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Thrash is a Time Lord formally from Gallifrey and is now full time traveler of the universe.

Here is a List of Thrash Adventures.

Life on Gallifrey

Little is known of Thrash's past on Gallifrey, except that he was from the House of Ulmanesh. His first regeneration claimed the house to be prestigious on the planet, which his second regeneration said was "an utterly dull group of prodders who couldn't throw a good party if it hit them in the butt." What is known is that he eventually felt trapped, his need to study unsatsfied by the confines of the acadamy. Making a deal with a renegade Time Lord known as Drax, Thrash took a (mostly) working TARDIS and fled Gallifrey after the second attack on the planet by Omega (Arc of Infinity).

Thrash just before leaving Gallifrey

First landing on Earth, Thrash found the remains of an old record cover and decided to take his name from it, the record being "20 Awesome Thrash Metal Songs." (this story would later be proven false). In fact, Thrash is simply a shortening of his name, Thrashlodadingadongrudabub, a name which he hates with a passion.

First Regeneration

I have very little time for you or for any other idiot who wishes to interrupt my studies.

Spending a few weeks on Earth for study, Thrash soon left the planet for more "interesting" locations such as the Book Repository of Abraxalon, the Braxiatel Collection, The March Palace, and others. He was also a witness of the fall of the Moon Kingdom, going there in hopes of studying the psychological effects of the destructions of major civilizations on their inhabitants. Even though he had left Gallifrey behind him, Thrash had clung to the Time Lord philosphy of non-interferance. This view was challenged when he was time scooped out of his portion of the timeline and forced to team up with Paisley P. Peinforte to avoid a group of aliens which had had insulted before. While together, she made him begin to realize his own role in the events around him, a problem which began to haunt him.

This problem came to a head after he landed on the planet Syphus, where a dictator had been using his own people as exprements with a form of nerve-destroying crystal. Toward the end of his study (the creation of revolution and fall of totalitarian governments), he saw a small child flee from the chaos into a cave of the damaging crystals. Disregarding the danger to himself, Thrash followed the child and took him back to his parents, receiving massive nerve damage in the process. Barely making it back to his TARDIS, Thrash collapsed onto the floor and went through his first ever regeneration.

Thrash's first regeneration was chacterized with a cold impassonate personality, with an obessive studying habit. He had little care for anyone else, always keeping himself at a distance, often specifically citing the Time Lord belief in "non-interferance". However, there were often hints of the man he would become, with him sometimes (extremenly bregrudenly) helping others out, often under protest.

Companions: None

Second Regeneration

You know what they say about drinking and time traveling...I forget what it was but I know it was something witty!

Awakening in his TARDIS, a very confused and befuddled Thrash landed in Japan in the late 1990s. Wishing to fit in until his memories returned, the Time Lord enrolled himself at a local college, making friends with some of the students. After three months of studying, his memory fully recovered and he quickly made an exit in his TARDIS. In the process he accidentally took two fellow students with him, Miyuki Seiruna and Daisuke Kyoma. After several trips to locations such as Paris in 1979, the purple beaches of Linora and the city of Zeitgeist, Thrash returned his friends back to their proper time and place.

This regeneration was also the one to first visit the Ten'ou House and make himself known to them, as well as the first regeneration that fellow Time Lord Dr. Xadium met. After a forced length of time at the house (his TARDIS developed a fault), Thrash returned to his travels, eventually spending ten years at the Party That Never Ends. After this he soon landed in The Enchanted Forest and met The Impresario, whom he was not yet acquainted with. He eventually offered Miara Mitsuki and Etna a chance to travel with him, which both accepted, traveling in the TARDIS for two months before being returned to their original time and place.

Eventually Thrash was pulled into the Time War, taking part in several conflicts along with a small group of similar young Time Lords. Eventually he took part in a mission on The Lost Planet, a temporally unstable planet apparently being sought by the Daleks for use as a base and weapon. However, he soon learned the mission was a trap, an attempt to wipe out those Time Lords who would "refuse to tow the line". Thrash fled the ambush at the last moment, the rest of his team being killed in the process. The effort of the escape, as well as the earlier battles in the Time War weakened and exhausted him to the point of death. Making his way back to the TARDIS and escaping just before the time lock went into effect, Thrash was forced to regenerate.

Thrash's second regeneration had a much more open and easy-going personality then his first one. Always open to people, Thrash in this form wished to experience the universe and enjoy every moment of it. He also had an affinity for certain alcoholic drinks, something he said had gifted him with a "party sense," which he claimed to allow him to know where to find the best entertainment available. Overall, the one word to describe this incarnation was affable, but hedonistic. However, during the Time War, the battles and sight of death began to take it's toll on him. He developed a sarcastic sense of humor sometimes to the point of sardonic and would often times drink from a flask of alcohol, though as he pointed out at one point, it had no real effect on him.

Companions: Miyuki Seiruna, Daisuke Kyoma, Miara Mitsuki, Etna

Third Regeneration

If you continue to parlay in that manner, I shall have to inquire you to bequeath

Newly regenerated as a result of the Time War, Thrash landed in New York in the year 2001. Thrash stayed long enough in the city to steal some clothes and leave. He spent a few more years traveling before returning to the Ten'ou House by accident, in the process witnessing the rebirth of a terrible legend from Gallifrey. Thrash tried searching the universe for a way to rescue Ignis from the void. Failing in that, Thrash managed to procure a TARDIS for the Impresario, after suffering through several misadventures and hardships. Thrash also picked up a young Lupa woman named Riya in the process, taking her with him on his journey. This Thrash would eventually sacrifice himself to destroy the being known as Anthony Suthers, taking on the full energies of the Old Ones in the process.

Being the product of war, this regeneration often showed an irritable side, boarding at times on unpleasantness. However, this short tempered exterior hid a much kinder interor, which been shown to his companions. He also has a tendencty to use overly complicated words in place of normal ones (for example: "My means of warmth and cover are of no establishment of yours!" instead of "My clothes are of no concern to you!"). This incarnation is also marked by an obessisson with keeping ahead of those he deems a danger, often equipting himself with objects or items that can counteract almost any situation. Because of this, he was nicknamed by the Impresario as being the "Prydornian Batman." One of his most useful items is a Sonic Ring.

Companion: Riya

Fourth Regeneration

"I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey from the constellation Kastroborialus...I can travel through space and time anywhere in the universe....I have two hearts and I am very very very clever...anything else you want to know?"

Having regenerated with the help of X, Thrash soon acclimated himself to his new body along with restoring his companion's faith in him. This is the current regeneration of Thrash.

This Thrash displays a slight flamboyant side, reveling in fine things and rich wines. He has a love of inventing and working on technology, sometimes simply taking apart an object to see if he can improve it. He also has more of an ability to defend himself physically and willing to use his fists to settle things. He is also the first to actively seek out battling evil. This Thrash has also been much more open to people, having more companions then any other regeneration. These relationships have ranged from deep friendship (Riya, Matsumi, Aoi), to casual respect (Paisley, Nivek) to barely tolerated friendship (Eitak).

Companions: Riya, Paisley Pythia Peinforte, Nivek Razal, Matsumi Kaze, Eitak Razal, Aoi Muratake, Meladina, Tamili, Miara

Fifth Regeneration

"Don't try and play games with me, sir, I'm the one who read the rulebook."

Regenerating for unknown reasons, this Thrash has made several appearances in the hotel, often to annoy his past selves. What is known about this incarnation's life is that he wooed and married Eitak Razal, with whom he has a daughter, The Magistra. As well, he acts as an agent for the CIA, specializing in quite a few shifty missions. Sometime much later in this incarnation's life, he began to travel with the young Quinoxian prince Sirius Collins, acting as a teacher to him, while the boy helps to mellow out his less then pleasant side.

While dressed far more flamboyantly then his previous selves, this incarnation is perhaps the darkest in personality compare to any of the others. Fully believing in the idea that "the ends justify the means," he manipulates those around him for his own gains and has no trouble in eliminating his enemies if nessicary. To demonstrate how far he is willing to go, he has taken on the role of "Lord Burner" more then once. Later in life, thanks mostly due to the influence of the young Sirius, this Thrash began to show a kinder side, willing to spare more of his enemies then before.

Known Companions: Sirius Collins, Penelope

Sixth Regeneration

This regeneration is dark skinned with short hair and sideburns. Having patterned his appearance after Doctor Xadium, this incarnation of Thrash is one of the most kind hearted of any of them, wanting to make up for the actions of his previous self. Much of his time is spent travelling world to world, trying to solve problems.

Seventh Regeneration

This regeneration appeared as an old man with short clipped hair and a neatly trimmed mustache and beard. Irritatable and self-opnionated, this incarnation would often travel for a time with his granddaughter (Magistra's daughter).

Eighth Regeneration

This regeneration is female, supposedly the first to be so. Short black bobbed hair, a 20s style business casual suit and boots. She watches out for Magistra.

Ninth Regeneration

This regeneration appeared as an african-descended human male with short hair, dressed in a sports jacket, turtle neck and jeans. He is given to introspection and tended to be fairly quiet compared to his previous incarnations.

Tenth Regeneration

This regeneration appeared as a very short man, somewhat balding with a slight gap in his front teeth and dressed in what was described as rather "unusual" outfits. He has a mischievous streak and often works to use subterfuge against his enemies, hidden behind a smile.

Eleventh Regeneration

This regeneration is Thrash's second female incarnation, apparently patterned after Matsumi Kaze. Energetic, bold, with a tendency to call people "luv". She has a liverpullian accent. Often wears neat striped suits and ties.

Twelfth Regeneration

This regeneration is mostly unknown, other than being male. What is known is this incarnation ultimately sacrificed himself to save the entire universe, giving up his final life for the sake of those he cared for.

Thirteenth Regeneration

A tall young man, excessively pretty with blondish white hair tied back in a pony tail, green eyes and dressed in a plain shirt, waistcoat, pants, and tie. Too many things, not enough pockets.