Hazel Ninegate

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Hazel Ninegate
Biographical information


Birth November 9, ????
Family The Corruptor (Father)

Agent of Chaos

Physical description

Time Lord



Hair color


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Paisley Pythia Peinforte

First Appearance

March 2011 (appx)

"Life is all about moving forward, but never having forgetten how you got this far."
—Hazel Ninegate


Hazel Ninegate has been revealed to be Lady Hazenine, a Time Lord, the daughter of The Corruptor, so her biographical details below are to be considered only a cover, although it seems she has actually lived through many of the experiences related therein.

Hazel, determined to judge whether there is some innate quality in humanity that justifies it taking center stage in universal history when the Time Lords were almost extinguished, has devised many sadistic and difficult trials such as The Nonary Game to test the mettle of the humans she encounters.

She wants to see if there is anything to humanity, to bring out the inner greatness in them, to see it, to understand it, and to judge it. If she finds it worthy she will do...something.

To prevent the inhabitants of the house from stopping her, or opposing her with mere force, she has carefully counterbalanced their greatest assets, kidnapping and modifying Ignis to match rei.bot, acquiring a Space Hulk to balance out Raihosha's Aescalupus, and growing her own Ginzuishou to match the one wielded by Chibiusa.


Hazel is genki and flirtatious, with an open mind. Her appearance is deliberately styled on that of Suzumiya Haruhi, because it "drove the lads in Akhibara mad."

Hazel has allowed Sakura April to shoot out her knees simply to demonstrate that she will not be intimidated by threats of physical violence.


Hazel is a fairly typical young girl who is an exchange student at Toyo Eiwa's Graduate School from Oxford, where she belonged to Jesus College.

She came to The House after finding one of Haruka's "Hostel" hosting pamphlets listing room and board for about $5,000 a month. She was hit by a car before reaching the house and was healed by Paisley and Raihosha.

Hazel went to the some of the same classes as Paisley Pythia Peinforte, and they were fast friends. Even after all she has done, Hazel still has a closer rapport with Paisley than anyone else.

She comes from an old family of noble heritage and was taught to prepare for anything, so she traveled the world, studying.

She has been to India as part of a social anthropology expedition.

Feud with Xadium

Obsessed with determining why Earth is worth its place in history that seems to eclipse Gallifrey's, Hazel begins a course of action that pits her against Doctor Xadium.

Her hatred of his engagement to Gemini Sunrise has sent her over the edge, causing her to forcibly convert a group of refugees from another dimension into Cybermen for use against the couple--and then observed gleefully while watching these refugees-turned-Cybermen proceed to upgrade--despite brave resistance, every single one of the friends and countrymen who had come to lead them home. This unmitigated act of evil has pushed her from being merely chaotic neutral to a darker stance.


Hazel was killed when a clone of her grown from her hand slew her, in order to be its own person.

Death and Rebirth

Killed at the hands of her clone, Lady DeVenger, she was revived by Torchwood in a gambit to stop Tony Suthers after the unveiling of his Project Prometheus on June 2nd, 2012. Unfortunately for absolutely everyone involved, the fanatical Suthers had been created and programmed with the over-arching purpose of destroying sources of chaos, and gaining the trust of targets in order to attack when they were most vulnerable. Approaching the zealous AI with friendship, Hazel had no way of knowing that now in according to Suthers' perceptions, since she was no longer the winning side and would represent more chaos than order if she began her contrivances again, he saw it as his duty to follow his programming priorities and attempt to kill her. The AI assassin, correctly believing that Hazenine would never be more vulnerable than she was right then, risked all of his plans to stabilize Earth in order to kill the Time Lord. He attacked her immediately and remorselessly with a blade he had fashioned to target both of a Time Lord's hearts like the one she had fallen prey to before. Their pitched duel could only be halted by heavy orbital bombardment, allowing Hazel to escape, but Hazenine never forgot the sense of rage and betrayal she felt upon being targeted for termination by the *one individual* she expected to greet her as a friend.


"Saving the World"

After being revived by Torchwood in order to help stop Tony Suthers, and after almost being killed by him after she genuinely tried to save his life, Hazel's madness grew deeper, and she murdered Mizuno Ami in cold blood so that she could seize control of her corporation, Mizunomics, and deploy a fake virus (W32.Suthers) and companion firmware update solution really designed to protect the computers of the world from Tony Suthers' Artificially intelligent sons.

Thanks to the interference of The Actuary and Nivek Razal, Ami was saved, as she was swapped for a clone of herself about 20 minutes before the murder occurred. Nonetheless, in order to save the timeline, she was brought forward to a point after Hazel had taken control, so she still had access to Mizunomics Research and Technology.

A True Patriot

Hazel interceded in the trial of Lord Vaxilan, using her family's ancient technology to stop his escape, in order that he might be punished for giving the order which led to the Last Great Time War. She did this in order to avenge the downfall of her beloved planet and to warn the next generation of Time Lords never to repeat his mistake, this despite him using methods that seemed similar to hers, revealing her true motivations.

The Eternity Gambit

On September 11th, 2012, Hazel returned to the Hotel in a reflective mood, pondering what her life would have been like had she not been so enraged at Xadium and Gemini's nuptials that she had decided to conduct the Nonary Games. After talking to Thrash, in a rare-moment of self-reflection, she admitted she knew she had gone too far, but knew there was no turning back. She revealed that she intended to bring Gallifrey even more power, so that the Time Lord could retake their rightful place in the universe.

Afterwards, Hazel left for Yau-Calabi Space. There, she did battle with the Black Guardian, partially taking his powers and resulting in the events of September 21st, 2012 -- "The Day that Never Was". Mortally wounded after that event, she sought to preserve her life at any cost.

The Apotheosis Event

see The Apotheosis Event.

The Hero of Gallifrey

On October 8th, 2012, using the power of the Black Guardian and a Philosopher's Stone made from 3.5 billion sacrificed lives, Hazel broke the Time Lock on Gallifrey, destroyed the invading Dalek Fleet, and restored the planet to its former glory, becoming its hero and immediately gaining tremendous political sway, which she immediately used to have Thrash and Xadium labeled as renegades. No one would dare support prosecution of "the Hero of Gallifrey". In actuality the entire thing had been a farce: The Doctor had saved gallifrey from destruction, causing it to vanish from the face of the universe and the daleks to destroy one another. Knowing this, Hazel had used the power in some manner to convince the majority (the high council being the only ones to know the truth) that she had been the savior of her people.

More Human than Human

After The Magistra used a Chameleon Arch to turn Hazel Human, rather than freaking out, Hazel began coldly murdering nine humans a day, demanding that her Gallifreyan essence be restored, stating that she was "descending to the barbarous level of the humans now that she was one of them". She arranged for the deaths of 891 humans over 99 days if she didn't get what she wanted, and set fire to the Animal Kingdom, killing 60% of the animals there. She also stated that if she didn't get her essence back by February 4, 2013, she would forcibly take it from one of the Time Lords in the Hotel.

Her Final End

On February 10th, 2013, a Shadow Prclamation Jury found cause to stop her timeline, and had her future changed so she would be reborn as a Human in the future, John Sheridan, who would go on to become a famed Earth Alliance Captain responsible for saving the galaxy.

"I live, I die, I live again!"


Ironically, the punishment Hazel received would end up allowing her to cheat even her final end. On January 12th, 2018, a massive timeline shift caused by a temporary re-writing of history where the Silver Millennium had never fallen thew all of space-time into Chaos.

Lydia D. Darkletter explained what happened next:

"At that last, critical millisecond, when Lorien, the First One, was releasing Sheridan into his energy form, the essence of Ninegate that still remained-that infinitesimal speck-fought and severed itself from him, and through a crack in time, did escape.And, through who knows what adventures of her own, regained a body."

As it turns out, Hazel killed The Tyrant and took her body.

Interestingly, Hazel's defeat in 2013 and her long time spent as John Sheridan seem to have tempered her personality, and while she is still cold and ruthless, she seems to have formed a grudging respect for the people of The HOTEL, which has partly led to the amusing Xadium-Hazel Road Trip Saga of 2018, which led her to the self-realization that while she may regret some of the actions she takes, she will always still take them to achieve her goals, beneficent or otherwise.

"As a Child"

Due to an incident with Kaelyn Peinforte, Hazel was turned into a small infant and she fell through a space-time crack to England 880 A.D. where she was raised by an elderly farming family who took her in. As she grew back to maturity, retaining her full intelligence, she learned more about the struggles of everyday humans and experienced simple kindness, and began to care for the "parents" who were unlike her real ones growing up. While she did coldly mete out justice and retribution to the people who would do harm to her or her family, she seemed to be changing more and more from the insane madwoman she had become after that one fateful night at Ten'ou House....


As members of The HOTEL began to panic that an unknown force was manipulating the timelines, Hazel sent a copy of herself made from Soul Candy and a Gigai to assist, unwilling to directly place herself in harm's way. After encountering the humans there, and weighing the possibility of failure by the forces from the HOTEL, her copy elected to sacrifice herself by ensuring that a historical event-- the destruction of a building and the death of its inhabitants in wartime England at the hands of a V2 rocket-- would be carried out. Her copy decided to face death, regardless of if the HOTEL's team prevailed or not- asa kind of penance for what she had done before. Years later, the real Hazel found the damaged soul-candy and consumed it, learning of her copy's feelings and sacrifice. This caused her to shed a single tear, even as she fought back the emotions and sough to set them aside...

Hazel Ninegate has a Posse

After the terrorist incident that affected Gallifrey, on January 19th, 2020, Hazel "resurrected" Mr. Strix by pulling an alternate version of him from a time line where events ran slower compared to Earth 1337-A and the Actuary War was jjust beginning, rescuing him before his death at the hands of the AU Actuary. She has demanded his loyalty, informing him that his life belongs to her. She then similarly secured the fealty of the somehow revived Lady DeVenger, one of her detachments.


  • Hazel is a trained pistol marksman and practiced fencing at Oxford.
  • She has studied and is mildly adept at Amestrian Alchemy, having tattooed Alchemical circles onto her palms.


  • Hazel has a journal called "Things Seen" in which she writes and sketches.
  • It has been revealed by Valeyard Arx Sylvanran that Hazel's Gallifreyan name is Hazenine.
  • Hazel's favorite hobby is playing tennis.
  • Hazel runs a charity called "Nine Steps to Recovery, LLP" in which she uses blatant mind control in the guise of Psychotherapy to cure emotional illness and trauma, but all the while collecting the personal details and fears of the patients involved to be used as leverage for favors later on...

Author's Notes

06/27/19 11:25 PM
@Dr. Xadium: I've always imagined her childhood was... empty
@Dr. Xadium: a powerful scion of an ancient house filled with talk of legend and destiny and right
@Dr. Xadium: loved but not nurtured
@Dr. Xadium: encouraged but not counseled
@Dr. Xadium: left to her own devices and desires
@Dr. Xadium: with frankly not a lot of perspective.