Shaldra Darkness

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This character has been retired or abandoned.

Shaldra Blair Marianna-Xadium
Biographical information



May 27


Dr. Xadium (fiance), Lucien (son), Noriko (daughter), Mew (sister), Mewna (sister)


Demon slayer, swordsmanship and advanced training sensei at the Marianna family dojo



Physical description




Hair color

white and violet

Eye color





katana "Sakura", katana "Kyosei", nodachi “Tsubame”, naginata “Thanatos”

  • Mana and Ki control
  • magicks
  • shadow dancing
  • advanced skills with a sword
  • skills with other weapons
  • Al Azif's gifted powers

The Ten Wise Men of God (Ten Sages, former), Nedean Defense Forces


Shaldra Marianna

Pale skin and multiple tattoos, Shaldra Marianna's hair alone is rather exotic, snowy white with tips that fade into violet. She has deep violet eyes that betray a feline like quality, though usually stay narrowed. Thin, though still rather muscular, sharp claws extend from her fingertips and toes when they must, otherwise they're hidden. Tall, standing at a height of 5'9, she is very light weight and swift. A white and violet tail extends out behind her, and she has dark red feline-like ears. Her body is marked with tattoos, one, though red, resting under her right eye, one down the back of either arm, and two down the back of her thighs. A large tattoo extends from between her shoulders all the way down her back to the base of her tail, and the Seal of Rassilon is tattooed on her left shoulder.

Belts, leather, and chains are always worn by her. Gloves cover her hands at almost all times. She is never seen in anything remotely close to a skirt, preferring jeans or at times leather pants. Either wearing a long, white colored, collared jacket, or a shorter, short sleeved violet jacket, the main colors she's seen in are red, white, black, and violet. She could commonly be referred to as a goth, and doesn't really care of you do refer to her as such.


Though still technically Shaldra, Darkness is in reference to her time when her Id became a separate persona, and took the persona of Kali Blake, the soul that resided in Shaldra's body when she worked for Marsilio of the Ten Sages. Two red tattoos rest under either eye, and a black ribbon is intertwined in her hair. Only dressed in black and red, most of her clothing, including her black leather trench coat, is fairly torn up. A gray scarf is wrapped around her neck, and a silver chain rests over her shoulder. Heavy black books cover her feet. A torn up red shirt, held in place with belts, is generally what she wears. Just like Shaldra, Darkness wears an abundance of belts and chains, and gloves cover her hands.


A lot of time she's seen as a hard-ass, and truthfully, she is (guess where Noriko got it from). However, Shaldra also knows generally when to back off. Kind and caring when she needs to be, she will deny anything even remotely seen as helping someone else. Quite intelligent, skilled with weaponry, and fluent in 286 languages from across the galaxy, she's cunning and street smart to go with her strength and beauty. Extremely intelligent since re-fusing with "Darkness", Shaldra was able to unlock the programming set by the Ten Sages. Skilled in linguistics, heraldrics, academics, history, and many other areas, she can outsmart a fair amount of people if she truly wanted to. However, most of the time she doesn't see the point.


  • Occasionally Shaldra will wear pants with only one pant leg, based of Kali Blake's style of pants, who never seemed to get a new pair after the leg was ripped off.
  • Shaldra's Nedean genetics are completely unnatural, added in when the Ten Sages took her in.
  • Shaldra Darkness dislikes humans, due to her first impression of them when she worked at Planet Hentai. Her years at Suburban Senshi haven't helped much with that.
  • Shaldra has broken 186 bones in her lifetime. Note, not all of them were hers.