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Yotsuba Suu (四葉翠羽)
Biographical information


Birth Unknown, listed as April 1
Family Birth mother

Chairwoman of the Speedwagon Foundation, agent of Statesman

Physical description

Genetically modified human



Hair color


Eye color





Two katanas (Hachidori and Shiratori)


Sword fighting, flight, manipulation of metal


Potamos (Former roommate), Scarlet (Roommate/caretaker)

First Appearance

ca. 2005

About Suu

Suu is a petite woman in her early 20s with short white hair, emerald green eyes, a mysterious tattoo of a four leaf clover on her inner thigh and—her most striking feature—a set of wings, made of mythril and orichalcum, that extend from her back much like a butterfly or bird. She’s a bit on the small side (which results in being subject to a lot of good natured teasing) but don't call her a boy.


Suu was born to a young teenage mother named Kagura, who had dropped out of CLAMP Gakuen. Kagura had become estranged from her family after having Suu, and was forced to move out. She tried supporting Suu by working nights at a hostess club, but ended up constantly neglecting her. Kagura's best friend, another girl named Oruha, was working at the time for Kyle Rondart. He was looking for a test subject and Oruha convinced Kagura to give her baby up to Kyle.

Suu grew up in Kyle Rondart's research facility, and was raised exclusively by him and Oruha. She was a very bright young girl who inherited her mother's love of music. She enjoyed singing with Oruha, and one of her favorite songs included the lyrics "Take me someplace far away/Take me to a true elsewhere." Kyle's goal was to isolate her from the outside world completely so that she would remain innocent and completely loyal. However, Oruha began to realize that she couldn't stand by while Kyle continued to manipulate her, so she bargained for Suu's freedom in exchange for Oruha's scientific knowledge. It was then that one night Suu would be drawn out of her room at the facility by a song sung by Oruha, and far far away towards the Ten'Aino house...After she was found, it was decided that she would be taken care of by Hiromi “Potamos” Kawanami and Scarlet Ohara because they had the time, resources AND money. Taking the alias Suu Yotsuba (四葉翠羽), she was enrolled in CLAMP Gakuen. Suu has held down part-time jobs at Card ParaDice, Piffle Princess toy shop, Gothic & Lolita clothing brand Lapin Angelique and Duklyon Bakery on the CLAMP Gakuen campus. After careful consideration, she decided after graduation to enroll in the CLAMP Gakuen University Division's two-year retail business administration program. Before they decided to sell the business, she was the accounting manager at Cafe Topsy Turvy along with a group of business partners.

Suu learned about her origins and more about herself when she and Ran, another augmented human, were used by Kyle Rondart to attack CLAMP Gakuen and find a strange hidden artifact of great power. It was a traumatic event that involved serious injury to the Chairwoman and Nokoru, but Suu has managed to mostly recover.

Other traumatic events that have shaped Suu's psyche were the aftermath of Judai Yuki being attacked by Chaos Avatar, witnessing Anthony Suthers attacking YingGirl, a journey into the infamous "suicide forest" Aokigahara, and accidentally killing three civilians on the SS Espero. To this day, she has extreme emotional and physical reactions to the sight of dead bodies or her friends injured and bleeding.

After Hazel Ninegate's reaction to her conviction, Suu decided to start gathering the Dragon Balls in order to wish Akihabara back to the way it was before vast parts of it were destroyed, and revive all the people killed. Her search began at the headquarters of Cradle Pharmaceutical, and attracted the attention of Free The Soul, who went after Suu and the allies of Ten-Aino House/Hotel with their Myrmidon clone army. Suu managed to gather the Dragon Balls together, but at an emotional toll after she was forced to recover one of them with Amanda Sharlan's life hanging in the balance. She decided to rescue Amanda herself, which led to her being captured as well, and was rescued by her allies and given the 7th and last Dragon Ball. She made her wishes the next day.

Current Events

Suu was hired by Jack Dinsdale to assist in finding and retrieving the missing Hiromi Kawanami, which she did along with a team of allies. She's currently assisting Hiromi with the accounting practices for Atelier Potamos, while she continues studying for her MBA.

While living in America, Suu was in a relationship that ended badly. She keeps the details fairly quiet, but has mentioned that the end of the relationship was related to the fact that her boyfriend was trying to harvest the mythril in her wings for some sort of weapon.

Up until August 2019, Suu was the owner/operator of Big Grocery until her stake was purchased for 410,757,864,530 dead cops British pounds by Exeter L. Wakefield. After careful consideration she decided that she was going to donate a (very) large portion of her proceeds to charity, and found out about the Speedwagon Foundation. She contacted them directly about making a donation, and was then recruited to join their cash-strapped organization as chairwoman.

She was recruited by Geminine Sunrise into the Statesmen organization, where she has learned to manipulate ki using her sword to strike non-lethal blows. Her codename within the Statesmen is "Suntory."


Suu has been seen with Gundham Tanaka on many occasions, but it's unknown if their friendship will develop further.


Suu’s wings are usually folded and are on her back as two flat strips of metal. When she unfurls them, they stretch out into a brass/mythril/orihalcon framework holding feathers of a very sharp, very thin orihalcon/mythril alloy. She is able to fly under her own power using these wings and enjoys doing so regularly. Suu is able to manipulate any kind of metal, as long as it is in close physical contact with her. She does a lot of her own preventative maintenance on her wings. She doesn't do any manipulation of her two swords, though.

Suu has a beautiful singing voice, and enjoys karaoke.

Important Items and Possessions

Hachidori (蜂鳥): Suu's sword, commissioned as a present for her (unofficial) birthday from the PRA. It has an emerald green scabbard and handle with gold trimmings. The sword's name means "hummingbird."

Shiratori (白鳥): A present from Potamos and Klavier, it was found in a Hong Kong antiques shop and is over 150 years old. It has a white scabbard and a pearl handle with gold trim. The name of the sword means "swan."

Suu's Tattoo


The tattoo is of a four leaf clover with a barcode, a number 4, and the name "Clover Leaf Project."

Random Trivia

Suu has dabbled in Duel Monsters and keeps a few cards with sentimental value, such as those given to her by her mentors and friends.

Her beverage of choice is matcha latte and her favorite food is spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and hot peppers.

The Yotsuba in Suu’s alias means “four leaves” and Suu is written with the characters for “verdant feather.”

Suu does not know her birthday so Potamos and Scarlet registered her for school as having the birthday of April 1.

Suu is based partially on the character of the same name as created by CLAMP for the manga series Clover.