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Guyver Densuo
Biographical information


Birth November 21, 1982

January 19, 2012 (revived the 22nd)

Family Mavrik (brother), parents, Eiry (wife), Alta Liana (daughter)

Monster Hunter, Blacksmith, Gym Owner/Personal Trainer, Large Ham


Soul, Souldier, Souldier: Demonized, Air-Bro (by Matsumi Kaze), G, Commander Fluffy, Evoker of Purrs (by Solartiger)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Brown/Emmisive Red




See Weapons Section


See Capabilities and Extraordinary Capabilities section


GDDS, Brothers of Iron (His Gym), Zept, Matsumi, Miara Mitsuki, The Bondgroup

First Appearance

Guyver Densuo, aka Souldier, is a dimensional traveler who made his first appearance in Suburban Senshi early in 2006. Hailing from New York City, he currently works with his brother at their gym in Brooklyn, and lives in the Hotel in the Quite with wife Eiry and daughter Alta.


"I'm totally normal."
—Guyver about himself.

A bit of a ham and a hopeless romantic, Guyver is an energetic, well-meaning person whose machoness, ill-timed comments, and bad jokes tend to rub people the wrong way. He's quick to offer a hand, regardless of how helpful it would or would not be.

He's not one to keep a grudge for very long, and will own up to a mistake despite how stubborn he can be. Souldier has a bit of a competitive streak and low tolerance for disrespect or someone doubting him. Souldier has mixed feeling concerning immortals, finding many of them to be aloof, arrogant, and ignorant of mortal views. He's also at odds with people bearing psychic gifts due to previous experiences and general irritance at taking one down, though this has been slowly fading.

Conversations he's had with Yaijinden, coupled with the realization of exactly what Dimension Diver can do, has made him consider a more neutral standing. Due to this, he's more accepting and less intervening of people who differ from his moral compass, admitting the world has a need for "necessary evils." Regardless of his standing in a given situation, he's very overprotective of his friends, and prone to flying into a rage if they're endangered. He can be very swarming towards anyone he cares about.

Given his combat experience, he realizes the need for teamwork and prefers a support role when working with others; he is reactive to what the team needs. If fighting alongside people he trusts, he will often place himself in danger to allow the rest an easier time in taking the opponents down. When engaging one on one, he prefers "Denial of Attack" in order to pick his opponents apart, instill frustration, lower morale, and take them down in an absolute fashion. Though he's prone to getting hot blooded, where he will just get in there and brawl.

Up until an adventure with Matsuo Shin, he's only killed one person. While it was a life or death situation, and in self defense, it still bothers him. With Matsuo, he was forced again in a life or death situation. Regret is something that has slowly left his mind.

Previous Events

House of Moon

"The sword has become a burden. I'm done fighting."

Souldier was an absolute pacifist, tired of endless battle. Becoming more of a traveling monk, he used his abilities in ways that did not involve combat. Dimension Diver was fully sealed, except for allowing teleportation, and never saw combat again. The Zettai-Teki Hakai was rendered powerless by having its trapped souls released.

Seven Swords

Upon meeting members of the Steel Fist, and hearing some of their words, he felt they had changed for the worse and become power hungry shells of themselves, which he expressed clearly when he decided to stand against them. Also factoring in his decision was that a majority of who he gets along with best also opposed. He felt remorseful in failing to protect Suu during the course of events. During the climatic battle.....he got lost. Feeling inadequate and seeing himself fail his comrades, he swore it would not happen again, and increased his training regime.

The Zettai-Tekina Hakai

After a year of dormancy, Souldier's dark side resurfaced. His training to master himself and his corruption proved to be more of a struggle then he originally expected. For quite some time he seemed to be gaining the upper hand, but then a masked man appeared, and attacked him. a short but high pitched battle ensued, and the masked man instantly cut off Guyver's arm. The man, later revealed to be his friend Zept, appeared with a proposition: to release the trapped souls and be rid of the weapon. Ultimately, he decided to relinquish the weapon, as now he focuses on staying with Eiry.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned. The souls trapped within the blade were released, and the same demon that created the blade set himself upon Guyver and possesed his body. However, it was incomplete, as his love for Eiry was able to prevent this. Nevertheless, the demon had sufficient control to attempt to kill Eiry. Zept intervened, neutralizing his attack and securing Eiry's safety, but Guyver was almost immediately killed as six guards impaled him with spears. He died reaching for Eiry and calling her name.

Luckily, he was revived a few days later, much to the happiness of his friends and relations. Scars remain from where was impaled; his strength, reflexes, and control over both elements and Dimension Diver had been significantly weakened. Prefering to stay active, he continued to engage in normal, non-dangerous work, such as running his gym and working his smithing. It took him a bit over a month before he resumed his normal training to get himself back in form.

Matsuo Shin and The City of the Elementals

After recovering from his ordeal with the Zettai-teki Hakai, Matsuo Shin requested his assistance. Despite both men having a less than optimal friendship at the time, Guyver agreed and, along with Eiry, followed him. The events forced him to come to terms with him having to take lives for the sake of self defense, something he's always tried to avoid. The end of it all saw his relationship with Matsuo strengthened.

Current Events

Unplanned Parenthood

"[21:17] <Souldier> You're no better than a Hunter."
—Guyver, to Danus

On December 10, 2012, Souldier returned from a successful hunt on Minegarde to find his bond with Eiry did not restore. However, Miara was quick to inform him of his wife's disappearance, and he and other house regulars joined her and Sali in the search. While they knew she had been kidnapped, the group soon determined there was time travel involved. When they finally found her, evidence showed she had been beaten over several days. Found with her was a message to the Tokyo Lupa. While Guyver suspected Hunters, Miara confirmed it was a Lupa man who likely detested their involvement with non Lupa society--regarded by some the same as betrayal. Once they got her back to the clinic, however, it was also discovered that she's pregnant--via embryo implantation. Guyver's been quite distracted since, and besides guarding Eiry, was focused on revenge, the killing intent, and his dark side, creeping up.

Later, Miara captured Danus, the person responsible for Eiry's physical assault. Guyver laid into him, going so far as even attempting to kill him before being restrained by everyone present. To his dismay, he found that he couldn't take Danus' life or wound him permanently--not if he wanted to pursue the matter back to the source--Urvenis, a notorious Lupa Immortal. Although Danus went to Urvenis of his own volition, and the beatings he gave Eiry were a display of his own hate of the Tokyo group, the embryo he was given came from the immortal, and his unknown plans. After an interrogation, however, Miara gave Guyver simple instructions and turned a blind eye regarding his revenge on Danus, after which he foisted Danus off on the Hotel's EMH. His anger being momentarily sated, his attention turned again toward his wife. He is waiting for Miara as far as what to do further as far the Lupa immortal. These events are only confusing him about Lupa ways.

He and Eiry's daughter, Alta Liana, was born on September 5, 2013 at his house in Minegard, where they plan to stay about a week before returning to The Hotel.


"She's in good hands. I'll make sure she's ready for anything."
—Souldier to Matsumi Kaze

At Matsumi Kaze's request he has taken to training Sailor Halley. He's giving her instruction on trapping skills and counter attacks, as well as physical fitness at his gym, he is mulling a suggestion for a weapon.

Wedding Bells

"I just want her to be happy..."
—Guyver, on his relationship with Eiry

As of February 2011, Souldier is in a romantic relationship with Eiry. On August 17, 2011 they both revealed their love for each other. He's expressed interest in learning the Lupa language, Victorian Flower language (something Eiry specializes in), forming a bond with her, and eventually asking her hand in marriage. Guyver is extremely overprotective of her despite Eiry's ability to defend herself. His recent demise and revival have only strengthened his feelings for her. Whenever he is around her he feels at ease and loved. He goes overboard in trying to 'spoil' her and 'make her feel like the queen she is,' her smile, the only reward he seeks. On Sunday, January 29, he asked for her hand in marriage, which she accepted. Guyver and Eiry were married on April 23, 2012, a few weeks after bonding.

Souldier has not let his marriage and bond lead him to be complacent, as he continues to be very affectionate, and working to fully understand their bond.


ANOTHER katana?!?
Souldier likes to create items and weapons. More information is available in Souldier's Forge.

The Quite

With the House now being fused with The Hotel he has claimed room 1111 for himself. He calls it The Quite.

Standings with Others

[21:01] * Eiry settles a large bouquet of cabbage roses in his lap
[21:02] <Eiry> I hope that's enough :p
[21:05] * Souldier blushes slightly and smiles.
[21:17] <Souldier> Ambassador of love right?
[21:18] <Eiry> It suits you.
[21:20] <Souldier> I try :D

It should be noted that Guyver is loyal and very affectionate towards friends and family.

Souldier considers himself a brother-in-arms to David O`Cain. As early as their first cooperative mission together, they displayed good synergy.

He looks up to Gemini Sunrise, as she is always happy and cheerful. A smile from her tends to induce an almost child-like giddyness from him.

He cares about Suu like he would a little sister. His extremely protective attitude toward her led some house residents to believe that he was romantically interested in her. The only time his feelings have been truly hurt within the house occurred when she had accused him of trying to look up her skirt. Souldier was nearly driven to tears, storming out of the house to prevent himself from saying anything he'd regret.

Potamos is one of his better friends, and thinks she "Has the most awesome hair in the history of ever." She is another person whom he appreciates due to her cheerfulness, as his mood is always brightened with her around.

Although he never formally trained under him, Souldier refers to Yaijinden as "Master" out of a strange sense of respect. Souldier took his apparent self-induced demise as well as he could, choosing to simply remember their conversations and follow the path to neutrality as best he can, though he isn't really sure if that's what Yaijinden was implying during their conversations. Yaijinden's return both surprised him, but didn't... leaving him wondering just what makes him tick. He has come to the realization that he will probably never fully understand Yaijinden and has given up on that idea.

Hana Sagusa left a bad first impression with her apparent lack of discipline and erratic behavior annoying him. After sharing a small training session with her, and getting to know her better he feels she should be fine. He seems to be keeping an eye out for her.

Matsumi Kaze, leader of the Rising Valkyrie Unit, is someone Guyver gets along with. He loves her like a sister. Given their mutual air abilities he tends to refer to Matsumi as 'Air Sis', sharing high fives and exchanging information through the wind. He refers to himself as an uncle to both her daughters Eilean and Miki.

Being at odds with psychic gifts has resulted in headbutting with Matsuo Shin. They had a shaky relationship early on, which was made a bit worse when he began dating Eiry. Together with Eiry they shared a rather dangerous and life-risking adventure. Being forced to take lives negatively affected Guyver. Matsuo's support during this trying time has solidified their friendship, leading to a quiet, mutual respect.

Guyver has known Miara Mitsuki for quite some time, and loves her like a sister. This sibling love has led them both to torture each other in hellish training sessions. He typically strikes up a conversation with her and plays with her son Zalan when given the chance. Despite being bonded to Eiry, Miara is usually the first person he'll go to for anything Lupa related.

While Souldier and Dimitri are getting along much better, he feels bad for Plushie-chan, who he feels she's having trouble fitting in, and thinks Eitak Razal is misunderstood.

"Shinji Ikari is back from wherever the hell he was. I'm ok with this." Souldier gets along quite well with Shinji and is one of the people he's known the longest in the House.

He and Sakura April consider each other Gun Buddies and friendly rivals. They've gone destroying things at random on several occasions. He appreciates her "Just do it." attitude. It has been revealed they dated for a while. Saki did not allow him to sulk for too long after his break up with Yuma. Dragging him out for a date, which became a short, if intense fling before determining he needs 'get his manliness back completely' sending him to Mars to meet Ryan.

He and Ryan get along extremely well. They supported each other while in Mars, allegedly dealing with anything from depression, to wondering what it was all for. Upon this being over they decided to head back to Earth and swam in outer space. In their underwear. While humming some tunes. They also yelled at asteroids, preventing some large ones from threatening the planet. afterwards, they needed to figure out how to enter the atmosphere and became bored with how long this was taking. They yelled at another Asteroid and rode it to Earth. They smashed it to make it comfortable enough to lay on and re-enter the Earth. Upon splashing down they yelled at a nearby cruise ship and boarded it, they didn't care where it was headed and somehow found their way back to wherever the hell they damn well felt like going to.

Souldier still wonders how he gets along with Doctor X and Raihosha, randomly deciding it's because he and Xadium both wear glasses (Glasses Buddies!) and because Guyver and Raihosha simply happen to just always be around each other (Rai upgrading his forge helps too).

He trusts Bixia Yuanjin. Having found out that she is a retainer to Yaijinden led to him taking a protective stance around her, intent on guarding her until he would meet Yaijinden again. Even after Yai's return, he still remains protective of her. He takes to calling her 'Little Lady'.

He was disappointed in not being able to save Simon Kerrick from his fate. Despite his ways Souldier earned his respect and was convinced he and Bixia could help him. Though Simon lives on as a Lich, for Guyver it's a constant reminder of not being able to save him.

Zept is his best friend. They can be a couple of terribly silly idiots when they're around each other, or extremely volatile when disagreeing.


"I never said I was unbeatable. I said I can beat anybody."

A "student of the fight game" as he says, Guyver's continuous practice and study of several combat methods has made him highly adept with simple, martial, and exotic weapons. If it's a weapon, chances are he's used it. While Souldier has an obvious preference for boxing, Shotokan Karate, Muay Thai, wrestling, and Jeet Kun Do, he's researched various other methods on the basis of knowing how to deal with them using what he finds useful, and remembering everything so he can exploit them.

Through rigourous training, he's achieved mastery of mind and body, allowing him to strengthen his mental resolve and willpower to stave of mental attacks, tolerance to pain, and conditions that would prove fatal to the average human. Despite this, he keeps at it to keep himself sharp.

He is well versed in combat medicine, and while able to perform first aid in less then optimal conditions, he's not a miracle worker, requiring sufficient time and an aid kit. He can also cast some magic and enchantments via reading from scrolls. Otherwise, he is incapable of casting even the simplest of spells. Try as he might the results of his attempts are usually quite comical, spectacularly failing even the simplest of cantrips. He favors healing-type scrolls if there is no time for him to put his first-aid skills to use.

Souldier is also an aspiring blacksmith. He's had his facilities improved thanks to Raihosha and a strange skull given to him by his ex-girlfriend Yuma, which has allowed him to better hone his craft and makes enchanting items easier given his deficiency in magic.

Extraordinary Capabilities

"Guillotine swift, death by a thousand nicks. All depends on what I'm in the mood for."


Souldier is capable of generating a great amount of ki and can focus it into his fighting techniques. He is capable of giving and taking Ki. The ability to take ki from another has been sealed off until he can control it properly. A favorite method of his is to quietly instill Ki into his target, and later set the Ki off by either a time delay or a follow-up strike. his previous attacks repeating itself like a chain reaction, while causing debilitating internal injuries. He can instill Ki into inanimate objects such as weapons, a wall, or even a chair.

Through intense training he has learned to utilize Ki for strikes against ethereal, spiritual or otherwise non-corporeal based targets whom which normal or non-magical attacks would have no effect on. He is incapable of utilizing ki as a projectile unless combined with elements or he imbues an object with it (i.e., weapons, another person). In those cases he can release the Ki and shoot it, or detonate it at will

Signature Moves

Ki Install: Souldier instills an object or person with Ki on contact. The tell being a dull blow, a simple touch. Guyver can later detonate this at will, be it for delayed reaction, such as touching his opponent's hand, and later detonating the Ki to force his opponent's hand to miss an attack, or even detonating the ki on a throwing knife to alter it's angle and speed. Likewise when he lands a strike, the detonation will strike the same point where it landed, duplicating the damage from before, this has proven lethal if striking a vital point.

Ki Overdrive: Discovered by accident, Souldier attempted to fire Ki from his hands. The blasts instead reversed and slammed into his body. His mental and physical abilities are dramatically increased for some time. However, once the overdrive ends he's burned out for a while, his abilities slightly reduced, with his elemental control being impacted.

Elemental Control

"Power always comes with a price. And it WILL be paid..."
— Guardian Spirit to Guyver

Souldier is able to utilize several elements at will be they to alter his very being or to utilize them for attacks. His ability to control elements lies within him, but was awakened by spirits of nature. This control, however, comes at a price as each type of element bears a penalty for constant use. As he progresses in usage and mastery, the penalties' full effects take longer to truly surface and hamper his abilities.

His air and water powers were acquired during a time of unease when Souldier jumped off a special cliff, Sylph's Peak, with a friend. His fear of heights gripped him, but he was soon greeted by Sylphs and a breeze went through his body. His fears forgotten, he let the air carry him. His fears forgotten, Guyver fell from the sky, crashing into the lake below, home to Undines. His mind elsewhere, he allowed the water to encompass him. His body, sensitive to elements after just awakening to the power of Wind, almost immediately accepted Water. Soon after, he found himself swimming and playing along with several water spirits, his worries washed away.

Venturing into a volcanic area, he came across a bullied Salamander. The normally scalding heat was nowhere to be found as he picked up the fire spirit. Evading its perusing bullies, he came across a guardian dragon spirit. Referring to Guyver's heart as being "The warmth and comfort of a bonfire," the dragon spirit granted him the use of fire.


"He befriends every gentle breeze and storming gale he encounters"
— Sylph

Souldier's best element. With it he can, for example, increase his speed far beyond the limits of Humans (he is capable of breaking the sound barrier but can only do so in small bursts), silence his steps, create 'walls' with which to alter his direction in mid-air, an air-tight defensive barrier on reflex, generate skin slicing, tornado-like gales, and something he refers to as "Air Sight" seeing, or rather feeling with the air around him (and every curve of a person) at the cost of his normal sight while doing so. Corrigan taught him how to make a wind clone with this element, suitable for distractions. Usage of this element should allow him flight, but a traumatic experience as a child renders him only comfortable with being able to glide or slow his descent. If one looks closely, the faint image of dragonfly wings can be seen from his back when he glides.

It's penalty for over use is that regardless of his fitness, it leaves him winded.

Signature Uses

Air Sight: Souldier surrenders his normal vision to 'feel' the air around him. he can 'see' quite clearly in this mode, being able to tell who is who simply by how their body is shaped. He will typically resort to this on reaction to losing his glasses, if he is somewhere too dark to see, or is searching for someone. His near-sightedness has forced him to develop Air Sight very quickly.

Guyver is unable to detect Matsumi Kaze or HunterKiller with Air Sight. Matsumi's air based power far exceeds his. Hunter Killer for reasons unknown can not be tracked by this skill.

Wind Whisper: Guyver can whisper to someone from a distance of up to 100 feet, however, anyone in the path can also hear this.


His second best element, but his most natural one. This affinity grants him an improved ability to swim at no penalty. He generally uses it in combination with his wind/air elemental ability to create ice-based attacks, a super-thin Ice Clone for defensive maneuvers, or a high-pressure water stream capable of cutting even diamond. A minor ability is 'Duck's Back' to have water roll off his clothing harmlessly, preventing him from getting soaked in heavy rain.

The penalty for overuse is dehydration. A key reason why he always keeps a water bottle around.

Signature Uses

Water Blade: His arm seems to extend, slamming his opponent with it. It feels like getting crushed with a wave. With focus Guyver is capable of cutting through items as hard as diamonds. This however is very draining.

Underwater: At no penalty, Guyver can swim extraordinarily well, is able to see normally, and can get oxygen from the water for prolonged periods of time.


Guyver generates this mainly to speed up his reaction time and brain functions for very short intervals. It can also be used to add a numbing shock to blows, electrocution for grabs, a way to impact people who rely on their minds or even stimulate his muscles to 'warm up' before fighting.

The penalty for overuse is disorientation of the mind and subsequent loss of concentration, impacting his focus, reflexes, perception, alertness and susceptibility to mental assault. Due to this extreme penalty he only uses this element in bursts.

Signature Uses

Stunning Grasp: Souldier forces muscle contraction via grabbing the target, leaving them numb afterwards.

Heightened Awareness: Souldier increases his reaction time exponentially, being able to react to and deflect bullets and other extremely fast moving threats.


"Your fire is life. It is like that of a welcoming bonfire. Share it with those under your care."
— Dragon Spirit to Guyver

As this element was awakened by a Dragon Spirit, Dragonkin (Such as Ashagar the Endbringer) have mistaken felt his energy to be that of a dragon even when he's not actively using this element.

Generally used for something simple and mundane like using himself as torchlight. As this element was awakened due to his general friendly nature, the use of it in a forceful manner causes it's disadvantages raising Souldier's body temperature and even burning himself to even the bone at worse.

As a parting gift to Miara, he gave this ability to her.

Signature Uses

Torchlight: An appendage goes ablaze. The flame is harmless.

Bonfire: Souldier generates a comforting heat around him. No visible fire is seen, it attracts his friends. Animals that are friendly with him are very attracted to him when doing so.


Souldier's least experienced element, primarily used for defensive purposes, like a makeshift golem-like gauntlet. Souldier needs to be around nature to be able to really put this to use. He's yet to come to terms of fully understanding the element, unlike the others. The use of Earth is extremely draining and exhausts his body quickly.

Signature Uses

Gaia's Armor: When on normal ground (i.e., earth and soil) can have it form armor around him. He typical like a gauntlet for example.

Dryad's Favor: Souldier is able to use the natural energy from a tree to regenerate limbs and the like. It is a very draining and painful process. This does not, however, allow him to recover from the ill effects of heavy blood loss incurred from losing a limb. The recovered limb is covered in bark, slowly falling off to reveal a new limb. Guyver prefers to get extra rest during these phases, which speed up his recovery dramatically.

Signature Moves

Flight of the Flying Walrus (Unique Tag Team with Mike)

Mike grabs Souldier and tosses him head first toward his target. The most recent incarnation has Mike gather flow energy into his fist and slam Souldier's back with it, sending him flying toward their opponent. Souldier subsequently releases the stored chakra, adding an extra bang to the assault.

This technique came about after a heated dispute between the two, where Souldier offered to allow Mike to toss him, as a gesture of goodwill, toward a nuisance that was plaguing the chatbox.

Ichi-geki (One Shot)

Souldier's very first special technique, he breaks the sound barrier as he rushes forward. Stopping in front of his opponent, he launches a point blank one-inch punch in tandem with the following-right-behind-him sonic boom, blasting a tornado's gale forward.

Golden Counter

Used if Souldier is running low on HP and after dodging an attack, Souldier reaches normally impossible levels of focus, stepping in and placing a picture perfect counter attack upon his opponent, typically a full weight, straight right punch to the jaw. To this date, every time it has gone into effect, it has ended a fight in his favor.

Emergency Evasion: Dimension Diver

A reactionary tactic to prevent a mortal blow, Souldier instinctively activates Dimension Diver, stopping Time for a few moments. He can not harm anyone while in this mode but can move freely and even Reposition Dimension Diver's control blades to deflect something, or be used as a distraction.

Do me a favor? Blow that $#!T Up (Unique Tag Team/Summon with Sakura April)

"I want that building GONE. DESTROYED! COMPLETELY! YESH! Blow it up HARD. Use the bomb. The big one. NO! Not that one, the BIG ONE! What? You have a BIGGER one? HELL YES!! Oh and, take pictures."
—Guyver, to Sakura April

Souldier places a call to Sakura April and requests that she level whatever it is that ticked him off in some sort of fashion, usually involving an excessive amount of ordnance and a shared maniacal laugh.

Demonized Form

"We all have dark sides to our souls. You've brought mine forth. Now REAP THE WHIRLWIND!"
—Souldier's first rage.

A physical manifestation of Souldier's latent anger and darkness, his skin takes a darker tone, the white of his eyes become black, pupils a violent, red, and tribal-like markings appear on his body. The more agitated he is, the more the tribal markings become evident. This form is a result of his corruption when he stumbled upon a forest that was tainted by the Zettai-teki Hakai. The markings are a restraint spell set on him by a female drow he refers to as 'Oracle.' The spell prevents him from going fully berserk when his dark side manifests. It has been revealed that it was Zept who taught Oracle the markings.

In combat, his usual finesse gives way to raw instinct, making it almost impossible to predict his movement. Souldier would 'demonize' almost immediately when using the now defunct Zettai-teki Hakai. However, maintaining his demonized form with the weapon is something anyone can grow accustomed to. Under normal circumstances, he can maintain this form for hours, but his control is drastically reduced when under stress. Staying in this state for too long is both extremely detrimental to his body, and in a worst case scenario, can result in loss of control or domination by the Zettai-teki Hakai if he's using it.

His personality and language are different; he uses less slang and is more blunt. He becomes far less friendly and most of his emoting is mixed with an expression of violence, looking like he could explode at any moment. Souldier's elemental control becomes a moot point as he is prone to ignoring the consequences of misuse and is far more violent with them as witnessed before his death during the Zettai-teki Hakai's release and his subsequent domination by the Demon within the blade. His one shot overuse of his wind and fire ability left his arms charred and severely cut up.

His use of Dimension Diver is excessively reckless, Control must be established immediately lest he cause area wide damage on a catastrophic scale. This is generally why phases the sword out when he will not use it, as he knows he's more prone to ignore using that weapon while already angered.

Eiry's love for him can quell his dark side simply by her coming into contact with him, or using their Bond.

Sparring also seems to quell his dark side.

After his death, purification, and revival Guyver's dark side has not appeared. But is it gone? That remains to be seen. On Decemeber 12, 2012 Guyver's frustrations and killing intent brought out his latent dark side. Melanie Asher volunteered to assist him, diverting his mind to happier thoughts.

Notable Weapons


Souldier's expanding catalog of weaponry both personal and for others can be found at Arsenal.

Dimension Diver

Dimension Diver is Guyver's main weapon and transport, and more information on it is available here.

Zettai-Tekina Hakai

The Zettai-Tekina Hakai is a wrist blade made of evil souls which dangerously alters the mind when worn. More information about it is here.


  • Souldier was considered to have "made his mark" on Suburban Senshi when commenting on a picture of Sailor Venus saying "I hope that bath is a cold soak up all that hotness."
  • Souldier should be capable of flight with his control over wind/air but a traumatic experience as a child has left him with a fear of heights. He is only capable of gliding and even then only when concentrating fully.
  • ? refers to Souldier's demonized form as "angst mode."
  • Although proficient with them, Souldier has an obvious dislike for katana.
  • Every time he and Solarchos have sparred, their matches have ended within minutes, with Solarchos holding a 3-1 edge as well as the highest damaging hit, exceeding 700 damage.
  • Souldier's duel monsters deck is Soldiers of the Honorable Cavalry.
  • Souldier referred to a paranoid Shaldra Darkness as "Shota Darkness," an obvious parody to Solarchos' "Lolichos" nickname.
  • Souldier engaged DUELMAN in an extremely homo-erotic, naked, oiled up wrestling match. A draw.
  • His first instance of breaking the limit was seen on May 30, 2008, as seeing a battered Suu caused him to go berserk for a brief moment.
  • Souldier's familiars' names, Nei (a Sylph) and Rika (an Undine), are named after two Numan females from the Phantasy Star series.
  • The Pile Bunker RAJM and Hakusan (including it's future upgrade, Kenrouken) are named after pile bunkers from Armored Core 4 and R-Type FINAL, respectively.
  • Among other scars, Souldier has a small scar above his left eye. It is barely noticeable unless one is looking for it.
  • He has a thing for female archers.
  • Souldier is prone to breaking the 4th (5th?) wall when comically appropriate.
  • Any magic cast by Souldier via a scroll will include a reference to Phantasy Star and/or Magic: The Gathering.
  • Souldier's Ki Overdrive is a shoutout to the R-9Ø Ragnarok's Hyper Wave Cannon.