The Corruptor

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The Corruptor
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Family Hazel Ninegate (Daughter)
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Time Lord, Former Khadi



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A Time Lord from the Dark Time, from some time during the Great War with the Vampires, the Corruptor earned his title from his role in Time Lord Politics. Some say he was the reason Rassilon went from a high-minded idealist to the man who thought the Death Zone was good thing. His wife was the last Pythia of Gallifrey, who, as an unintended side-effect of his actions, lost her ability to see into the future and cast herself into the abyss below her temple on Gallifrey, leaving what was left of her power to the Sisterhood of Karn.

First Appearance


Desiring power for himself, the Corruptor was stopped by Rassilon, Omega and Lord Arcal. Presumed executed, his life essence was in fact saved by The Black Guardian who stored it in a Chameleon Arch, the result of a deal wherein the Corruptor agreed to do a favour for the Black Guardian in the future.

Billions of years later, The Black Guardian revived The Corruptor by infusing his essence into the dead body of alternate Dr. Xadium, which was unwittingly rendered immortal by Ignis, desperate to revive her lost love.

Casting Ignis into the Void, The Corruptor headed for Earth, and assumed a new identity.

After encountering The Impresario in 1927 San Francisco, The Corruptor set his plans into motion, interfering where he would and collecting data and artifacts.

After collecting Pyschic Amplifiers from the ruins of Mu, he gave Matsuo Shin a Nanotechnological centrifuge designed to pull the parts of an ancient supermachine out of the Earth's atmosphere where it was admixed, desirous to see what would happen next.

Then, using the amplifiers, he brainwashed some garbagemen to have Impresario kidnapped, vivisecting him in order to provoke Gemini Sunrise into yielding to her alternate persona, the destructive Geminine. But when Geminine proved too be too hot to handle, he fled, using his control over as a Time Lord of Old for cover.

The end result of his gambit was that while he lost Geminine, he reduced Impresario down to "Doctor X," one of the former Xadiums who was weaker than he was.

Corruptor slowly pursued his goals while whittling away the advantages of his foes.

Supposed End and Legacy

Sakura April and Sakura Xadium Aino finally managed to kill Corruptor with the help of Raihosha, Vainamoinen and Yaijinden, securing Ignis' body from the Void, cutting it open with Vindicator and disposing of the hearts within. But a ring on the Corruptor's finger has been collected by a strange unidentified woman...

The Corruptor has apparently got a daughter, who introduced herself to the world by kidnapping various household members and putting them through The Nonary Game.


After having been killed, his soul made its way to the feet of the Daemon Sultan, where the madness of the being cross-cancelled with the madness of his Khadi soul and deranged mind, and he emerged sane, taking years to return to the House, now the Hotel. When he discovered that the people of the Hotel were responsible for the dissolution and re-fabrication of his precious Hazenine into a mere human, however, he found himself obliged to respond.

Using prefabricated clones of limited durability called "Jelly Babies", he initiated a new game: Successor Idol. Eight people near and dear to movers and shakers of the Hotel were abducted and brainwashed into having only the desire to please him; from these competitors, the Corruptor would choose a new child, a replacement for the one taken from him by the inhabitants of the Hotel.

Successor Idol began easily within the sphere of its envisioning, but it did not conclude within the bounds of the game; one of the participants became disenchanted by his persuasive arts, and sabotaged the play from within the game itself. Though the Successor Idol challenge did not yield him a new child, the Corruptor seems oddly satisfied with the way things unfolded... and has not been seen by the Hotel since the collapse of the game.


In recent years, especially since his reawakening, the Corruptor's schemes appear to be driven by the thrill of sowing the seeds of chaos and watching how the cosmos changes as a result. He is an utterly a-moral being, his only priorities being the acquisition of the power he needs to watch the universe squirm beneath his touch and the upholding of a strange aesthetic sense in how the world should be. He is willing to pact with tremendous darkness to do what he feels ought be done, and despises stasis on general principle, preferring a colorful riot to placid stability.