Greenstone Manor

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Greenstone Manor is the home of Matsuo Shin; his household at the moment is made up of Sir Reginald Maximus and the griffon Jabberwocky. It is an imposing old English mansion with many parts or wings.


The Greenstone Manor house is a mansion built in an old English style. Reginald had it built for Matsuo in secret (it was brought over stone by stone from Britain) ever since they met in the Yucatan (Matsuo Shin and The Temple of the Serpent). Over the main door of the Manor is the royal crest of Quinox.

Ground Floor

The ground floor contains the rooms used for entertaining such as sitting rooms, the dining room, kitchens, etc. The entrance is most likely a large foyer.

Dining Room

Most likely contains a long, formal table with a buffet setup to one side.

Second Floor

The second floor contains all the personal rooms of the household, Matsuo's studies, and several guest rooms.

Matsuo's Quarters

Matuso's quarters are on the left side of the house, and are comprised of a sitting room, dressing room, bedroom, and bath. They are dressed in Quinox colors and motifs. As the master suite, it is the largest of the personal quarters. Thorn sleeps in this room as well.


This is across the hall from Matsuo's quarters. A smaller room, it contains a small library of books on various subjects, a writing desk and a shelf for keeping various items for study.

Matsuo's Library

Matsuo's private library houses books pertaining to his interests. These books include:

  • Paradise Lost by John Milton
  • Aku-Aku: The secret of Easter Island by Thor Heyerdahl
  • The Quest of Gaiwan by Dr. Henry Jones Sr (signed)
  • The Once and Future King by T.H. White
  • The Bible by various sources
  • Mythology by Edith Hamilton
  • The Illid and The Odyssey by Homer (modern edition)

Secret Study

The entrance is hidden behind one of the library shelves, which is accessed when a copy of Milton's Paradise Lost is removed. The hidden study is much larger than the regular study and contains more sensitive books than the display library. It contains a portrait of Queen Minerva and Gaisa on one side and is the room where Matsuo keeps objects related to the Silver Millennium and older. One end of the room houses a display case containing the following:

Reginald's Quarters

Reginald has a sitting room, bedroom, and bath, also on the left side of the house. He it also a student of archaeology, and has at least a few artifacts displayed, as well as pictures and pieces related to his daughter, Emmy, and deceased wife.

The Guest Rooms

These are on the right side of the house, and there are 3 or 4 sets of rooms with sitting room, bedroom, and bath.

Third Floor


The backyard is large and contains a garden as well as a small archery range for Matsuo to practice on.


Jabberwocky can be seen in stone somewhere on the roof during the day, allowing her to awaken at night and be off. She finds this situation to be rather better than living in a basement.