Tokyoma Gaiden: Kishi to Senshi

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Tokyoma Gaiden: Knights and Warriors
Logo for the Program
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon:
Tokyouma Gaiden: Kishi to Senshi
Genre Action, Adventure
Animated Series
Directed by
Produced by Carisle Animation
Written by {{{Writer}}}
Music by
Studio Carisle Vocal Services
Licensed to Unknown
Licensed from Unknown
Network Unaired
English Network None
Japanese Network None
Picture Format SD 480p
Country of Origin Unknown
Original Language(s) English
Number of Seasons 0
Number of Episodes 13 (Planned)
Original Run Unknown
Theme Song(s)
Opening Moonlight Densetsu
Ending Moon Revenge
Running Time
(Per episode)
24 Minutes
Production Company(ies)
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Tokyoma Gaiden: Knights & Warriors is an upcoming animated series by Carisle Animation, shortly after the conclusion of the original series which ended with a large amount of people watching the finale. This series is not a continuation of the original series, but rather serves as an alternate timeline in which the Sailor Senshi led peaceful lives after the events at D Point with no other disturbances for the past 30 years.

The series follows Pinako Aino, partially named after her adoptive aunt; Daniel Kakaku II, a hotheaded detective that sticks around Pinako's circle due to the disturbances swirling all around; and Katerina, a Youma permanently in Human disguise due to a curse placed on her.

Initial Plans

Initial plans called for the first episode to establish Daniel Kakaku II as having been de-aged and one of the villains from Sailor Moon being cursed into a permanent human disguise at the end of a battle between the two, this plan was tossed out in favor of starting the first episode with a battle between Pinako and Val The Csar.

Unknown Arc

More to come.