Aino Minako

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Aino Minako
Biographical information


Birth October 22, 1978
Family Xadium Prime (husband), Sakura Xadium Aino (daughter) Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino (Granddaughter), The Iconoclast (Grandson)

CEO of Ginga TV, Leader of the Inner Senshi

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Venus Chain


transformation into Sailor Venus

First Appearance

Aino Minako, also known as Sailor Venus, is a retired idol and currently runs Ginga TV. She is married to Xadium Prime and is the future mother of Sakura Xadium Aino.


Minako is a cheery person with a positive attitude, and might seem a bit flighty to people who don't know her, as she is often silly and lighthearted. However, she can also be serious and clever. She is prone to malapropism when trying to quote something, and believes wholeheartedly in love. Having lived in England, she speaks near fluent English even though she's not fond of study.

She enjoys singing and acting, earning her her Idol status, from which she is now retired. Her high energy was surely an asset during this era of her career, and has kept in the business, successfully runs a large multi-media corporation. Although she is always eager to help others, she often messes up and is known to be a horribly incompetent nurse.

Brush with Death: Continuity Merge

Thanks to the Infinite Crisis of Suburban Senshi, back in the 1990's on her last day as Sailor V, Minako was caught in a warehouse explosion in London. Fortunately, since she had awakened in China as Sailor Venus just before going to England, her body was able to take the force of an exploding grenade with no worries. At the time, Artemis merely thought that she had been banged up fairly badly. As it turned out, the factory was filled with barrels of carcinogenic chemicals, which had sparked off a small cancerous growth in her brain. After she inhaled them, it had taken years, but by 1998, the tumor had become large enough to be noticed and cause problems.

Minako became sullen, bitchy, and withdrawn, with Rei and Artemis her only confidants. Then one day she fainted on stage in the middle of a performance and was rushed to the hospital. Dressed up in his stupid plushie disguise—the only way he could get into the hospital—Artemis convinced her to fight and take the risky operation that could cure-or kill-her. She went gone along with it, and died on the operating table for over 2 minutes. The press mistakenly reported her death, but thanks to Ami's quick intervention, she survived and returned to her usual cheery self.

Minako Aino: Supermom


Minako: Super Preggers

At some point in 2022, Minako discovered she was pregnant with the child of The Facilitator. Not wanting to allow it to affect her business, Minako began limiting her public appearances, using a holo-bracelet when absolutely necessary to hide her changing physiognomy and switching over to performing as a VTuber. The only individuals aware of her state were Ami Mizuno and her fiancée, the Venus clan, and the equally pregnant Matsumi Kaze. On September 23rd, Minako went into labor and using Matsumi Kaze's own labor as a distraction, was secretly rushed to the same hospital as her friend. After a very lengthy birthing process, on October 2nd, Minako gave birth to a daughter, Melody Summer Timberlake-Aino.


Minako's father is also Tsukino Usagi's father: note their identical appearance in the manga leading. Their father leads a dual life as a salaryman and a reporter. This explains Minako and Usagi's often eerie twin-like behavior.


Furuhata Motoki's ex-fiancée Reika is Minako's first cousin, hence their almost identical voices.

Sailor Venus

"Soldier of Love and Beauty, Sailor Venus! In the name of Venus I will deliver divine punishment upon you."
—Sailor Venus

Minako was the first of the inner senshi to awaken, and spent some time as Sailor V before taking on the name and identity of Sailor Venus. It is unclear whether she or Kaioh Michiru and/or Ten'ou Haruka was the first of the Sol Senshi to awaken. She is the leader of the Inner Senshi in protecting Princess Serenity, and acts as second in command when the Princess is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Venus' fuku has an orange collar and skirt, blue front bow, and yellow back bow. In the manga her accessory is a chain, usually worn around the waist. Her shoes are orange with ankle straps and small heels.

As the senshi of Venus and love, Sailor Venus has been historically worshiped, and been connected so such goddesses as Ishtar and Aphrodite, as well as many other love goddesses throughout history.

Powers and Abilities

Most of Sailor Venus' attacks center around love and beauty and occasionally make use of her element, metal, in attacks which use a chain (called Love Whip in the manga?). Most of her attacks take on a heart shape, and her chain may be seen as interlinked hearts.


Sailor V Kick: A powerful kick.

Crescent Boomerang: Throws compact and cuts enemy.

Crescent Beam: A high impact energy beam fired from the finger-tips.

Crescent Beam Shower: Stronger version of Crescent Beam, consisting of multiple branching shots.

Venus Love and Beauty Shock: Charged by a kiss from the lips, the attack fires an energy ball at the enemy.

Venus Love Me Chain: An energy chain, it can be fired towards an enemy as well as used as a physical weapon.

Venus Wink Chain Sword: Uses Love Me Chain as a sword.

Rolling Heart Vibration: An energy heart that slashes it's target into pieces.


  • Lists "playing" as a hobby, though what sort of playing is anyone's guess
  • has a habit of easily forgetting things
  • has the special skill of being completely troublesome