Tally Barre-Roma

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Tally Phillippe Barre-Roma
Biographical information


Birth 1980
Family Nanette Roma (adopted mother), Jolie Barre (mother)


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floral knife & shears


floral design


Eiry, Floral Heaven, the Roma Inn, The Bondgroup

First Appearance

June 2019

Tally is a Changed Lupa who is part of the Tokyo group and until very recently, was quite dead. A tall, thin man with brown eyes and long brown hair, usually worn in a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck. He is Eiry's soulmate.

Character and Personality

Tally is normally a friendly people person, definitely more of an extrovert. He enjoys going out into the city to explore and meet new people, as well as making short trips home to stay in communication with his family. As a florist, he loves flowers, and is fluent in the Victorian Flower Language.

However, he can be prone to both mild to mid dramatics and depression.


On a random night in June 2019, Tally reappeared at The Hotel, alive and Changed, with no memories of how he got there after his death, and no more answers than anyone else. TheHunterKiller, however, has revealed that Eiry's bondgroup is needed to combat some kind of threat which they may be able to withstand that others have not, so they are training to do so. While he's spent some time at the Roma Inn visiting with family and friends since he's returned, he plans to stay in Tokyo. He live in the Hotel dorm and has integrated back into work as a florist at Floral Heaven. He and Miara have found some common ground in their experiences and sometimes meet to talk about it.


Tally was born in 1980 to a French mother (Jolie) and American father, but the two never married, and the two separated while he was young enough to not really remember his father at all. Jolie was a French woman who grew up in the suburbs of Rouen, and while still young took a liking to the study and learning of languages. While in University, she met a young man and returned to America with him. While there, she got a job teaching French in a local high school, and found that she was good at it. A year or two later she became pregnant, and they had the baby, but things went badly afterward, and they broke up when he was two, going their separate ways.

Most of what he does remember is the closeness he shared with his mother while growing up as the child of a single parent, the two depending on each other. While he knew they weren’t well off, he liked his life with her. Despite when things were sometimes darker, as his mother suffered from depression, and sometimes had more severe bouts of it. When he was four, they moved to Belvidere where, VT, where his mother taught French at the nearby community college. She quickly met Nanette, a local woman, and the two became good friends, spending a lot of time together. Tally also got to know her during this time.

Tally was seven when he was adapted by Nanette Roma after his mother (Jolie) was killed when her car hit a tree. He quickly formed a friendship with Eiry and Sali, who were only a year older than him, and the three became a trio and had a close friendship. While Eiry had always been interested in plants and flowers, and began developing her skills while younger, he discovered his ability with plants and flower arranging as a young teen. The two often worked together, and it wasn't long after this that their constant use of the same gift in tandem formed a soulbond between them.

This is unusual between Lupa and Humans, and such an unexpected event was a somewhat traumatic experience for the three of them.

Unlike the girls and other younger people in the pack, Tally was allowed to participate in after school activities as long as he could arrange for transportation. Thus, he participated in 2 school musicals: “Grease” when he was a junior, and “Our Town” as a senior. It was while he was a junior that he and Eiry began planning for their future in earnest.

After high school, he worked without pay for the Inn to pay back the loans which had allowed Eiry to get her BA in business management. He and Eiry continued making their plans for opening Floral Heaven. Tally cared much more about the name than the location, and chose it in return for letting her choose Tokyo--a place where they could specialize in American plants and flowers, and also to cater to the high foreign population there.

Tally and Eiry moved to Japan and opened Floral Heaven together, and he was the main florist there until his death on September 18, 2007. This was in an event in which a team of Lupa took on a team of Hunters threatening a pack, and in which Miara Mitsuki first traveled to the current time period. He is the only person Eiry has Changed.


His Mother

While not in the car when his mother died, he has always suspected that she was in a deep depression at the time, and that he has inherited some kind of mental imbalance from her. Since she had never been treated, he’s been unable to confirm this other than from his own memories of her and a few people who knew her. This is important as it can greatly color how he views her and their relationship when he was little depending on his mood at the time.

However, most of the time he enjoyed a very close relationship with his mother, as they relied only on each other as family for several years. She shared quite a bit with him about herself and her life, and never let him want for love. He loved her very much, and remembers her most of the time with great love. He considers himself lucky to have had two mothers who loved him so much.


Nanette quickly became friends with Jolie when she and Tally moved to Belvidere, and began spending time at their small apartment, sometimes babysitting when she also got on with Tally well enough.

Eiry, Sali, and Bonds

While he and the girls are around the same age and group up together after his adoption by Nanette, they are also close friends with overlapping interests, and became close rather quickly as a natural product of the girls' closeness. Since he and Eiry had more interest in flowers, they did a lot together had always planned to work together with flowers in some way. It was a huge shock and surprise to him when they bonded, and he was at times acutely aware of how much Eiry held him together at times until he made the adjustment.