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Solarchos Langister
Biographical information


Family Inu-Kitsune (wife), AnTilZha and Alexianna, Catriona, and Sylvester, Natalia (children)

Governor-Militant of the Van Saar Federation

Physical description

Space Marine (created during the First Founding)



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Eye color





Just about anything


extensive firearms training, hand-to-hand combat skills, stealth, wilderness survival, astartes organs, skill in designing, building, and repairing machines. Now ruler of a small interstellar empire known as the Van Saar Federation.


Morrigan, Potamos, Suu, Scarlet, Humankind Empire Abh (holds the officially-recognized rank of Lyuf (Baron) within the Frybar Gloer Gor Bari), Aratasujou

First Appearance

Solarchose Langister is a Space Marine with many campaigns under his belt, a large family, and is now the head of the Van Saar Federation.

In the Beginning

Originally born in the final years of the 31st millennium on the death-world of Caliban, Solarchos was inducted into the Dark Angels Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes at the age of ten, along with his identical twin brother Nathaniel. At the time of the cataclysmic battle between Luther and the Primarch of the Dark Angels, Lion El'Jonson, Solarchos and Nathaniel were nothing more than neophyte scout-novices who hadn't yet received all of the necessary bioengineered organ implants required of Space Marines. When the Warp-storms engulfed Caliban and ripped it apart, Solarchos was one of the "lucky" few who survived and were catapulted forward across time and space, becoming one of the Fallen Angels. To his knowledge, Nathaniel didn't survive.

Solarchos was transported ten thousand years into the future and deposited on the Imperial hive-world of Necromunda, in the last century of the 41st Millennium. His next few years were spent in the Underhive of Hive Primus, running with the Underhive gangs and fighting other gangs, mutant Scavvies, deadly animals and insects, alien monsters, and the predations of the Noble Houses who often viewed Underhivers as nothing more than worthless human trash to be abused at leisure. All this in a toxic, filth-ridden environment that makes the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the worst parts of the war-torn Middle East look pleasant by comparison. It was during this time that he first encountered his lifelong friends Lisara, Jayce, and Satyr.

Birth of the Necromundan 8112th

At the age of 14 the gang that Solarchos was part of, the Waste Rangers (which belonged to House Van Saar), made the decision to join the Imperial Guard as a means of escaping the aftermath of a massive Underhive gang-war that was fast spiraling out of control. The Necromundan 8112th Regiment (Van Saar) was founded and shipped off-world to participate in the hundreds of various wars the Imperium constantly fought throughout the entire galaxy. While his Space Marine enhancements had never been completed or properly monitored by Chapter Apothecaries, Solarchos' existing enhancements and his experiences in the Underhive enabled him to excel within the Imperial Guard, and he quickly became a masterful scout, infiltration specialist, and sniper. It was also during the travels of the 8112th that Solarchos met the Velociraptor Talon during one campaign; he was adopted into the regiment partly because he was an amazing hunter and tracker, but also because he knew exactly how to create the ultimate "one-hitter-quitter" using a native plant called "hemp." Later on Solarchos met Morrigan when his natural curiosity caused him to break into what turned out to be a minor stronghold of the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition and accidentally deactivated the stasis generators imprisoning her. From that point on she was a constant companion, tagging along with Solarchos and his friends out of curiosity and intrigue. Talon's "snoochie-boochie-moochies" were an added bonus.

At age 18, after a particularly brutal campaign on the shrine-world of Rassivillica, the Necromundan 8112th (which had taken significant losses) was merged with an equally depleted regiment from the fortress world of Cadia and transported to the heavily-industrialized planet Tiberius for resupply. Soon after their arrival, Tiberius was rocked by widespread riots and uprisings. The uprisings were little more than diversionary attacks, and within a day the planetary defenses came under direct assault as the true instigators of the uprisings made themselves known - Chaos Marines. A large fleet of renegade and alien starships, spearheaded by a Retaliator-class grand cruiser called the Ravager, penetrated Tiberius' orbital defenses and launched an all-out invasion of the planet itself. Tiberius' PDF was caught off-guard and overwhelmed. During what became known as the Battle of Tiberius, Solarchos and his friends (Morrigan included) attempted to rally the beleaguered Imperial defenders, with Solarchos revealing his true identity as a member of the Dark Angels and claiming that he was a vanguard for the Chapter, which was racing to assist them all. The gamble worked: the defenders rallied, galvanized by the presence of one of the Emperor's Angels of Death. Panicking mobs of civilians quickly joined in a spirited counterattack, catching the forces of the Chaos Hordes by surprise.

It was during the height of the Battle of Tiberius that Solarchos made a terrible discovery: one of the warlords who led the invasion, and the master of the "Ravager," was none other than his own twin brother, Nathaniel. He had survived the destruction of Caliban and become a full-fledged Chaos Marine within the Night Lords. Solarchos also discovered what else had happened since the death of Caliban - sibling rivalry had become twisted and distorted into something vastly worse. As children, Nathaniel had excelled in all things physical, but Solarchos, being the weaker and sicklier, but far more intellectual of the pair, had received far more attention, even being doted on and protected by others. Even within the Dark Angels, Solarchos had always been on the verge of failing crucial tests, but passed after receiving further (and sometimes grueling) training and attention from the Instructor-Sergeants.

Nathaniel had been the "Radiant Child," but Solarchos had always been the "Favored Son." And just as with Lion El'Jonson, the Primarch who had excelled at everything, his closest friend and surrogate brother Luther had become blinded by jealousy. The envy that Nathaniel had felt towards Solarchos as children had soured into resentment, then corrupted into all-consuming rage and hatred. As Solarchos and Nathaniel began to battle each other in earnest for the first time in their lives, it became almost like a re-enactment of the battle between Luther and El'Jonson over ten thousand years ago. Solarchos won...barely. Nathaniel was knocked backwards and thrown off the edge of a massive culvert by a hail of boltgun fire. Struggling to his feet, Solarchos immediately recognized his saviors: Space Marines from the Dark Angels. A strike-cruiser had actually arrived in orbit, carrying with it the 5th Company. Tiberius' defenders had been driven to a near-fanatical frenzy as the promise of the Dark Angel's so-called "vanguard" had come true. The invasion had been thwarted, the Chaos Hordes were in retreat, but the damage had been done. Many of Tiberius' industries and manufacturers had been damaged or destroyed.

All contact had been lost with the high command of the 8112th. The last things Solarchos had heard over the vox-channels had indicated the regiment was being overrun, their lines shattered by a concentrated last-ditch attempt by Nathaniel's forces to halt the counterattack.

What was worse, the Dark Angels hadn't come to save the planet. They'd come for a specific reason. As Solarchos moved towards the leader of the squad that had saved him, eager to finally report in and perform whatever rites or tests were required for him to rejoin the Chapter, the Chaplain who led the squad backhanded him in the side of his head and knocked him out. They had located the "Favored Son"; another of the Fallen had been recovered. Transporting him back to the dungeons of their mobile star fortress, the Rock, the Dark Angels then turned him over to the Interrogator-Chaplains. His fate was to either confess and rant his treason against the Primarch and Emperor ten thousand years ago and be granted swift execution for his crimes, or refuse and be tortured until such a time as he realized the error of his ways (for following Luther's orders). Solarchos refused to admit treason. He'd been 12 years old when Caliban was destroyed. Luther had been placed in command of the forces on Caliban; his authority wasn't to be questioned. All Solarchos had been guilty of was obeying the orders he'd been given and defend his homeworld to the utmost of his abilities.

The Interrogator-Chaplain then began cutting him with blades sharper than scalpels and embedded with microcircuitry designed to amplify the pain caused. He began cutting and did not stop for hours.

"It is my sacred duty to save your soul from the Dark Gods of Chaos. And I will save your soul, even if you must die in the process."

Abandoning the Imperium and Discovering the Suburban Senshi

Launching a desperate raid using a stolen Thunderhawk gunship, Morrigan and the rest of Solarchos' friends somehow managed to infiltrate the Dark Angel's fortress-monastery. Somehow managing to evade the multiple levels of defenses and security measures (all of which were of a level of technology vastly more advanced than anything available to the Imperium by and large due to the "tiers of knowledge" imposed by the Adeptus Mechanicus), Morrigan and her allies managed to track down and release Solarchos. At that point he'd been slashed to ribbons, and every single incision had been cauterized in the process of being made, leaving his body covered with hundreds of scars. Escaping back the way they came, they managed to avoid detection until reaching the launch bays. After a short, intense battle, they all escaped upon a stolen Thunderhawk gunship and fled the Imperium, jumping from star system to star system upon whatever transport they could find.

Solarchos' hopes of rejoining his Chapter had been utterly shattered. Over the course of nearly eleven thousand years it had transformed into something unrecognizable that viewed the Fallen as a gross embarrassment to be hunted down and expunged from existence. There would be no reunion or reconciliation. Even more, all contact with the 8112th had been lost. Lisara, Morrigan, Jayce, Satyr, and Talon had managed to recover the 8112th's regimental banner from the ruins of their primary command post. Everyone else had been killed, and no survivors could be found.

For all they knew, they were the LAST surviving members of the Necromundan 8112th (Van Saar).

Eventually, while traveling on board a Rogue Trader's vessel and getting blown off-course by a Warp-storm, their ship was catapulted through a breach between dimensions, marooning them within the same dimension as the Suburban-Senshi's Earth.

Their lives have never been the same since.

2000 to 2002: Prelude to the Present

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Late 2002 to 2007: The Suburban Senshi Years

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2008 to 2012: The Missing Years

Solarchos and all of his companions (including his family) departed Earth in a hurry in 2008 and didn't return until four years later. It was later determined that the reason for their disappearance was due to a horrific conflict Morrigan and Solarchos call The Zealot War.