The Facilitator

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Doctor Xadium
Biographical information



September 30


Time Lord, Secretary

Physical description

Time Lord



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Eye color





Umbrella sword "Heimdall", Validium Chakram


Time Active,enhanced strength, strong insight / spirit power


Aino Minako

Xadium of the House of Moon timeline was a pimp who was the lover of goddess Venus. She used him to reward loyal followers with physical pleasure in exchange for allowing him dalliances with whomeever he saw fit. After seducing Mewna, however, he felt true love for the first time. Mewna, for her part, despite beign awakened to the truth of her marriage in the other timeline to Keric van Jestee, was so overwhelmed by the emotions and feelings she had for Xadium that she consciously fell back asleep. The duo decided to leave the House of Moon as the city descended into chaos, and by so doing they managed to remain intact with their current personas when the House of Moon fell, such that although their original versions were recreated on Earth, they too remained alive.

Due to some unknown crisis, Mewna and The Facilitator were both killed.

During the Renegade Actuary Crisis, the Time Lords intercepted The Facilitator one second before his death and held him in stasis to get his aid in constructing a Reality Drill.

Wishing to do nothing but die due to the loss of Mewna, this Xadium helped on the condition he be allowed to expire. Annoyingly for him The Goddess Venus appeared and forced him out of his one-second time loop, frying him but then restarting his hearts with a jolt from a Venus Love-Me Shock, causing him to regenerate, after which time he carried on, no longer as Xadium, but as The Facilitator.

Now he works as Aino Minako's personal secretary at Ginga TV, servicing all her needs.