The Tyrant

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This character is Deceased.

Biographical information

Gallifrey, Jupiter, Earth

Birth ???



'The Tyrant'

Physical description

Jovian / Human / Time Lord



Hair color

Chestnut Brown

Eye color







Time travel, Jupiter Planet Power, Memetic Instantiation, High level Telepathy


The Golden Revolution

First Appearance

July 16th, 2015

"History repeats itself. But a reiteration is always different from the initial event. This is what historical progress is - the sum total of deviations from progressive iterations of events." -- Sakura Xadium Aino, on historical events surrounding The Tyrant


The Tyrant as it truly appears, sealed away in the recesses of the APC Net on Gallifrey.

A malevolent being sealed away in the deepest part of the Black Archives within the Gallifreyan Matrix. It is a "Matrix Echo", or recording of the biodata of a deceased Time Lord. So feared was the individual that this echo belonged to that they themselves have been made to forget their name, and have been bound in complete full-body restraints that can only be released by members of the Celestial Intervention Agency. The Tyrant, being a mental construct, is a meme and can propagate itself by thought if its restraints are breached.

On July 16th, 2015, fearing the Tyrant would be released and allowed to return to the World of the living if The Intern continued to consult it for forbidden knowledge in order to help protect The HOTEL, Paisley Pythia Peinforte, Doctor Xadium and Nizhaladax others breached the Matrix to try and pre-emptively destroy it. They were beaten there by Solarchos, The Magistra, The Actuary, The Scalpel, and Dead-Eyes, and found the tyrant towering over a massive multiplanar battle arena where individuals from countless other timelines, inclsuding Kailey Sunrise were fighting to the death in a futile attempt to try and reach the Tyrant and slaughter it.

A pitched mental battle occured, and while The Tyrant's restraints were damaged, it was not able to bodily escape. Rescuing Kailey Sunrise, the invaders cast The Tyran't matrix segment into a random address, hopefully making it irretrievably lost in the quintillions of data fragments of the Matrix. Still, one segment did make it out...

Memetic Instantiation

A small fragment of the Tyrant slipped back through time to the fall of the Silver Millennium, presenting itself to the young Princess Jupiter, who had just fallen in battle against the Dark Kingdom. It promised her the ability to fight again and save her friends if she consented to let it join with her body. Desperate, she consented, and it devoured her personality whole. Rising again, "the princess" proceeded to sabotage the transmission relay antenna on the roof of the Moon Palace-- making sure the Selenites never got the signal to escape the Moon before the Silence Event. Thus dooming itself and everyone to death, it took advantage of knowing what Queen Serenity's final wish would be, and had itself bound to the karmic wheel of Earth, being reborn on the planet 10,000 years later, but with the power of Jupiter at its beck and call. Carefully hiding itself in the mind of the young girl it had been born into, it took several years to set up small bank accounts which would later accrete into large income streams, all supposedly owned by a Mr. Shinji Kino. In fact, this man had no idea of the fortune being held in his name. The presence assumed the identity of one "Kino Makoto"-- Shinji's niece, a fair-haired child who had died with her parents in a plane crash. Killing Shinji, but carefully being sure to pay all his expenses and keep up the pretense he was alive, she boarded up his home and and constructed a false life, guiding her conscious host to act as a tough, unapproachable tomboy in order to avoid making close friends who would ask too many questions. With no oversight, this being then met the other Sailor Senshi, and submerged itself, letting the false front "Mako-chan" make friends and become a warrior of legend.

That all ended in 2015, when, spurred by revelations from The Eight-Fold Empire, travellers from the HOTEL went back in time and saw the truth. The memetic impulse shed its disguise, erasing Mako-chan for all time, and quickly made its way to Jupiter, taking on the name of its parent, as it had no name of its own-- The Tyrant. Ensconcing itself on Jupiter, the Tyrant grows fat off the planet's power, living as a Goddess, and prays for the day its true name may be told to its ears so it can unlock its full potential.


The Golden Revolution

(Fill in Mr. Strix and DMX and the Lightning Crystal and the Silence Device here)

The Tyrant has revealed that her plan for the Golden Revolution is to create a new "Dark Millennium" with Jupiter as the center of power, and warlord-kings holding the other worlds, in a twisted parody of the Silver Millennium. Strategically, she is avoiding the Earth-Moon combine for now. She has thus founded The Golden Court.

On March 21st, 2016,The Tyrant was killed by an Alternate Universe version of The Actuary in an assault that destroyed the last remnants of The Eight-Fold Empire. But somewhere in the Matrix... something stirred, roused by the name of Hazel Ninegate...

A Suitable host

Brought back to life as a result of time shifts at the end of The Actuary War, the Tyrant died once more as the essence of Hazel Ninegate conquered her body after being released due to a fixed point in time breaking.

Still, in the heart of Jupiter, the planetary crystal at its core which had been aligned to her energy waves pulsed...