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This is a Lupa bondgroup centered around Eiry Densuo. It is an usual group for Lupa in terms of the number of people connected to each other via active bonds, and following unusual events in June of 2019, its' members have significantly changed and been given a purpose to strive toward.f



The basis for this group has existed since Eiry and Tally formed a spontaneous soulmate bond as teenagers in the 1990's, joining him to Eiry and Sali's extremely close twin bond. Upon graduation from high school and turning 18, Sali and Jake mated, adding a fourth connection when they bonded.


In September 2007, Tally died when he and Eiry participated in a melee battle with a group of Hunters. Both a broken neck and finally taking on the Change resulted in his death, reducing the number of connections back to 3.


Guyver and Eiry married in April of 2012, having bonded a few weeks earlier.

June 2019

It was a shocking surprise to everyone when Tally suddenly appeared in The Hotel atrium one night in June 2019, his bond with Eiry instantly restoring. Eiry, Tally, Guyver, Alta Liana, Sali, and Nanette had gathered in the dorm to reunite and figure things out, and were quickly discovered there by Miara, an alternate version of Miara Mitsuki had appeared--direct from 2008--in November of 2018. While her appearance as an adventurer and time traveler was unlikely but explainable, Tally's, despite positive for all involved, brought both questions and consternation over what exactly was going on--for clearly there was more to it.

It didn't take long to work out that the most effected person was Eiry, with both the restoration of the broken bond and her close friendship to Miara Mitsuki. Although why remained unclear, it was clear that the group was needed for something. They called for Jake to join them.

However, Tally's appearance also clarified some things which Miara had discovered: instead of an alternate timeline versions of herself, as she'd originally believed, she'd since come believe she was a clone. Despite knowing exactly who she was and never questioning it, and having all of Miara Mitsuki's memories and life, while she remembered having had a bond with her mother, she no longer had one. Further, she had extremely strong memories of the members of the bond group, especially Eiry and Guyver. If the person responsible for organizing this needed access to cloning, time travel, and the ability to make it look like Tally's body had been dispersed back into the environment during the Rites immediately after his death and return him to life while retaining his new species, that only left a handful of people.

Once coming to this conclusion, Miara was quick to contact Trax, to find out if he was aware of the situation, and to inform him if he didn't, as it was a significant development. While not aware of specifics, he did know that TheHunterKiller (HK) was working on something important, although not what. This confirmed Miara's most likely suspicions, and she told him to order HK to come tell them what was going on in person. While she begrudgingly did so, HK was extremely vague about the ultimate goal. She did, however, reveal that the bondgroup is needed to face a threat of some sort which requires being able to remain a single entity despite something trying to tear them apart, and that others had already failed to overcome it.

With what little knowledge they have, Miara has begun a long-term training plan with an unknown end date, and the group gathers in the bond to practice pretty much every day no matter where they are. HK has yet to test the group, although she's done a lot of testing with Miara.

February 2020

In the time since Tally's disappearance, he and Miara got to know each other and spoke about their respective experiences together, developing their own friendship and becoming somewhat close. It wasn't until mid-February of 2020, however--a good eight months later--that they suddenly realized that there was a kind of inexplicable, familial kinship lending itself to their easy-made and close relationship.

Despite Miara's obvious benefit to the group, she knows HK isn't the type to take chances with her closeness to the others, possibly hoping everything would tie up into a very neat package. While they don't know at this point what was done, it's raised some complicated feelings about both the situation and their relationship for the time being.

The ongoing story with full details is available here (even if updates are slow).

Members and Relationships

While not a bond member, Miara has been tasked with designing and running the group's training, as well as being the astral expert and a power source.