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Paisley Pythia Peinforte
Biographical information


Birth November 23, 1988 (but add 7 years to her age)
Family Peinforte Manor, Robert Peinforte (Father), Ashley Peinforte (Mother), Kaelyn P. Vanternass (daughter), Livia Jedda Peinforte (daughter), Robert Arthur Peinforte (grandson), Exeter L. Wakefield (husband)

Sorceress, Paranormal Private Investigator


3P, Paisley Priscilla Peinforte, Sister Pythia, The 26th Lady Peinforte, The five hundred and eighth Pythia in the line of Gallifrey

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Green, originally Purple




Spells, magical weapons


Chronomancy, Stichomancy, Psychometry, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis


Dinsdale Investigations, Sisterhood of Karn

First Appearance

October 24, 2010

"Think of me as a Paradox within an anomaly and get on with your tea."
—Paisley Pythia Peinforte



After the death of Noriko, Sakura April invaded the World Tree and attempted to revive her by dragging out an analogue from another timeline. But as Noriko was a singular event in spacetime, this was not possible. So, in the alternative, Saki began assembling a new timeline for a new individual out of scraps of History itself. Someone who could fill the gap Noriko left, while being her own unique person. Paisley Pythia Peinforte was the result, her history seeded whole cloth into creation by Sakura April. In a way, Paisley is truly Sakura April's daughter, and (very loosely) The Impresario's sister.

Paisley's line can be traced back to 1600's England, where The Lady Peinforte gave birth to a child out of wedlock with her servant Richard Maynarde. This ancestor was born shortly before Lady Peinforte's death, and was raised by the kindly Maynarde, eventually going on to form her own noble family.

Her parents died on a ski slope in the Alps when she was five, under suspicious circumstances.


As a youth she didn't have any friends due to her strong other-sight and uncanny abilities, so she retreated to a life of introversion and study. Her magical codexes were her only comforts, along with her cat, Merdemus--a French Mage bound in a cat's body who quarrels with her ceaselessly, as well as being her best friend.

"congratulations, you are now the head of the Peinforte Estate"

Highly intelligent, Paisley soaked up information like a sponge, and catapulted through school, skipping grades and ending up spending a year at Oxford University's Queen's College at 15-- studying History and Literature-- before dropping out at 16.

At 16, thanks to the help of Matsuo Shin, who had become unstuck in time and sought her help (thinking her to be her older self), Paisley was able to decipher the dark secrets of her family's past that had been contained within her distant ancestor's secret study. Thanks to all of the former Lady Peinforte's notes on magic, sorcery, and the forbidden lore of The Sisterhood of Karn, a female-dominated society of seers and magi that splintered off from the Gallifreyans prior to the time of Rassilon, Paisley learned to scry through time and space, and discovered her true origins, and her reason for being. Taking a huge risk, she learned how to open a teleport portal to Karn, and travelled there through the vortex with Matsuo. After a massive battle with an Old One in which Paisley's potential as a Pythia was revealed, the Sisterhood got Matsuo home... but elected to train Paisley as one of their own.

Training on Karn

Paisley in her traditional sisterhood robes, ready for battle.

Paisley became a Sister of the Flame, the first alien to do so ever.

Paisley's alien (i.e., human) perspective on things is credited with saving the Sisterhood from extinction, as even the more progressive matron Ohica was still too stuck in the traditional ways of the long-lived Sisters to break out of them.

The most notable innovation Paisley brought to the Sisterhood was disabusing them of the notion that their powers were limited by proximity to the Sacred Flame. This psychological block had prevented the Sisterhood from expanding into space away from Karn. Thanks to her demonstrating that their powers could still be connected to the flame through the Web of Time, they were able to spread out through the Cosmos.

This earned her the name of "Sister Pythia" which was a rare honor, as Pythia was the name of the founder of the Sisterhood, and no one had been graced with that appellation for millennia. Paisley took it as her middle name. She could have stood as second-in-line to succeed Matron Ohica, but knew her destiny lay elsewhere.

After completing her training and having several adventures, she used her formidable powers to transport herself to The Enchanted Forest where she met Dinsdale and company, and united finally with her true family.

Training with The Six

Seeking to learn more abilities then she already had, Paisley once more turned to Matsuo for assistance. However, due to the high level of training she wanted, Matsuo declined, instead used a forbidden technique to summon Hathi, one of the so called "Six Who Came First," pandimensional beings known to the Quinoxians. Making a deal with them, The Six agreed to help her reach a new level.

Sending her an avatar in the form of a blue crow (who Paisley called Cerulean), The Six brought the girl to "Null-Space" to begin her training. Much of the training involved forms of meditation, as well as ever increasing exercises in the movement of matter and psychic probing. While outside it seemed only a few days training, in Null-Space, nearly a year passed for her.

As a final test of her skills, The Six forced Paisley to push her abilities to what she perceived to be her limit. Forcing her to use her psychic abilities, Paisley pushed through first space with her mind, then the vortex and then finally through the layers of reality and for a brief moment was given a glimpse of the home universe of The Six. The experience broke the limits of her mind, but as a consequence sent her into shock.

After being rehabilitated by, Paisley is back, and stronger than ever.

The Hazel Ninegate Murder

After being compelled to kill Hazel Ninegate and mortally injure Arx Sylvanran, Paisley went into a deep depression and threw herself into the World Tree, becoming lost in Time and Space.

After being comforted by Arx Sylvanran, who was looking for her in the world tree, she elected to come back home, ironically being whisked back there by Lady DeVenger who needed her help to combat the Lich powers of Simon Kerrick.

Paisley in Civilian clothes

A Family Now

On Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, 2012, Paisley adopted Kaelyn P. Vanternass, her child by means of the 400 baby project, as her real daughter.

Achieving the EPIC

On May 9th, 2014, determined to master her own powers so she could help her friends who were caught in the Third Jedda Rain Incident, Paisley went to Karn to ask the Sisterhood of the Flame for their help in strengthening her mind. After being warned by the Reverend Mother that her human brain could not handle the power, she pressed ahead anyway, and ended up burning out her mind, dying. But she wouldn't let a little thing like that stop her. (Okay, she had some help...) Renewed by the Elixir of life, and with her brain remodeled by the Sisterhood after the Karnian/Gallifreyan archetype, she rose again, able to master her powers fully. Drinking the last of the waters of Epic she had obtained from Earth 1337 long ago, she began her journey home...

The fateful moment.

[01:57] *** The Planet Karn, the Great Cavern of the Sisterhood
[01:57] *** Paisley Pythia Peinforte [paisely_p@firstcircle.karn03-kasterborusrelay.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[01:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa paisley pythia peinforte
[01:57] <Reverend Mother Ohica> Welcome back, Sister.
[01:58] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte kneels before the Reverend Mother
[01:58] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> There has come a great crisis.
[01:58] <Reverend Mother Ohica> As was foretold.
[01:58] <Reverend Mother Ohica> Soon, all will hang in the balance.
[01:59] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> The enemy has placed a taint in my mind.
[01:59] <Reverend Mother Ohica> We have seen it.
[02:00] * The other sisters chant "Danger~ Danger~ Death~!"
[02:00] <Reverend Mother Ohica> You seek our help to remove this... contaminant?
[02:00] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Remove? Hell no.
[02:01] * Reverend Mother Ohica raises an eyebrow
[02:01] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> They have foolishly opened a doorway into my mind. I want to swing that door the other way.
[02:01] <Reverend Mother Ohica> A dangerous goal.
[02:02] * Reverend Mother Ohica kneels to go eye-to-eye with Sister Pythia.
[02:02] <Reverend Mother Ohica> You have done many impossible things, young Sister.
[02:03] <Reverend Mother Ohica> You saved us from ourselves and spread the Sisterhood to the stars.
[02:03] <Reverend Mother Ohica> You have battled the Guardians themselves and lived to tell the tale.
[02:04] <Reverend Mother Ohica> You have even braved the root of all creation, to save your friend.
[02:04] <Reverend Mother Ohica> But, you are but human. Do not forget this.
[02:04] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I thought we'd gotten over this...
[02:05] <Reverend Mother Ohica> I speak not of your race, but your flesh. Your brain, my sister. It is not as resilent as that of a Karnian.
[02:06] <Reverend Mother Ohica> The powers you would harness would burn it out as surely as a lit match devours itself, leaving nothing but a charred husk in its wake.
[02:06] <Reverend Mother Ohica> You have reached your limit, Sister Pythia. Your body can take no more.
[02:07] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I came... from nothing.
[02:07] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I was woven into this world to fill another woman's shoes.
[02:07] <Reverend Mother Ohica> You have moved far beyond that, now.
[02:08] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I have friends. And family. And people I care for.
[02:08] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> And out there, somewhere, some blasted girl is threatening to bring it all down.
[02:08] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> And boasting. And bragging about how it's all futile and hopless and helpless and we're all doomed.
[02:09] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> So we need to stop living the way we live just so we can have a chance to eke out some half-hearted success.
[02:09] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> And the scary thing is half the people back home are buying into it.
[02:10] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I'm a Sister of the Flame. I bring the light of knowledge and hope.
[02:10] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I can't sit here and say "this is my limit."
[02:10] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> If I can't exceed it, everything I love will fall into despair.
[02:11] <Reverend Mother Ohica> We can make the circle, and join your mind, and raise the power from its depths... but make no mistake. You will die.
[02:11] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I'll take that chance.
[02:11] <Reverend Mother Ohica> It is not a chance.
[02:11] <Reverend Mother Ohica> It is a certainty.
[02:12] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte exhales slowly.
[02:12] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Then so be it.
[02:12] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Make the circle.
[02:13] * Reverend Mother Ohica frowns, but accedes to her demand and gathers the sisters around her.
[02:13] * The Sisters chant "Sacred fire, Sacred flame, Sacred fire, Sacred flame... "
[02:14] <Reverend Mother Ohica>  ? Sisters, join your minds together in a circle, and join Sister Pythia... give her the knowledge and the power to control that which darkens her soul...
[02:15] * The Sisters chant "JOIN! JOIN! JOIN! JOIN!"
[02:16] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte feels the tremendous mental power of the sisterhood crashing into her mind from all directions, setting every synapse alight like a blazing fire
[02:16] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte can see.... can FEEL... can UNDERSTAND in a way that transcends human perception...
[02:16] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte sees the string, the cracks, the mechanisms....
[02:17] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte is so close... so VERY close to controlling that door...
[02:17] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte grits her teeth, blood streaming from her nose, her head feeling so hot...
[02:17] <Reverend Mother Ohica>  ? Stop this, child, it is too much!
[02:18] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte>  ? NO! MORE! MORE! GIVE ME EVERYTHING!
[02:18] * Reverend Mother Ohica tries to hold back, but Paisley is pulling now, leading the circle, setting the increasingly frantic pace
[02:19] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte canseeittheholestructureshecantasteitohgodthemultidimensionalitythat'showitisyesicandoicandoiti
[02:19] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte SCREAMS OUT, eyes rolling into the back of her head, her mind blowing out
[02:20] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte drops to the sand, dead.
[02:21] * Reverend Mother Ohica and the other sisters go silent...
[02:21] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte lies there, in the cave, the light of the sacred flame flickering by her body
[02:22] * Reverend Mother Ohica lets out a held breath.
[02:22] <Reverend Mother Ohica> The Elixir.
[02:22] <Reverend Mother Ohica> /mr looks to the other Sisters, who are in a stunned silence.
[02:22] <Reverend Mother Ohica> THE ELIXIR!
[02:23] * The other Sisters scurry, and quickly produce a golden goblet, filled with a gassy broth.
[02:24] * Reverend Mother Ohica takes the goblet and presses it to Paisley's lips, dripping the elixir into her throat...
[02:25] <Reverend Mother Ohica> Chant with me sisters. Form the Block Transfer Matrix.
[02:26] <Sister Parth> But what is the template, Reverend Mother? Her mind is burnt out.
[02:26] <Reverend Mother Ohica> No, only her flesh. Her mind is still with us. And as for the Template....
[02:26] * Reverend Mother Ohica points to a scroll depicting the ancient Goddess Pythia.
[02:27] * The other Sisters look at her askance.
[02:27] <Reverend Mother Ohica> Was it not foretold? Was that not why we gave her the sacred name so many years ago?
[02:27] <Reverend Mother Ohica> I cannot hold her in my mind much longer. Quickly!
[02:28] * Reverend Mother Ohica settles back into the circle
[02:28] <Reverend Mother Ohica>  ? Rise... Rise... Rise... Rise...
[02:29] * The other Sisters mathematically model their own brains and overlay the templates onto Paisley's grey matter, which has been rejuvenated by the Elixir of Life.
[02:29] * They chant "Live! Live! Live!" in unison.
[02:30] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte splutters, and lets out a long, ragged breath.
[02:30] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Vision blurry, she reaches out for a Phial in her pocket, and uncorks it on sheer will power
[02:30] * Vision blurry, she reaches out for a Phial in her pocket, and uncorks it on sheer will power
[02:31] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte drinks down the last of the Waters of Earth 1337 Prime
[02:31] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte 's eyes FLY open.
[02:31] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte 's mind withdraws into itself then EXPLODES outwards like a Tsunami
[02:32] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte slowly pushes herself up in the dirt as the Sisters' chant spontaneously changes. She can SEE now. She can UNDERSTAND the way they do. She... IS.
[02:33] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte slowly rises to her feet, bloody and dirty, and disheveled as only one cry can be heard acros Karn...
[02:34] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte grins
[02:34] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> - I'm back, b[BLEEP]ches. -

paisley2014.jpg Paisley after her transformation.


"[Other people] can see the fujoshi reading her teen magazines and writing slash and grumbling about energetically annoying fox children... that's the face they're allowed to see. Only you get my true face."

An intensely private person, Paisley is keenly empathetic, but doesn't show it. She hides own her stresses and fears and insecurities behind a cool, calm and analytical, somewhat sarcastic facade, and almost never lets anyone in to see her true feelings. After facing what she calls her own "dark night of the soul" where she had to choose between suicide and staying alive, she's stubbornly chosen life, even if it wears her down and burns her out.

She is an introvert who nonetheless likes the presence of others (to a point), but she quickly tires if they are too energetic or talkative around her when she isn't similarly inclined. She can be the life of the party, but only in small bursts. Engage her intellectually or on one of her hobbies and she will go on for hours, but just dump her in a random party setting and she will withdraw to a quiet corner fairly rapidly. She is bad at starting conversations with strangers or making small talk.

She feels internally undeserving of receiving affection, and assumes it's just a fluke or passing fancy that will eventually fade (which is why she refuses to get married, as she's seen too many "miracle romances" implode for one reason or another.) Generally she only shares the upbeat, pop-culture-savvy and slightly perverted side of her personality with others, trusting that that will be enough to keep any other inquiries at bay. Only her "other half" Exeter gets to know her true feelings, and that's because, due to the nature of their connection, she literally can't hide them from him for long-- otherwise she wouldn't even share with him.

Paisley is quite competent clever and capable, but doesn't quite believe in her own power (sort of like "impostor syndrome"). Paradoxically, she constantly worries that with her strength, she might get carried away and cross the line between good and evil when dealing with them.

Philosophically, she operates out of a strong sense of noblesse oblige, and is always willing to sacrifice in order to help her friends. But unlike most heroes, the horrors of what she sees every day wear her down. She knows that what she does helps the world be a better place, but she sometimes wishes "the shit would stop already" and that everyone could have a happy life without drama or danger.

She thinks of herself as the bearer of twin legacies-- The Peinforte Line and the legacy of the Sisterhood of Karn--and treats her role as their representative seriously. While her family line is of dubious nobility, she is quick to take offense if it is questioned.


Paisley as a full Sister of the Flame (post Time War)

Paisley has a strong sixth sense, the ability to scry through space and time with the proper ceremonies, and she is an extremely highly powered magus whose powers can even counteract time-based attacks or locks. She knows several dead languages from several distant worlds, and is an obscenely fast learner.

Her magic is based on that of Karn, so is time / Block Transfer Computation based, through she can manipulate mana as well, though not as proficiently.

Her girlish frame also belies the fact that she is incredibly strong, and possesses rapid healing abilities. She is competent in several defensive fighting styles.

Paisley is also a proficient healer, who, thanks to her time-based magic, can actually reverse wounds rather than merely heal them--though that takes a great deal of power, and she cannot reverse death save at the cost of her own life. Also it can only roll time back ten minutes at most. She can only do a full-body time-based healing once a week.

Despite knowing how to fight, she cannot read power levels or sense ki auras at all. She uses a combination of precognition and observation haki, as well as measuring the effect an object has on local reality. As she explains:

"What do you do against an android or being that doesn't have ki? I track things through their disturbances against the fabric of local reality, and something that I suppose is close to observation haki. Much more reliable. [It's sort of like precognition, which is] sort of what Observation Haki is, plus as a Sister of the Flame that's what we're trained for anyhow. But for beings that flout or surpass the nominal notion of "time", that won't work, but in order to wreak havoc here they have to intersect the Prime Material Plane at some point even if in the future and that makes cause-and-effect ripples. Even if they don't intersect the plane, their actions do. [For operation in planes that lack space or time to check against] Then you get into the realm of mind which is a whole other discipline. There may not be space or time but there is being. And true observation haki, I do believe, operates on that level."

Like other members of the Sisterhood, she has mind powers, however, initially, as a biological human she couldn't use then as strongly as the others-- who are Karnian (nee Gallifreyan) in constitution-- the most she could have done alone is influence the minds of the weak, or in combination with others drive opponents mad with implanted visions and hallucinations.

After her brain was significantly restructured by the Sisterhood to more closely approximate the Gallifreyan/Karnian norm; however, she can fully wield the power of a Sister of the Flame.

She can also project telekinetic force or compel teleports if in combination with other members of a Sacred Circle. She formerly was not well-trained in these disciplines, however, and did not use them much, but thanks to her gradual awakening to the power of the Pythia, she has learned extremely strong pyrokinesis and telekinesis abilities that she can wield on her own. (Even so, for right now, she can only use these powers on a very small scale alone, she would need to work in a circle with others to achieve any truly devastating results)

Matsuo Shin has taught Paisley "Single Thought Fielding" which is a rudimentary psychic defense to help keep her thoughts hidden from ESPers.

Paisley is impossibly good at sports like baseball, catch and cricket, because she knows where the ball will be a few seconds before it does thanks to her Time Senses, which give her that kind of instinct. It paradoxically makes her bored of the sports. Plus, she she doesn't care for activities of that sort, she'd tended to forget all the rules associated with them and would be rubbish at playing them for that reason.

Her Powers can roughly be classed as Chronomancy, Stichomancy, and Psychometry, as well as Telepathy, Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis.

Beyond Glamour

Paisley is also master of "Agreement with Reality" that allows her to create permanent disguises and alternations that are real as opposed to mere magic illusions or perception filters, premised on the notion that reality itself is but an illusion and that one can simply twist that in co-operation to produce a desired effect. These "guises" use a lot of intensive mental power to create, but use very little power to maintain and can usually even stay intact if the wielder is rendered unconscious (depending on how well-crafted they were to begin with)

She is also working on mastering imperceptibility - that is, not being seen or sensed by anyone with a mind. The skill doesn't work on machines or beings like Androids with cameras or other devices - but if they are cyborgs they will become very confused at seeing / not seeing something, and regular people looking at computer screens or camera displays will be tricked into not seeing her in the footage if they're in range of the effect. If they're out of range, her presence on the footage will become obvious.

Additionally, she is working on mental compulsion (think Jedi Mind Trick) as an offshoot of her other psychic abilities - but outside a Circle it only works on the weak-willed.


Paisley uses "dials," which are summoned mathematical constructs composed of Gallifreyan/Karnian runes to make devices she can use as computers, detectors, recorders, or the like. They appear as glowing golden images, and can be passed off to others or stored until they are desummoned. Each dial uses some of Paisley's energy to maintain, so she doesn't keep them active longer than necessary.



The Tattoos on Paisley's body are not mere decoration. They are actually cross-dimensional markings made in High Karnian which warp reality around them slightly, making it possible for Paisley to summon portals and travel through time. Some are hidden completely under her skin whereas some are visible. The more energy she uses, the more they glow. They can also change shape, size and location on her body depending on what "sorcery" she is trying to do. She can also completely hide them from sight if needed.

Generally, the tattoos on her upper left arm, lower right outer thigh and inner right thigh don't vary much and are always visible. After her joining with Exeter, there is a new Tattoo on her upper back related to him somehow.

Other skills

Paisley was also taught the secrets of Time Lord regenerative science by the Sisterhood, who had refined their understanding of it during the Time War. She can create potions and elixirs to completely control the outcome of a regeneration, bringing whatever tendencies, physical attributes and mental personality traits in the subject she wants to bring forward.

Like many Peinfortes before her, she is a master of crafting and defending against poison.

She understands the concept of "Agreement with Reality", using Block Transfer Computations to alter her own personal "reality" to make herself into a new person in all but spirit for the purposes of ironclad disguise.

She can use her Connexion with Exeter to pull him to her no matter where she is, irrespective of distance, or have him do the same to her. She can also communicate with him on a soul level the same way.


Concealed daggers and an expanding quarterstaff/gauntlets and leg guards made made of Validium--a castoff from her ancestor's carving of the statute Nemesis, which is now known as hino


She has fought the Timewyrm, and the Crystal Guardian from Calabi-Yau_Space, otherwise known as The Celestial Toymaker. Seh has had many runs in with the Great Intelligence, who wanted her body (not like that, pervs) since her formidable mind powers and access to Time travel would make it even more dangerous and formidable.

Before her showdown with the Crystal Guardian, according to Chateaux: "There was some kind of huge pan-dimensional threat. She got wind of this somehow [records unclear] and formed a rag-tag team with all the allies she could find. Some were heroes, some were scoundrels, some where in between. Like a tiny little A-Team from across the multiverse they set things right, losing a few along the way. then they went their separate ways." Rick Sanchez was known to be one of them.

She was a player in The Nonary Game, receiving a scar on her wrist where the detonator device was shot off her arm by Sakura April. She deliberately chose not to heal the scar as it was a memento of the horrific events of the game.

In conjunction with the other Sisters of the Flame, she helped keep Vaxilan from removing his trial from history.

On a mission from, Paisley brought back Concentrated Awesome from Earth-1337 prime, which she has partaken of, becoming inhumanly strong in the process. And Epically Awesome.

Peacemaker: The Rain-Aster Conflict

In May 2014, Paisley found herself caught in the latest cycle of events concerning Jedda Rain. At first, she was inclined to follow her natural instincts and defeat Jedda in the typical way, i.e. beating her to a pulp until she stops. Quickly realizing the futility of that strategy, Paisley fell back on her wits and intelligence and decided to try and understand / out-think Jedda. In the process, she began to feel for both the Rain and Aster families, becoming greatly upset at the senseless bloodshed that surrounded both families, and she determined to end it-- peaceably if possible-- once and for all. Going back in time with Matsuo Shin, The Magistra and Kana Kaida Rain, she witnessed many key points in the conflict and, while at first just passively observing, finally decided to "f[BLEEP]k the timeline" and directly intervene, saving both Selene and Claudia Aster from death across different time periods, events she would later describe as being some of the proudest of her life. Her dogged research alongside Matsuo Shin allowed The Intern and allies to finally end the conflict once and for all, giving both families peace and Jedda the life she had never had a chance to live.

What's Old is New Again

"I AM the 509th Pythia in the line of Gallifrey and Karn, the Crown of Empire, Guardian of the Great Book of Future Legends. I see the Past, Present and Future as One. Though me, all time is fertile. I reach into the Vortex and by my HAND I sunder the energies of Time itself, and forge them with my spirit and my soul~"

Paisley's Soul as perceived by The Old Man of Peinforte Manor during their mutual time in Samadhi.

Paisley's life took a stranger turn when she decided to try and save The Old Man of Peinforte Manor from wasting away in a pit of existential angst and despair. After receiving a message from Karn that they had located the criminal Skagra, who was wanted by the Sisterhood for torturing one of their Order, she took the Old Man with her to hunt him down, leading to a trap which would force her to learn more about herself and face her own self-imposed isolation. There she would awaken the power of the Pythia within herself to save his life and rejuvenate him, in the process taking him as her adept, calling him her "familiar".


She bound herself to the old man via a technique called "connexion", which is a bond deeper and more intimate than Pactio, or Astral, which allows her to share her power with him, converse with him and bring him to her (or go to him) no matter the distance involved. They can very easily (sometimes too easily) share each other's thoughts, memories and feelings.


Over time this has led them into a close relationship that is basically a de facto if not de jure marriage, but Paisley refuses to ever be formally be wed, because she feels that label makes couples get lazy and not as interested in fighting to keep their partners happy and engaged. She feels the lack of security in the unwed state makes the relationship more meaningful.

"The Day Paisley Peinforte took's f[BLEEP]ing eye"

Desperate to find a way to protect The Old Man of Peinforte Manor from changes that might happen to his timeline, she approached The Flame Lotus to ask her for a piece of her body that she could use to root him in time the way the item Vindicator had done for The Actuary. Flame Lotus refused, stating that she was tired of giving up parts of herself and it was time for all things to pass.

Not taking no for an answer, Paisley challenged her to combat, with the stakes being that should she win, she would collect Flame Lotus' eye, and should she lose, she would have to live with the grief of ailing the one she loved. In a brutal match, Paisley used all her Karnian martial arts training and managed to turn Flame Lotus' strength against her, besting her. Flame Lotus, impressed by the depths Paisley was willing to go to, upheld the bargain and not only gave her eye over, but did not replace it, vowing to wear a badass eyepatch and carry the scar as a memento of the battle for the rest of her life.

Paisley the Red

"On a whim" (probably because she read a magazine article that redheads have thermonuclear sex OR because of the appearance of her future family Kaelyn and Arisa, but more than likely because of the magazine article) Paisley has used her biocontrol to make her hair red (but not her eyebrows, to remind her of the change). She claims this will allow her to "more adequately express her inner rage" but in all actuality her personality hasn't changed at all.

This phase didn't last long due to an offhand comment from Morrigan that Paisley seemed to be affecting a "Gemini Sunrise cosplay", a remark that seemed to cut at her deeply. She returned to her old look within a week.

"A Lady's Prerogative"


From November 2020 to December 31st 2020, after Kaelyn P. Peinforte was turned back into a child after a group of fairies overheard her wish to have had a better childhood, Paisley took care of her as best she could, but realized that even with this gift, Kaelyn would only have a few months of childhood, a poor substitute for her years of isolation as a child. Sensing the the enchantment on Kaelyn was due to expire, Paisley decided on a daring plan: to go back in time and spend seven years allowing her to have a happy childhood before returning to the present to allow the enchantment to fully end. However, in her eagerness to do so, Paisley had forgotten about the fairies, who saw such actions as a breaking of their original "deal". Incensed by the mortal's attempt to cheat them, they decided to punish Paisley for her arrogance. While the initial spell seemed to work, Paisley found much to shock that instead of ending up seven years in the past like she had planned, she had been sent back twenty six years to the city of Chichester and to make things even more complicated for her, Kaelyn had been reduced back to a mere infant. Deciding this would give her a chance she never would have again, Paisley settled in the city in a large house, re-raising her daughter, often with the help of Exeter. The experience of over twenty years raising Kaelyn from a baby back to her nominal age matured Paisley slightly, calming some of the edgier parts of her personality and allowing her to understand children better. On January 2016, Kaelyn, now 23 years old, requested that her mother return to her own time, while she continued her education. Though reluctant, she eventually agreed, returning home. While she technically had aged twenty six years older than before, her mastery of biological control taught to her by the sisterhood of Karn as well as the magiks of the fairies interfering with her time travel, meant she had not aged a day since then. She refuses to add those years to her age, calling it "a lady's prerogative" to do so.

"Nothing Happened"

On November 20th, 2021, Paisley was recalled to Karn to deal with an "existential threat" that involved "ancient evils from the dawn of time. The resulting battle led to her taking incredible amounts of damage and staring deep into the abyss. She emerged victorious along with several dozen members of the Sisterhood of Karn, however all were changed by the experience, their eyes now a brilliant green (similar to The Iconoclast's, Bederatzi Porta's and Yaijinden's), as if whatever they had stared into had been reflected back into them, enhancing their power and insight.

Experiencing her immense Psychic shock through their connexion, Exeter pressed Paisley as to exactly what had happened, but she simple replied "Nothing happened" and left it at that.

Finally, the Wedding

On March 4th, 2022, Paisley finally decided to get over her hesitation about getting married and was wed in a quick ceremony presided over by

From Misery to Matriarch

Now, as of 2024 Paisley has quite the family and extended family, bringing to a close her many years of lonliness.

(Pictured L to R: The Intern, Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino, The Iconoclast, Exeter L. W. Peinforte, Kaelyn P. Peinforte, Livia Jedda Peinforte, Sakura Xadium Aino, Vermellia X. Rosso)


Paisley's pipe is made of materials from the planet Karn, which enable it to produce the Sacred Elixir of Life when flame and water is put to it. She can use it to make Sisterhood Salve, also known as "Dr Solon's Special Morbius Lotion" - a cream that contains Elixir of Life and can instantly heal injuries-- however it takes a very, very long time to make a good sized batch of it.

Her ornate glasses are decorative, and just a fashion accessory. They are also a family heirloom dating back to 1835, belonging to the Lady Elizabeth Peinforte. They're gold with silver inlays on the stems and burnished wood on the earpieces.

Due to the nature of her creation, Paisley had no known counterpart in the omniverse. This is no longer true.

Paisley has a secret hobby of penning erotic slashfiction, most of which isn't very good. She also likes to draw yaoi pictures featuring pop stars, which again, isn't very good.

Peinforte Manor has 143 rooms.

Paisley may have a butler who lives on the grounds, she can never remember.

Paisley can breakdance, something she learned to do just to cure her boredom as a child.

Paisley smells like incense, aged leather and velvet.

There is the possibility that Paisley is, or will be a Visionary-- a high ranking member of the Sisterhood with high psychic power.

One of Paisley's ancestors was Lord Wainswright Peinforte, who was the head of Peinforte Manor in 1785 and was considered a "senile old bugger", but of kind heart who would help anyone in need. Another of her ancestors was Sir Roger Peinforte, who died under strange and mysterious circumstances in the 1600s, leaving the manor to the infamous Lady Fiona Peinforte.

The name "Peinforte" arises from "peine forte et dure", a historic English torture method employed by the courts involving slowly crushing people to death with weights until they confessed.

Originally her birthdate was October 22nd, 1990, but due to a Timeline shift her birthdate rolled back to November 23rd, 1988. She is separated from Lady Peinforte by about 10 generations, making Fiona Peinforte her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother. She was born the instant the Statue of Nemesis struck Earth, but because her parents lived on the far side of the Estate grounds they didn't notice anything other than the power outage at the time.

She went to Trevelyan Middle School before Oxford.

Paisley's great grandfather, Sir Arthur Peinforte, died when she was 3 years old. He left his journal and letters to her in his will, but she never received them.

Paisley's name in Karnian


  • Paisley can be considered the Whoniverse version of DC's John Constantine, dealing primarily with the large and small supernatural, paranormal and metaphysical threats, as opposed to the more military ones like Daleks and Cybermen.
  • Paisley dislikes dolls, finding them extremely creepy, but ironically has hundreds of them in her manor, most sealed away in a large disused bedroom where they plot to take over the earth. She keeps several criminal dolls sealed in prison in the Octagon Dining Room of Peinforte Manor, where she has sentenced them to an eternity of watching other people's happiness in order to atone for their sins. Some can be seen in this picture:

She does, however, adore plush animals, especially Paddington Bear. Her absolute favorite is a Red Panda.

  • She distrusts people with weak eyebrows.
  • She uses Pantene shampoo on her hair; she used to use Herbal Essences until she "realised the commercials were full of shit." (She uses Tresemmé now.)
  • As of September 3rd, 2020 she has also become a Lady of the Principality of Sealand... for eventualities.
  • She is a huge secret otaku of magical girls such as Sailor V, Sailor Q and the other senshi and collects their autographs and memorabilia in a fannish way even though she personally knows them as friends.
  • She is also a huge fan of vTuber Calliope Mori and donates a ton to her stream under many different sockpuppet accounts so no one knows it's actually her. She admires the skill needed to rap bilingually at speed and "her goth aesthetic ticks all my boxes."

Sisterhood sayings

"The Past will Eat you, the Future is deceitful, the Now is your only salvation."

"Break the back of the Past, Seize the Reins of the Now, and Ride the Future to victory."

"Knowledge is a [dangerous] Door."