himself constantly confused and changed after these events. Nevan’s soul had survived, thanks to the inherited flow abilities of their father, and the dark magic he had been using, and managed to graft itself onto Mike’s soul. This led to Mike to fall into a comatose-like state, and locked into a psychological battle against his brother for months. This took its toll, though Mike ultimately emerged victorious, and purged Nevan’s “specter” from his soul--at the price of his powers being repressed.

Mike soon awoke in a hospital in Japan with a much jumbled set of memories. Trying to make sense of this Mike reunited with Yoshiko, who at this point had moved on with her own life and had started a family of her own. Still with a lingering fondness for him from their childhood she helped him piece together his broken mind over the next few months. Fearing that he might end up causing issues in her marriage, Mike quickly moved on and using his parent's wealth and connections, he soon tracked down, befriend, and became an ally “in the shadows” of these heroes. He replicated a numerous amount of their weapons, and even a way to replicate their appearance temporarily via holographic imagery, so as to help in their battles or act as distraction for any media to throw them off the track.

Nevan, unknown to them, had survived the purge by grafting his almost depleted soul to a man on the brink of death. Still angry about his failure, he hatched a new plot for revenge. After tracking down Mike and seeing what he was involved in, Nevan crafted the persona of one of the masked heroes. Gaining Mike trust, he convinced him to allow him to pose as Mike and return to the home of his former friends and allies and reestablish his “presence there” and to assist Mike in “keeping an eye on his old friends while he found himself” In this role, Nevan, going by the name “Mike Drake,” convinced the residents of The Hotel that he had returned and worked on ruining Mike’s reputation.

Meanwhile, the real Mike caught wind that something wasn’t right when he was tipped off about Drake’s behavior, leading to his return to the Hotel. With his cover blown, Drake revealed himself as Nevan, claiming to have survived one more time by grafting himself to the dying man and creating a “character” that would lead Mike to him. Nevan then stabbed Mike with his weapon, a sword of his own design made of black crystal with the ability to induce madness in an attempt to shatter Mike’s mind. This plan ultimately backfired when instead of being mentally destroyed, it ended up releasing the psychological seal on Mike's powers. Seeing his plan had not achieved the desired result, Nevan hastily retreated and began working in the shadows with other groups to further his goals. Nevan succeeded is leveling Saitama and inflicting most of the prefecture's populace to minions, using the blade to drive them insane and infusing them with dark magic. Mike would lead efforts in rebuilding the prefecture while keeping tabs on this old foe. Sometime after the Saitama incident, Mike would give up his pursuit of the legendary masked heroes and begun to work again as a freelance hero and began to use his powers again, albeit in a weakened state.

Stint with S.H.I.E.L.D.

In early 2016, while a rash of plague seemed to be gripping Earth, Mike returned to the Hotel after traveling abroad for some time to try to finish things with his half-brother for good. Mike didn’t make many comments about what happened while away, so the ultimate fate of Nevan was unknown. The one thing certain since his return is that he trained himself back up to being able to use the “flow” at the level he had before losing it, and that he had been recruited as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent back in the US to help deal with a the threat of the Terrigen Cloud now roaming the globe. He acted as the Hotel’s liaison to S.H.I.E.L.D. under the code name “Shugo” along with his “boss,” Mockingbird. Mike would stay with S.H.I.E.L.D. for roughly a year before returning to Japan exclusively, citing his departure as due to something he "discovered" and deciding to resign before "shit royally hit the fan."

Return to Japan

Upon his return to Japan, Mike desired a quieter existence and opened a cafe in Akihabara near Kanda Station called Shizukana Kissaten. Opening reopening after it's theme change and move, the Cafe once again is participating in the Cultural Exchange Program Act. While Mike hasn't actively worked in the "freelance hero" field for some time he still considers it his "Secret Base".


Mike's abilities stem from harnessing the energy given off of by the planet he is on, or it's "flow". The "flow" allows him to refine the energy to create energy constructs made of golden energy or discharge it in its raw state as powerful energy fields or blasts, or as a power source for other items. After the event that caused the destruction and restoration of the World Tree, Mike's abilities have seemed to mutated due to the slight changes in the recreated planet.

With the re-awakening of his powers after this incident, instead of energy constructs his power now take the form of crystalized energy similar to his half brothers abilities. These crystals can be grown into various weapon and armor constructs, all with a golden coloration. These crystals can also be charged with energy to attack like long range explosives or used possibly as power sources...


  • Mike has a love of School Idol Music. He is a fan of µ's, Aqours, Saint Snow, and up and coming group Liella!
  • When not being translated via the Hotel, Mike speaks with a Kansai accent in Japanese due to his school years.
  • Mike has a weakness for pistachios.
  • Mike has an explicable love of 80's hair metal, his biggest favorites being Motley Crue, Warrant, Bon Jovi, and Van Halen.
  • Knows how to actually keep score and play darts.
  • Mike's codename at S.H.I.E.L.D. is Shugo, Japanese for Guardian. He wanted to just call himself Guardian, but the name was already being used by someone.