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This character has been retired.

Biographical information


Birth November 27, 2015
Family Jaxmin (mate), Koyo (adopted child, dead), Eva (blood sister, dead), Alana and Dahan (first family, dead), Miara Mitsuki (daughter), Zalan (grandson)

artist, herbologist, teacher, many other supervisory duties


Rachel Aoi Mistuki, wolftouched

Physical description

Lupa Immortal



Hair color

dark with highlights

Eye color





hunting knife, throwing knives, gun, kodachi


astralgi, fighting and body mastery, HunterKiller abilities


TheHunterKiller, Eiry

First Appearance

Zaira goes by Rachel Aoi Mitsuki on Earth, although she's dropped this persona in The Hotel, and appears to be 23–27 years old. She has a mass of unruly dark hair with lighter colors mixed in, purple eyes, and a runner's build. She's usually tanned and a little sun bleached from being outside, and doesn't do much with her hair except cut it when she can't stand it anymore.

Her original handle, wolftouched, was actually a bait for Hunters. She has since dropped this name to go by her real one, as her HunterKiller activities are over in this time period. Once Miara left the local time period, Zaira also held to the rules of the time keys and did not return, either.


Zaira is a strong person with a strong will, but comes from a dark background. Although most of that is behind her, there are times when it comes out to haunt her. She is now old enough that most of her 'normal' friends are dead, but has moved on to the next part of her life.

Although it may not appear so, she cares very much about the people around her. She's more prone to introspection and loneliness when she's in the Suburban Senshi time period because it isolates her from everyone she knows and she doesn't want to reveal herself to any of her people there. However, this has lightened somewhat with the evolution of the The Tokyo Lupa and especially the presence of her daughter.


She is an immortal level astral (astralgi) and has more power than most people around her realize. Her power color is purple. Her level makes her good at anything she wants to do, but her expertise lies in fighting and defense. She is also capable of metalmaking.

She is a practicing artist, very skilled in both sketching and painting, and has published at least one manga series. This ability also extends into most other parts of her life, allowing her a fine sense of aesthetic beauty in her surroundings, colors, and fashion (when she chooses to use it).

Zaira's mother was an expert in herbal medicine and plants, and taught her everything that she knew, mostly in lecture format. When she was old enough, she has gone back and applied all these lecture, and become skilled in this field herself. She is skilled with both Terran and Homeworld plants.

Local Time

In her local time, Zaira teaches classes in advanced astral, Terran plants, and now art. As an immortal, she is also responsible with the others for the smooth running of the Lupa world and culture over long periods of time.


She is also a HunterKiller, just like TheHunterKiller, but is not in this form all the time–only when it's necessary. She doesn't like using it any more than she has too, and can be rather different in this form.

An important distinction in abilities between HKZ and TheHunterKiller is that Zaira can control fire to an extent, not just start it.

Items and Gadgets

Almost everything she has is kept in her astral pocket, which has quite a bit of stuff in it, including weapons, art supplies, and clothes. She does, however, carry some notable items.

Standing for All-in-One, this 4 x 6 hand-held device is a full computer, phone, media center, and does pretty much anything you could expect such a device from the future to do. It has a built in scanner for paper documents, and connects to any free internet source. Solar power supplements a long-life battery.
She does have hers fitted with a USB drive, but it has wireless headphones. Did I mention it gets great download speeds?

A kodachi is a type of Japanese short sword, about 2' long. This particular sword was given to her by her father on her 8th birthday.

The ring that Zaira wears is a moonmetal ring that changes with the wearer and the evolution of their soul. It is one of a pair (Jax currently has the other), and has a long history. Zaira got these two rings from her parents, but how they got them is a bit of a mystery that she's kept to herself.

This was her mother's locket, and is suspended on a gold and silver chain. The chain is relatively new and she made it herself while studying under the master metalmaker. Inside are some rather unusual pictures of her parents, but she doesn't generally show them around to anyone.

Just a little role of pictures from a picture booth, but with some very special people.

A gift from Miara, made by Guyver. Most likely from a very strong metal that is hard to damage.


She doesn't let people in easily, and if you're in her confidence, you're a lucky boy or girl.

Information about her past revealed in chat so far:

  • Her first family were not her birth parents, and she doesn't know if she had any. These parents were killed by Hunters when she was 8.
  • Eva: When Zaira met her she was sick, and they became friends. She was a normal Terran human, and making her one of them would make her well. Zaira offered that to her and she took it. A bunch of stuff happened some time after that and Zaira had to leave, but Eva didn't go with her. Eva eventually told her brother and he killed her, and became Zaira's Hunter. This happened when the girls were 13-14.
  • The first attack on her by her Hunter had rendered her incapable of ever bearing children. She was 14 at the time. She's generally more upset about him taking the choice away from her than not having children. She has since fixed this problem outside of the current timeline.
  • She killed her Hunter not long after she first went Home, and did so in a way that would freak most people out.
  • Has changed her soul (at least twice) to accomplish things she wanted or needed to do. This is a very painful process that leaves a person astrally "dead" for a few days. It requires a lot of sleep to heal from.

  • Despite her GRIMDARK entry, she was never raised by Humans or as a Human, nor did she ever think herself an "average teenager."