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The Roma Inn is the inn run by the Roma family and its extended pack located in Belvidere, Vermont, a valley running north between the mountains. It is Eiry's home pack and where she spent her whole life until moving to Tokyo.

It’s in a remote area, surrounded mostly by forest and some other remote homes. The inn is quite large and can put up about 50 people overnight at most. There are various buildings in the main area, and various smaller homes in the area belonging to pack members. Other than any guests, Eiry’s immediate family lives in the inn building itself, taking care of very late and early hour duties. The Roma family built the original structure in the late 1700s, and it has been added to several times over the last 300 years. It is mostly a wood and stone structure, with full porches in both front and back. The kitchen is quite unusual, having both a colonial hearth and modern kitchen.

It is surrounded by gardens, where there are several pathways and places to sit. Although most of the pack will help with whatever when needed, everyone does have specific things that they take care of for the inn. The inn is also known for its food, specializing in colonial cooking, in both old and reinvented styles.

Important People

Luke Lindsey is the pack Leader, and is normally a nice person, but as a Terran Leader takes his responsibility very seriously. He is the front man for the business and is the one who goes to any meetings or arranges for anything they need out of the usual. He has an eye for detail, and a rather good memory. Brown hair, brown eyes.
Lauren, Luke's wife, assists the pack healer, and can usually be found behind the front desk of the inn. She is a friendly, down to earth person and a good communicator, and also a good home cook. Blond hair, grey eyes.

Jonathan Kortan is the pack Speaker, and besides this helps with general things around the inn such as repairs and closing up at night. He will also run any errands during the day should they be necessary. His interests include psychology and wildlife. He usually goes by Jon. Red hair, blue eyes.

Henry Raybill is a doctor and the pack's healer. He's in his 70's and works at the clinic in town a few days a week. Other duties he does for the inn include butchering large game from guest hunts and he particularly likes working in the vegetable garden.

Eiry’s Family

Both were born and raised in Ireland, met young as adults and moved to America to become part of a more liberal pack. They have never returned to Ireland, but do correspond with their parents and friends there. All of their children were born at the inn and they’ve brought them up as Lupa and Americans. They considered two heritages to be enough for their children, and therefore didn’t put much emphasis on their own Irish heritage. Ian, Eiry, and Saliena know bits of Irish lore, history, and a little Gaelic.
Jonathan is Touched and the pack Speaker; Kara is a laundress at the inn and bakes most of the breads. She also helps Lauren with healing. She has a very sunny personality and is the type of person who's always humming a tune. Her interests include music and poetry. Brown hair, brown eyes.

Sali is Eiry's twin, and is the chef in charge of all the food at the inn. More information on her is here.

Ian is seven years older than the twins and is an electrician/techie. He takes care of both the inn and any other buildings belonging to pack members, and most of the computer systems. There is a bit of distance between him and the girls at times due to their age difference, but they are warm to each other and can be quite caring. Brown hair, brown eyes.
Ian's wife's name is Tiena, who was originally a member of the Office pack. They met through the matchmaking services offered by the Office (it's like for Lupa). She has very curly blonde hair, brown eyes, and a light smattering of freckles.
Their first child, Grace, was born on February 20, 2012.

Jake is Sali's mate, and Luke & Lauren's son. He'll most likely be Leader after Luke. He and Sali have been together for over ten years, and have a very solid relationship. Like her, he intends to live out his life at the inn. Most of his work includes helping his father handle the business of the inn and pack, as well as being a skilled carpenter. He is, however, a bit more kind than his father, and is a very good match for Sali. Light hair, brown eyes.

Nathan is Sali & Jake's son and Eiry's nephew. He was born in January 2009 and enjoys playing with Erik and the Lily's dog Toby, and being doted on by his grandparents and aunt. Chestnut hair, brown eyes, and scant smattering of freckles.
Lavinia Morgan, usually called Livy, is their daughter, born in January 28, 2014. She has dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Other People to Know

Nanette is Lauren’s niece and Jake’s cousin, as well as Tally’s adopted mother. She is the head gardener, and does most of the major planning and coordinates the work done by her and several of the others. She is not mated, and is one of the most liberal members of the pack, and has a strong personality. She is Gifted for plants, and mentored both Tally and Eiry in their Gifts.

This is the kid who gets into Sali's cooking all the time. He's currently the second youngest child in the pack, and his parents are Andrew and Ilara Lily. Ilara helps Sali in the kitchen when Eiry's not there, and also helps in the gardens.

The Gardens

The Roma Inn is famous for its gardens, and astral gifts for working with plants runs through the Roma line. Nanette is currently in charge of the gardens. They are quite extensive, with several different gardens in different styles.

Formal Gardens

Umxx2XB.jpg Walking Garden

The walking garden is the largest most formal garden the inn has, and lies behind the inn. It features beds of bulbs in spring, and its summer highlights include the rose garden.

xysoCai.jpg Rose Garden

The rose garden is contained in the walking garden, and features cultivars from many old and modern garden roses.

nQEiP4u.jpg Pond

Nanette is currently working on putting a large manmade pond in one section of the walking garden. This is an artists' conception of what she might like it to look like when it's complete.

Smaller Gardens


Children's Garden

The children's garden is very close to the main inn building and features colorful flowers that attract both butterflies and hummindbirds.


Perennial Garden

A rustic perrenial garden bordered by forest.


Rock Garden

A lush rock garden with both flowering plants and many ivies.


Sitting Garden

A smaller garden with benches and various flowers throughout the year. There are plots that are seeded with annuals every year.

Garden Path

P5DKhJl.jpg PpvWZhd.jpg

Garden Path

The main path the inn recommends for visitors who want to explore the forest. It has places where the path has been lined with flowers or ornamental shrubs and bushes, and others where there are pretty views into the forest.

Working Gardens

The inn provides a lot of its own produce during the growing season, but also gathers fruits, nuts, and other edibles from their land. Everyone participates in working these gardens and gathering throughout the year.


Herb Garden

A small herb garden close to the kitchen door.


Vegetable Garden

This is a large vegetable garden, also close to the kitchen.