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The Immortals

In the beginning of Lupa history, there were 3 immortals. They became the Leaders of the People, and ran the Place of the Touched. The immortals ideally provide stable leadership over long periods of time and are trusted to guide the Lupa and shape their world. They generally have photographic-like memory and very high intelligence. Because they are designed to be long lived, they generally are much more stable mentally and in personality, and will spend long periods of time in a "phase" before moving on to something else. Basically, time moves more slowly for them.

All of the immortals except Jaxmin have an astral pocket. This is where they normally keep things. However, some of them have learned to use theirs more extensively than others due to circumstances and need. There is very little air in astral pockets, and so things keep much longer. However, a living thing could survive for several minutes.

Limited Immortals

Normal immortals can be killed or starved, die of thirst, etc., but do not grow old or die of natural causes (just like Toklien's elves). Over time the number and existence of the immortals has changed. They have mortal children.

Mōn is the ultimate counselor, and she is the head of the Speakers and Healers orders. Her power color is blue. She is kind, gentle, and feminine. The Lupa love and respect her more than anyone else, and she is always considered first among the immortals. She is considered in legend to be pure in terms of both astral and goodness. She does not display the characteristic disposition toward fighting and temporary anger like most other Lupa.
She is mated to Altairtax, and the nature of love strengthens their power when they act together. She was kidnapped by Urvenis when packs were sent to live on Terra. This was able to happen because Moon and Altairtax were in different places at the time, and she was not able to defeat Urvenis alone. She was Urvenis' prisoner for 5,000 years, and was rescued by Altairtax and Zaira just before Restoration.
Mōn is the only immortal who doesn't have an interest in learning more advanced self-defense, and she has no weapons. She can defend herself astrally against almost anyone on xcheamo, and she would be the first to be protected by others if something were to happen.

Altairtax, usually called Trax by his contemporaries, is the original Protector/Guardian figure in Lupa history, and he in turn trained others with great talent in fighting and self-defense. He also was the head Leader until Jaxmin joined the immortals. His power color is blue-green.
After the Restoration, he is also the head of several projects, such as the archive project, making repairs to the Place of the Touched when necessary, and other things that need to get done.
Altairtax is mated to Mōn, but was not able to rescue her because the first thing Urvenis did was make sure he couldn't just go in and get her. He had to wait for someone who could guide him to Urvenis' place and help him rescue Mōn. During the waiting time, he traveled in all parts of both xcheamo and Terra, and generally kept himself hidden to all but TheHunterKiller. He also showed Zaira who he was after they met. He was able to learn and encounter all kinds of people and things. He has many fighting styles in his repertoire and his pocket is full of weapons and other useful things.

Urvenis was the original Balance, holding the balance of Light and Dark. His power color was first emerald green, and then a sick, withered kind of green. A charismatic and capable man, he was a good Leader, and it was his vision that foresaw and built the Place of the Touched.
He was in love with Mōn as well, and eventually became jealous of Altairtax, as well as the love the people held for the pair as Leaders. He withdrew and fell to the dark side, engaging in magic and witchcraft, which is illegal under Lupa law. He began recruiting people to work for him, and built a following.
When his plans became real and he captured Moon, the Lupa would not accept him or his leadership, and he was forced to withdraw. This event coincides with the time when the first Lupa packs came to live on Earth. However, he made a new plan that depended upon the memory of immortals becoming only myth and legend, and then made plans to take over leadership again. It's at this point (in the future, ca. 2040s?) that Altairtax and Zaira set out to rescue Moon. At the end of a struggle, Altairtax killed Urvenis, and Moon was freed. This event and the resulting Gathering of all Lupa--native and Terran--is called Restoration.

Unlike the three original immortals, Zaira's existence started as a baby, and was the only one not originating from xcheamo.
She was made to take Urvenis' place as Balance, but she also had to prove she wouldn't turn out like him. Her early life was full of struggles she learned over years to balance it out, and she had to prove she would be subservient to the other immortals over her own mixed nature. When she and Altairtax attempted to rescue Mōn, she was forced to face this head on. After a brief evil stint she sacrificed herself for Moon's release. She became the new Balance (and immortal) after this, and had to learn who she was again. Because of this, there is a record in the archives at the Place of the Touched of everything she remembers having happened to her in her life.

Jaxmin was born as a mortal on Xcheamo, and grew up normally. It wasn't until he was named Leader of his community at the young age of 21 and became mates with Zaira that he began to think that there were other things at work. He had feelings that something big was going to happen during his lifetime, and began working on his leadership skills and experience, as well as building on his natural talent for the fighting arts.
Unlike the other immortals, he has no astral ability, nor can he be felt astrally by anyone else. This is very disconcerting for anyone who is at all Touched, since they can feel the existence of those around them through their astral.
Jaxmin's role as an immortal is as the head Leader, and all 4 quadrant Leaders report to him. He presides over any major meetings of Leaders or boundary issues, and handles all the important paperwork attached to the position. It's not known exactly when he became immortal.

Unlimited Immortal



TheHunterKiller was never intended to be immortal, but when the Lupa living on Terra were first being killed by Hunters, she appealed to Altairtax for the position. She gave up her name and became an immortal whose only purpose was to kill Hunters. She cannot be harmed in anyway, and has a special suit made of Moonmetal for the job. When Moon and Altairtax resume their leadership, she will give up the position to Zaira and get the one thing she wants.

Overall Levels

Based on the combination of each one's powers, abilities, and other such factors. Their range of astral is what they can solidly cover, and unification of minds or destruction can be done in that full extended range. However, most of the immortals have never used this range for anything other than communication. HK and Altairtax used to use theirs in ancient times, and Zaira used hers once, although it was smaller at the time. Use of this range requires the person's full and complete focus and represents what they could do at their absolute best. Their reach to a single mind can go beyond this solid range.


The HK is clearly in her own league, and with a combination of her powers could destroy something the size of Aescapulus given an hour or so. She can reach the other immortals between worlds, and is especially able to find Altairtax. What really puts her on top is her immortality, the fear she instills in others, and her level of mastery over every aspect of her abilities. She is somewhat less than "human" in nature, doesn't need to eat, sleep, or drink, and she doesn't feel pain the same way others do. Unless you can find a way to kill her, she's pretty much unstoppable.

Urvenis is ahead of Moon and Trax only because he created a way to supply himself with constant unlimited power. With this he could create an astral field the size of a planet. He is also a great manipulator of others and has a following behind him.

Moon is socially the highest, and has the most raw power, but doesn't have a lot of the other non-astral abilities the others have, which is only partly due to her time in captivity. She can create an astral field the size of a planet, and can easily reach between worlds. She commonly communicates with various Speakers and Touched in this way.

Altairtax is on about the same level as Moon with his combined abilities, and if he had to could reach the same astral field size.

Zaira is behind only in terms of her age, and is still discovering some of her abilities. However, she could still take out something the size of Aescapulus in a similar manner as HK, and can also reach between the worlds, although only the other immortals can hear her this way. She is the only immortal that can still be consumed like any other Touched by taking on too much power; her capacity is simply much, much higher.

Jaxmin is not meant for this kind of power, but has a lot of social pull as head of the Leaders, and has developed great physical prowess over the years. However, he does not have the same level of ability as the others yet, and won't for some time.

Any normal Touched in shared mind with any of the immortals will have their astral multiplied during that time. Any one of the immortals + Moon could potentially range a solar system, while all of them together definitely could. Zaira or the HK with any other immortal can range a planet.

Using Astral on Terra

The HK and Zaira do not use much of their astral based abilities on Terra because such acts would reveal their presence to any astral, telepathic, or otherwise power-sensitive person in the region. Both of them depend on secrecy, and so they are unable to use these powers without the greatest of cause. First world countries with high amounts of technology and quick response units are constantly becoming more and more difficult for both normal Lupa and the immortals to live and protect/be protected in.

Any immortal on Terra keeps the strongest of shields around their entire mind and astral, and even between each other can be difficult to read. Without it, other Touched, telepaths, and other people with ESP can very easily be taken unawares and mentally end up "between a rock and a hard place" when coming into contact with a Lupa immortal. Zaira had this experience when she met Altairtax, and Eiry experienced something similar the first time Zaira spoke to her astrally.